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Lady Heist

A supergroup takes many forms, but one that gathers together WOMEN—who are the most perfect ASSORTMENT of talented, SMART, beautiful, CRIMINAL and UNIFIED in their desire to get BOOTY—is a supergroup to KNOW. This reboot of a SUPERGROUP reboot is all about the JEWELS.


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It's very useful to look at the Wikipedia page for Ocean's 13 and scroll down to the cast list. You need to track down the actress who plays assistant to Al Pacino's character. Then you Google that actress's name and Kirsten Dunst (together) to find the comedy they both starred in from 1999. THEN search our catalog for that film to find the code in the record for it! Convoluted? Perhaps! Those darn level 3's are at it again! Thanks for playing ;)

I know the correct movie title, but I'm confused about the way to enter the code. Is the second word in the title supposed to be in roman numerals? And is the year supposed to be in roman numerals too? Because I've trie every combination and none of them seem to be working. Is "____XIMMI" the correct code?

Hi there - you don't want to be using Roman Numerals for ANY of your answer. You want to use the word in the movie title + the # (such as 14) and then the year such as (1930). Hope this helps and thanks for playing the game!

Thank you for the hint but it's still not working for me. I've entered 2 different codes. One WITH an apostrophe, and one without and they both still seem to be incorrect. ____(redacted by STAFF) (with/without the ' ) is still not working for me. Am I putting it in incorrectly?

There is never punctuation required for a game code - so no apostrophe. It doesn't seem like you have the correct year that the movie was released. The original movie was released a LONG time ago. The Rat Pack part of the clue should get you the year. You can submit a contact us and we're happy to give you the game code

This badge was SO MUCH fun! Thank you for a great series of clues and a really fun scavenger hunt!


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