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Film Screening | There Goes The Neighborhood: The Closing of Jones School


Sunday February 4, 2024: 2:00pm to 3:30pm  Add to Calendar /   Add to Google Calendar


Screening Room, Michigan Theatre (601 E Liberty)


Watch the film here!

Join the Ann Arbor District Library and 7 Cylinders Studio (7CS) for the premiere of a documentary film about the closing of Ann Arbor's Jones School. In 1965, the Board of Education closed the majority-Black school. Ann Arbor joined a nationwide trend of school desegregation during the Civil Rights Era. But for these young students, the loss of a neighborhood school foreshadowed changes to their close-knit community. Gentrification came to Ann Arbor on the heels of desegregation.

In the making of this film, 7CS filmmakers and AADL archivists interviewed over thirty former Jones students and Black community leaders. They shared memories of Jones School and "The Old Neighborhood"—the areas now known as Kerrytown and Water Hill. A filmed walking tour, studio interviews, and historical photos form the core of the film. Run time is approximately 40 minutes, followed by an Audience Talk Back.

This project is part of Ann Arbor 200, AADL’s commemoration of the city’s bicentennial year. The documentary will be available to watch on-demand at following its premiere.

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I arrived 15 min early to "sold out" signs even though there were no tickets or registration for this event :( At least 15 people behind me in line had the same experience. Next time please include registration or make it clear that this is a limited, first-come-first-served seating!

We're sorry you had a bad experience! A screening of the film will be scheduled for the downtown library later this spring. Our focus at today's screening was in making sure the people who appear in the film and their families were able to be seated, and I'm happy to report that was successful! Thanks for your feedback, and we're sorry to have wasted your time.

Yes, this was poorly done with no semblance of organization. Some one dropped the ball.

We're sorry for your trouble. Our focus was on making sure that the people who appeared in the film and their families had a seat. You can watch it right now here: and there will be a screening at AADL later this spring. Thanks for your patience, and we're sorry that you had a bad experience.

Same thing was noticed. We didn't know we needed tickets. There had been nothing stated on the aadl website or at the Michigan Theatre. I am hoping you will show this again.

We're sorry for the trouble. It wasn't a ticketed event, the only reserved seats were for those who appeared in the film and their families. A screening at the Downtown Library is being planned; stay tuned for updates!