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Ojibway – Anishinaabe Two-Spirit Identity with Cecelia R. LaPointe


Tuesday July 20, 2021: 6:00pm to 7:00pm




Join us for a talk with Cecelia Rose LaPointe to on the topic of Ojibway-Anishnaabe Two-Spirit Identity. In her own words: "As someone who identifies as Two-Spirit I firmly believe that I can only speak from my experience from my own culture and tribal affiliation. This presentation highlights the following: Ojibway-Anishinaabe Two-Spirit identity today, decolonization, healing from generational trauma and health, resources for Two-Spirits, creating safe spaces, and awareness in the majority culture."

Cecelia Rose LaPointe is Ojibway/Métis who is Mashkiziibi (Bad River Band of Lake Superior Ojibwe or LaPointe Band of Ojibwe) and Kchiwiikwedong (Keweenaw Bay Indian Community - Michigan). She is a poet and writer, weaving together Anishinaabe heritage and identity, decolonization, environmental justice, First Nations/Native American/Métis identity, marginalized identities, matriarchy, oppression, racial justice, sobriety, social justice, and Two-Spirit identity.

Cecelia was born into a female body but identifies first and foremost as Two-Spirit (Ogichidaakwe - which translates to "warrior woman" in the Ojibway language). Using majority culture terms she also identifies as androgynous, and gender non-conforming. This identity exists outside of colonized lines and socially constructed gender roles. Cecelia doesn't mind using gender pronouns of she/her/her but also approves of they/them/their.

This event was held live on Zoom and has concluded.
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