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AADLE Week 1

If you've enjoyed playing Wordle™, you'll love AADLE! 

The goal of AADLE is to guess the word that is the answer to the puzzle and the code that earns you the badge! The clues are the partially-completed grid showing which letters have been guessed, which letters appear somewhere in the word, and which letters are in the correct place.

A letter that isn’t in the code shows up as gray on the grid.

A letter that is in the code, but isn’t in the right spot, will be blue on the grid.

A letter that is in the right spot, will show up as red on the grid.

Your job is to use those clues to determine what word is the code. You have unlimited guesses - when you hit the right answer, your points will be awarded and the badge earned!

AADLE grid week 1


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Is there a way you can use high contrast mode, like Wordle does? I'm color blind and the gray, green and yellow look virtually the same to me. I do realize I'm an anomaly, and it's just one puzzle, but it never hurts to ask. I appreciate you folks!

Toward the top, above the puzzle grid, is an entry box labeled "Code Text" - enter your guesses there and when you solve it, your points and the badge will be awarded!

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Hello! The AADLE is the solution to the puzzle above - you can guess what correct word (also known as the AADLE) will be given the guesses already made, and enter it in the field for Code Text above the puzzle image to find out if you guessed it correctly by seeing if points are awarded when you hit 'enter.' Good luck!

If a letter doesn't show up in the pre-made grid at all, does that mean it IS possibly used in the code word?

Yes, the letters in the grid just give you some information about what letters belong, but are in the wrong place, which letters are in the right place, and which don't belong at all. The keyboard shows you what has been used as well, to help you formulate your guesses. Remember, guesses are unlimited, so feel free to take a shot in the dark! Good luck!


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