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Welcome to the POINTS-O-MATIC! Here you can earn Points-O-Matic points, and during Summer Game, each Points-O-Matic point comes with 1 Summer Game point too! That's like TWICE THE POINTS! Plus, after Summer Game ends, Points-O-Matic keeps going, and you'll even have a chance to earn more Classic Shop points through Points-O-Matic badges! So help your library and earn big points in the process! THANKS FOR PLAYING!

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Daily Progress

6 points so far today, 13% of yesterday's total of 45, and 0% of this year's daily high score of 46283!

13% 0%

Review Reviewer

Help us rate the quality of reviews! Most Reviews are OK, but some are Rubbish, and some are truly Great. Help us find them!

Earn 1 Points-O-Matic points per answer

Play Review Reviewer

News Sprinter

Help us figure out the spacetime coordinates of old newspapers from microfilm!

Earn 6 Points-O-Matic points per answer

Play News Sprinter

Super Serializer

Help us find inaccurate series details in the catalog!

Earn 1 Points-O-Matic points per answer

Play Super Serializer