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Earlier in our Community Chronicles badge, we BRIEFLY mentioned Kayser Block. This building was home to The Colored Welfare League beginning in 1921, where the organization served as a commercial space AND as low-income housing for the Black community. If you've been following along, you learned that Kayser Block and the Colored Welfare League ALSO housed BOTH the Elks Lodge and Dunbar Community Center in their early years! There is MUCH MORE to learn, so let's get ready for our weekly local history!

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For the 3rd clue, I found the name of the owner (last name begins with H) and searched community collection photos but the results are only three pictures and I didn't see any code. Am I missing something?

I'm confused by the second clue. It refers to two business owners, then refers to "his" restaurant. Also I'm not understanding how these street names are 5 letters and 9 letters if we are talking about E. Ann Street and a street around the corner from it.

Thank you for this feedback, we agree it was confusing! The last sentence of the clue now clarifies that "his" was "Moore's". There is also further clarification on the format of the street names in the hint! The new hint reads:
"You are searching TWO street names. 5 Letters & 9 Letters! Leave out any Easts, Wests, Norths, or Souths, and enter the Streets, Avenues, or Boulevards in their abbreviated form--as they appear on the table at the bottom of the Ann Street Black Business District page! Once you figure that part out, look for an old photograph where the Colored Welfare League sign is visible in the top right!"


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