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AADL Reopens July 12

Tue, 05/25/2021 - 10:00am by josie

The Ann Arbor District Library plans for a full reopening of all five locations on Monday, July 12 at noon. The Library's plans are intended to fully reopen the system with as few restrictions as possible, while also minimizing the chance of future re-closures. Library staff are already working to transition library spaces back to a browsing configuration, and preparing collections, services and software for the July reopening.

Updated 8/23/2021

  • All Locations now open for browsing & seating Noon - 8 PM, 7 days a week
  • Meeting rooms are currently first-come, first-served; stay tuned for room booking opening up in August
  • Interlibrary Loan will resume this Fall
  • Indoor Events resume this Fall; stay tuned for outdoor events
  • Library Cards now available in person
  • Printout pickup or self-serve now no charge for up to 30 pages
  • Due to rising case levels in the community, masks are now required in the library for everyone over 2 years old.


The Library's hours will remain noon to 8pm seven days a week with a plan to expand hours in September. Leading up to the reopening, all Library locations will be closed from Friday, July 9 through Sunday, July 11 to remove contactless lobby pickup shelves and infrastructure. 

When the Library reopens:

  • All collections available for browsing
  • All public seating available at all locations
  • Hold shelves and self-checkout stations return
  • Public computing, printing and copying return
  • Some outdoor events this summer, in partnership with the Ann Arbor Summer Festival and others
  • All meeting and study rooms available on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Room bookings, rentals, exhibits, and indoor events resume in September
  • Shelf Service, Printout Pickup Service, and Locker pickup appointments will continue 

Renovations and improvements to the AADL system:

  • Newly renovated bathrooms in the Downtown kids department
  • All-new energy-efficient LED lighting in the Downtown kids department
  • New carpet and flooring installed throughout the second floor of the Downtown Library
  • New movable shelving on the 1st floor of the Downtown Library
  • New Lobbytorium Gallery Screen at the Downtown Library
  • Newly renovated 4th floor program room and podcast studio at the Downtown Library
  • New power outlets for 4th floor atrium seating
  • New paint and minor repairs throughout all five AADL locations
  • Generators being added to Malletts Creek, Pittsfield, and Traverwood Branches

Thank you for your patience, and for continuing to use your library over the past year. We can't wait to welcome everyone back!

AADL Reopens July 12



Coolness! Thank you, AADL, for being there throughout the pandemic. You are so very much appreciated!!!

Around time! This library has not been serving the community during the pandemic. At the very least you should have kept some computers available for those who needed them. Instead we got a scary screen presence when picking up a book “Can I help you?!” Very Big Brother. And something about being scared of homeless people transmitting COVID to books. Shame on you!

I regret that the Library's online and telephone availability combined with our vestibule service was not a presence for you during the pandemic. We are all looking forward to being fully available to the community on July 12.

I also agree. The library system was one of the last. public services to reopen. We have a summer home in Charlevoix, and that library has been open starting at 10 AM for weeks. A pitiful, overly cautious approach to serving the public.

We are sorry that you are disappointed in the Library's pandemic response. We did offer telephone assistance for those needing help or information from online sources, and we were able to assist hundreds of people. We also printed off information on request and made it available in the vestibules. The folks on the screens were all library staff working from home. We meant it to be familiar and helpful. The AADL followed the guidance of the CDC regarding the transmission of COVID on surfaces. I don't know where or what you heard about our actions in terms of any specific group or population, but your information was misinformation. Thanks for letting us know how you feel, and we look forward to seeing you back in the buildings on July 12.

Get a life - Never thought that I would bother replying to any troll on any topic but this takes the cake - AADL has been helpful and convenient to our entire community throughout Covid. Thanks to AADL for being as available as possible and helpful to so many during a difficult time.

Thank you for the Bummer Game, Winter Game, and Summer Game. And for providing library materials for our pick- up in lockers and lobbies. I've been keeping a "low profile" during Covid-19, and you all made my life so much better, richer and more fun! I'm looking forward to the reopening!

Awesome! Does that mean that some of the Summer Game will be back inside the buildings? Can't wait!

Thanks for asking! No, there will be no indoor game codes this summer. We will have more game codes visible from outside the branches than just the banners though. But we want all of Summer Game to be accessible to players of all ages, including those under 12 years old, so we won't be putting any codes indoors this summer.

Will the banners have the same layout as in previous years, with the code extremely small? If not, thank you for changing it. If so, I would like to point out that it can be difficult to see the banner code. I think that the code itself should be the largest text on the entire banner in future years.

Thanks for your feedback! We'll pass it along to the marketing team. Don't expect to see a full code banner, though. Remember that most people who see the banners have no idea what a gamecode is or why they should care!

It would be more accommodating for people with some degree of vision impairment to have a code that is much larger than was on past banners, or to provide a location at eye level. Staff who are asked for assistance in reading the code have, unfortunately, in the past not understood the issue by, for example, encouraging the game player to look for it, as if the issue was a lack of effort not vision. I have raised this issue in the past, and I think it would be great if it were acted upon. There are many people with mobility and/or vision problems who find it difficult to crane their necks for the codes, but are still excited to play.

In reply to by willow

Thanks to both of you for your feedback on this, it's always helpful to know what the two of you are concerned about before summer game begins. As always, if you ever have any code troubles, you can just text us at 734-327-4200, or email, or use the contactus form at and we'll gladly help out. Rest assured the marketing team has heard your concerns. The banner codes are generally our most-redeemed codes all summer! Thanks again for your input, and thanks for playing!

When we reopen on July 12th, anyone will be welcome in the library. We're not putting game codes inside libraries so that younger players and their families don't feel that they have to go inside the library building to fully participate in the Summer Game. Does that help?

Thank you so much!!! I was a bit worried that after reopening Summer game will be indoors again and My under 12 kid won't be able to play it. Thanks AADL for everything you guys did for last 2 years and thinking about wellbeing of community ( All ages ) and your staff first!

Great news! Does this mean locker pickups will not be available after July 12? Also when does late fee get reinstated?

Ah, thanks for asking! Locker pickups will continue after July 12 at the locations that have lockers (everywhere but the Downtown Library), we'll revise the post to make that more clear. There are no plans to reinstate overdue fees at this point, but we will resume billing for items that are more than 45 days overdue after we've reopened.

We'll continue with online storytimes through the summer, plus hopefully some outdoor special events, but those are still being planned. Regular indoor storytimes (though still not the full pre-covid schedule) won't start until Fall.

It seems like a missed opportunity not to have outdoor events with limited capacity during summer with the beautiful weather. The toddler and music classes and other misc events were very much missed.
Toddlers can’t really enjoy online story time the same way.
Completely understand perhaps staffing and organization may be too difficult for Library to coordinate.

We've been having concerts and events in partnership with A2SF for the past week, including a storytime show at 10 AM Fuller Park this Thursday! Here's the full list of concerts, AADL is partnering on the Ann Arbor events:

Plus more outdoor events coming in July and August, stay tuned to and our social media channels for updates!

I'm thrilled to hear this! You've been wonderful about making sure we get our books throughout the pandemic :) -- and I'm excited to browse the shelves again.

Do you know whether masks will be required? I'm fully vaccinated but want to stay safe (and keep others safe)!

Thanks for asking, but we can't speculate on what the regulatory or public health advice will be in July. We'll be in compliance with whatever regulations or public health direction exists when we reopen, and we'll be sure to make it clear to people entering the library whatever those requirements may be. Sorry for the vagueness, but it's a very unpredictable regulatory environment at the moment!

Our door sign reads, "Please wear a mask inside the library (unless you're exempt)." Fully vaccinated is on the list of exemptions to the state masking order that is still in effect. Let us know if you have any further questions about this, and thanks for asking.

I have a young daughter who won't be vaccinated when aadl reopens. We're fine keeping her in a mask, as is she, but I think it's confusing (and potentially frightening) for young kids to see so many not wearing masks when those 12 and under still need to. How is our youngest population, and their need for a shared reality in all this, being considered in the decision to reopen?

Hi there, thanks for asking. Of course only the parents and guardians of kids can determine where they feel safe, but part of reopening when we are is to make it as safe for unvaccinated people to be in the building as we can. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns; you can always reach us at .

Thank you for all the work you did this summer to remain accessible to us. I reacquainted myself with my love of reading and I couldn't have done it without the library. Thank you.

Will there still be a contactless pickup option available for those who do not yet feel comfortable coming in to browse?

Thanks for asking. We can't run contactless lobby pickup and normal browsing operation at the same time, but we will still have the lockers available for contactless outdoor pickup appointments at the branches. We're not able to provide lockers downtown, so if branch locker pickup doesn't work for you, please contact us at and we can discuss other options. Thanks for your patience!

Thanks so much to all of the great staff at the library. You helped keep us all sane over the past year! And I really appreciate the contactless program. I had books and movies to look forward to when everything else was shut down.

We hope to resume recruiting for our Volunteer program in August, with volunteer opportunities resuming in the fall, but it's possible there may be some summer opportunities for established volunteers. We're not sure yet, stay tuned!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all the library has done during this crazy time. We’re so excited to see you (in person) again!

Could you add this to the list of Covid updates? I just posted a comment asking when you'd be reopening, then happened to notice the very top of the page had this update.

You'll still be able to schedule a locker pickup, but you won't need to schedule lobby pickups anymore. When it's your turn, you'll have 7 days when you can drop by anytime we're open to check out your items on the hold shelf, just like the before times. If you're not ready for your items yet, just freeze those requests and they won't hit the hold shelf for you until you unfreeze. Does that help?

Thanks for asking! That will be up to the Friends of AADL at who operate the bookshop; I expect we'll know what plans they have for their bookshop as we get close to July 12th. You can order used books through their website now for pickup in the Downtown Lobby, and they have a lot of good stuff for sale online! Thanks for your patience!

Am OVERJOYED for the return of the AADL to full functionality!!!!!!!!!! Yet another sign that the worst may very well be behind us all!!!!!!!!!!! WELCOME BACK AADL!!!!!!!

It is something to look forward to - the return of the Ann Arbor District Lbrary to our lives !!!
Thank you, thank you, to all the staff and others responsible, for keeping the library open throughout this pandemic. It certainly helped save my sanity to be able to have entertainment available from the library to enjoy.
I used to request books by putting them on Hold, and then going in to pick them up, and use self-check out.
Is self-check out going to still be an option?

Thanks for asking, and you're very welcome! Yes, on July 12th you'll find library operations are very similar to the before times. When it's your turn, your item will be placed on the hold shelf and you'll get an email that it's ready, and you'll have 7 days to come in, take it from the hold shelf, and check it out at a self-check or staffed desk. All the self-checks will be present and operational. Thanks for using your library!

Thanks for asking, but we won't be able to continue checking out all holds after we transition back to browsing service. It makes it more likely that items go missing, and it's labor-intensive. However, if you're looking for a fast pickup already checked out to you, just use a locker pickup appointment at the branches and you won't need to come inside at all. Let us know if you have more questions about this!

Thank you thank you, AADL! You are all amazing ... and thank you for finding a way to stay safe and share the collection during this very, very strange time.

Thank you to all the AADL staff for being freaking heroes during this whole nightmare. I'm so excited to get back to our library!

I’m really looking forward to the library opening again, but thanks for making things so easy during the pandemic. I think I read more this past year than ever. Contactless pickup was my lifeline! Thank you!


I think the library re-opening will be a huge indicator in my soul that life is coming back. Hard to convey how central the notion is to my sense of regular community goings-on. THANK YOU.

I'll miss the Max Headroom situation at West but this is really, really exciting. Thank you for all the amazing work that you've done to keep library materials accessible throughout the pandemic.

WOOO-HOOOO!!! I can’t wait to just be in the library and look at books!!! Thank you so much for everything you were able to provide your patrons during this time. You all did an amazing job!

Yay! So excited. I am truly grateful for the lengths to which you all went to in order to keep us all reading during the pandemic - what a lifeline!

Huge THANK YOU to the library staff for finding a way to keep the checkout of books and other tools possible. You have made our pandemic life much for in our house, and your work is appreciated. Is there a way for us to donate to show our appreciation of everything you have done to keep us safe and connected at the same time?

Huge THANK YOU to the library staff for finding a way to keep the checkout of books and other tools possible. You have made our pandemic life much for in our house, and your work is appreciated. Is there a way for us to donate to show our appreciation of everything you have done to keep us safe and connected at the same time?

Thanks for asking, and you're very welcome! You can make a donation using the Support AADL link at the bottom of the page. Thanks again for your support, and thanks for using your library!

In 14 years you guys have never failed to amaze me and keep me from boredom! Not even a pandemic can keep you from being awesome. Thanks so much for all your hard work. You're a truly vital part of our community.

Will kids areas, computer games, puzzles and toys, etc be functioning as normal starting July 12?

And thank you so much for your absolutely amazing work this past year+!!! So impressed!

Hi there, thanks for asking. All parts of the kids area will be open, but we're not yet certain about games, toys, and puzzles. It will depend on the new case levels in the county when we get close to reopening. Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience!

You have been one of the few bright spots in this past year. Thank you for all your hard work making the library as accessible as possible while keeping everyone as safe as possible.


Let's throw the confetti( biodegradable of course)!!! Been anticipating returning to my "home away from home" for too long. As one who has been an active volunteer for several years I would like to be contacted for opportunities during the summer events that are happening around town!! Thanks

I am so glad to hear the library will be open to go inside and to browse materials. Thank you for your innovative ways to continue to keep the library functional throughout the necessary restrictions and precautions during the COVID pandemic. It also sounds like there were several renovations/updates to some of the libraries. That was a good idea to do that when there was no one there. That's using the noggin! : )

Good question, we plan to open the booking system sometime in August for bookings beginning in September if things continue to go well. Stay tuned for updates, and thanks for your patience!

I just wanted to add my name to this very wholesome outpouring of support from the community- I'm so excited to hear the library is opening again, I really appreciate everything you did to keep operations going during the pandemic! The AADL is one of my favorite parts of Ann Arbor, keep up the good work!!

Great. But as one who walks to downtown location, it would be most humane to have ONE day opening g at nine to save those of us most affected by the heat of the day. Even evening is often still hot. Think about it. Thanks

Glad to hear that libraries will be reopening; I have missed being able to walk into my library and do a bit of browsing. Glad for the opportunities made available during the pandemic as well ! Thanks to the staff at the libraries!

I have really appreciated having access to & nyt from home. Will this continue or will we need to be on site to use?

I hope that the remodeled bathrooms in the kids' department don't have self-flushing toilets. A lot of kids are terrified by them!

Thank you all so far for a great response.
My question has to do with what revamp of the ventilation HVAC systems (hepa or uv filtration) has been done. I believe that to have been a major recommendation in covid bills and funding.
Where can I look for a response?

Thanks for asking. We have upgraded our system filters, and we continue to purge the air in the buildings and bring in fresh air twice daily. We are working to add new types of air cleaning systems, but we have found that the UV systems available do not expose handled air to the UV lamps long enough to be effective in this situation. Also, just noting that AADL did not receive any additional COVID funding from any legislation or state or federal program. Let us know if you have any other questions, and thanks again for asking about this!

How come it is taking so long for the library to reopen and why are the hours limited when all other businesses have been up and running for months?

Hi there, we've been offering lobby pickup service since June 2020, and it takes time to transition out of that service model and add and retrain staff for opening. We also planned an opening for after the July 1st end of mask mandates that was originally announced before it was moved up a week. This reopening timeline was set so that we could offer as complete of a library experience as possible with few restrictions. We will be expanding our hours as we're able to add and train staff and hope to be back to normal hours this Fall.

Thanks for your patience; the library is a large, complex, and high-volume operation even during the past year, and it takes time and planning to shift our modes of operation. We're sorry for the inconvenience, and we look forward to welcoming you back on July 12th!

I’m looking forward to the opening. When will the art classes be back? Specifically the Adult Drawing class. It is one of the things I missed most from the library being closed. Thanks for all your hard work keeping things going.

I have really appreciated your more powerful Wi-Fi because I could use it from the parking lot. Will this remain in place?

Super excited for the reopening! A million thank yous to AADL staff for all the amazing services you provided during this time. And especially thank you for sponsoring community discussions and engagement around Black Lives Matter and social justice. Will there be more in-person events of that type once in-person programming resumes? The zoom events are great but I feel like it would be really helpful to have those events in person.

Thanks for asking about this! While there are some advantages to zoom book groups, they've all gone well and we do hope to try some in person after we've resumed indoor programming this fall. Thanks for letting us know these would be helpful to you, and thanks for using your library!

Appreciate your efforts to keep the books coming! Will you continue the outdoor lockers, since doors won't open until noon? Please!!!!

After reading through all of these comments, kudos and digs, the following quote comes to mind: “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time” - John Lydgate
Case in point!
AADL has done an excellent job of finding ways to keep patrons reading, learning and connecting (via distance) during the pandemic. The ability to check out materials has been wonderful! Thank you, Josie and staff!!! Can't wait to see you IN the library in a few week! Thank you, Arigato, Dzekuje, Spasibo, Merci!

Thank you to the entire library staff for doing your very best to serve our community during the pandemic. I am so very grateful to have such a fabulous library in Ann Arbor! You were all very accommodating, whether I called needing help on the phone, or while in the lobby. You are much appreciated. So happy our AADL is opening soon.

Thank you (!!!) to all of the library staff for carrying on during the worst of the pandemic. As someone else already said, your service and kindness has helped us stay sane. So glad for the re-opening, feels like a big milestone!

It's getting so close now.... I kinda wanna camp out in the parking lot to be among the first to get to enter my branch on Grand We're Back Come In It's Air-Conditioned Day 2021.

Will the Friends Bookstore be open on July 12 also? I miss buying DVDs and browsing the items for sale!

Just feel so much gratitude for all of your hard work throughout the pandemic, trying to be creative with what was difficult for everyone. I checked out tons of books and was always so happy to get in and out quickly with just a quick hello from the librarian "on call." Thank you to all of you.

No mention of masks. Surely with covid still around people should wear masks indoors where we are in close proximity to strangers.

Thanks for asking! We will have signs on the door saying masks are welcome and optional. We're thankful that the new case levels are so low in Washtenaw County. Looking forward to seeing you in the library!

To have the library open to browsing again warms my heart. Thank you all for your creative solutions to allow access during this challenging time. You are much appreciated.

You have all done an outstanding job of responding to an extraordinary situation. To do otherwise would have been irresponsible and callous. Thank you for steering the library through this crisis and getting us safely and wisely to this point of responsible re-opening.

A big Thank you to AADL and their amazing staff that kept the library and the love of books and reading alive throughout these challenging times.!!

The last posting regarding library hours says you hope to expand your hours in September. September only has one more week to go. Any update on more hours? Thanks!

Hi! Looking for an update on hours. I had thought the newsletter said last week but the library wasn't open before noon :(

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