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I used to live out loud,

lacking fear of consequences

but little did I know that

being proud has never been allowed


I watch as those in power

tower further above me

and I am forced to cower

while the words only become more sour


cries for equality ooze from the broken

whose view is clouded by gloom

there is no life worthy of pursuit

while total control is held by the few


it fuels my fear

to know that the difference between

dissidence and indifference

is the difference between deliverance and death


I’m surrounded by ugly noise

as my enemies and oppressors rejoice;

the voice of judgment comes from those

who limit my choice to live


the big ones profit by crushing the small

and I wish I possessed

the means for change

but the closet is what's closest


ignorance is bliss for you,

but I must retain my wits

lest I be ripped limb from limb

over what lies within me


my life rendered meaningless,

do I stand by and take this?

I am denied the right to exist

by those who've never existed like this