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Nailed It

Oh no! The Legos are a mess again, and something tiny that shouldn't be there is... well... there! The name of the item that isn't a Lego is your code! Here is a rhyming hint:

"This **** ****** will make your hands look good

when it's done hiding in this Lego neighborhood!"

A pile of Legos with nail polish hidden within


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It's not that hard when you find the bottle. Hint: The hint is on the bottle (it's a picture). Hope it helps.

Hi, I don’t know if this is the right place to write this, but there’s a small glitch when the pictures are loading where it lets you see the code under the picture for about 1.5 seconds. I’m just letting you know, as it only affects me once and a while. Thanks!

Thanks for asking about this! We use those fields to make sure that people with visual impairments who can't easily find the codes in the images can still play and find the code. Different browsers handle that differently; not all platforms display that info while the image is loading. That info is too important to put anywhere else for the players who need it, so maybe take a long blink after you click to be sure you don't see them! =) Thanks for playing!



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