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Jackbox Night

AADL presents Jackbox Game Night on Zoom, every Thursday at 8 PM! Come join in a few rounds of interactive, creative Jackbox games, as a participant or just in the audience voting!

Each week, at some point during the game, it will become obvious what that week's gamecode must be. Everyone will agree. Then that word or phrase will become a game code!

All you need to earn this badge is ONE of the NINE weekly gamecodes! But you get points for each one, so keep coming and keep laughing!

Jackbox Night Thursday 1/14 8 PM

Jackbox Night Thursday 1/21 8 PM

Jackbox Night Thursday 1/28 8 PM

Jackbox Night Thursday 2/4 8 PM

Jackbox Night Thursday 2/11 8 PM

Jackbox Night Thursday 2/18 8 PM

Jackbox Night Thursday 2/25 8 PM

Jackbox Night Thursday 3/4 8 PM

Jackbox Night Thursday 3/11 8 PM

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So for this badge you must participate in a zoom meeting at least one of the weeks or are they available for later viewing?

Thanks for asking! These events aren't recorded. The badge is to encourage participation in the zooms! You don't have to actually play or turn audio or video on to get the code, you just need to be watching it when it happens. Hope to see you next week!


★★☆☆ 2 of out 4 difficulty

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