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Exhibit | Birds of Ann Arbor


Friday December 10, 2021: 10:00am to Monday January 31, 2022: 8:00pm


Malletts Creek Branch: Exhibits


This exhibit features paintings by Julia Varady of some of the birds that have spent time in the wonderful nature of Ann Arbor. Each painting depicts a subject that at least partially resides here and can often be overlooked during our very busy lives. Birds of Ann Arbor is on display at the Malletts Creek Branch. 


Julia Varady! Went to the library the day before yesterday. Found myself in the gallery admiring Valady's illustrations in profound admiration. Exquisite! And Julia is so young, yet perception so wise. Makes me think one really IS born with natural talent. Channeling a greater force, here. Forgive me, but, to take up a pen or a pencil or a brush and illustrate or recreate an image in this way. Seems to me we are in the midst of witnessing a young artist's Devine gift. Choose your maker, your master, your mistress. Does it really matter? The illustrations are inspired. You will feel this in your soul. Somehow I feel I really needed to see these. I needed this kind of grounding. These illustrations will evoke memory. They will make a difference in your day, week, your heart. Go look and slowly soak it in. *

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Malletts Creek Branch: Exhibits