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Play all three Points-o-Matic modes! Get at least 1 point from Review Reviewer, Super Serializer, and News Sprinter to earn this badge.

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I have to tell you--- the warning "The grinder finder has detected that you are clicking suspiciously fast! Take your time and make sure to read the reviews. You have 6 more warnings." is itself too quick to judge! As I'm sure you know, many AADL reviews are just a few words. It doesn't take more than a few seconds to read them and click "Keep it" or "Trash It" or one of the other choices. Seeing myself criticized thus for doing this task too quickly has put me off doing it any more, and seems kinda crappy of y'all (tho I'm sure you didn't intend that).

Oh no! We definitely don't mean to make hasty judgements! We're only trying to ensure quality point earnings :) Thank you for pointing out how the message comes across and your comment has been passed along to the Summer Game Development team for review. Also, thank you for playing AND reviewing reviews!!!

If you are going to do more points-o-matic badges please don't require equal numbers of the serializer. Using it is like pulling teeth. I can't do more than one or two before it hangs for several minutes - every time I've tried it. Sometimes the only way to get it to take an answer is by stopping/refreshing/resubmitting 5 or 6 times. Even if it only takes a few seconds to verify the correct information, it can still take 10 minutes just to do a few of these b/c of the time it takes for the system to process the response. Neither of the other points-o-matics have that problem.

Thank you so much for this bug report! I have reproduced this problem and we will see what's going on there. Thanks for your patience, and no worries; we won't be adding any serializer badges while it's having this issue!

Where do I find the code? I've gotten points from each of the games but don't know where to find the badge code!


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