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Take to the Skies

Oh no! The Legos are a mess again, and something tiny that shouldn't be there is... well... there! The name of the item that isn't a Lego is your code! Here is a rhyming hint:

"Don't suffer from eyestrain

just find the little ********"

A pile of Legos with a hidden airplane


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Hello, you want to put your code in the field above that says "Code Text," not the comments. Thanks for playing!

Hint: You might take one on your way to a faraway country, or do stunts at a circus with one! (Need another hint? It's silver, and has sort of triangular-shaped wings! (Need another hint? The name of this badge should help!)

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Last Lego of the Journey 2022


⭐️ Standard 1 of out 4 difficulty

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