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The Old 9 Yards

Leave no badge unearned!!! Earn ALL the badges in the Fortune Favors the Old News series to go THE OLD 9 YARDS!!!!! 

This badge has been awarded to 279 players

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Hello! For this and a couple of the other completion badges they say 100% with all contained badges earned but the completion badge says not yet earned. Am I missing something that I need to do? Thank you!

Hi there! You're not missing anything! This is mostly a technical hang up. When something like this happens, you sometimes just have to redeem a code (any code will work) to trigger the badges to award. We see that you have now earned the badge so you should be all set, but we wanted to give you an explanation nonetheless!

Congrats and thanks for playing! :)


★★☆☆ 2 of out 4 difficulty

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