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Ann Arbor High School Track Team, May 1953

Ann Arbor High School Track Team, May 1953 image
Published In:
Ann Arbor News, May 16, 1953
ADD TO PIONEER COLLECTION OF TRACK TITLES: Here is the Ann Arbor High track squad which has already won the Five-A League championship and today went out after the regional crown. Ann Arbor's hopes for team victory were dim today because of the presence of Flint Northern, favorite for state Class A honors, in the Wines Field meet. Front row, left to right: Dick Sleet, Bill Koch, Marv Baker, Joe Bone, Don Koch, Bruce Rockman, Hathaway Gulley, John Batsakes. Second row, left to right: Coach Tim Ryan, Bill Thomas, Stuart May, Ernie Delco, Larry Antieau, Bob Evans, Milt Theros, Hugh Correll, Richard Mayer, Assistant Coach Hank Fonde. Third row, left to right: Ron Wilde, Tom Leith, Wardell Gillespie, Howard Reindel, Dave Dingman, Art Clark, Bill Ackmoody, Jerry Leith, Lionel Jackson. Back row, left to right: Elmer Rush, Jim Taylor, Jack Burbridge, George Batsakes, Doug Pittman, Ed Gallagher, Dick Jackson, John Wessinger, Don Cheatham, Ralph Smith

Ann Arbor High School Track Team - Five-A League & Regional Track Champions, May 1952 Photographer: Eck Stanger

Ann Arbor High School Track Team - Five-A League & Regional Track Champions, May 1952 image
Published In:
Ann Arbor News, May 24, 1952
MEET ANN ARBOR HIGH'S TRACK CHAMPS: For several years The News has honored the city's championship high school teams by printing pictures of the squad which took the title. Here, then, is the squad which holds this year's Five-A League and regional track championship. Some of its members today were competing at Ferry Field in the State Class A title meet. Those above who failed to qualify for today's competition were on hand to cheer. The squad members, left to right, in each instance: BOTTOM ROW - Assistant Coach Hank Fonde, Prenty Ware, Chuck Morton, Jack Newman, Don Franklin, Coleman Jewett, Co-Capts. Bob Barr and Bill Newman, Art Preston, Bob Winder, and Coach Tim Ryan. SECOND ROW - Joe Bone, Bruce Rockman, Harry Haas, Bill Koch, Dick Mayers, Don Koch, Bob Hensen, Dick Sleet, Harry Shore, and Hugh Correll. THIRD ROW - Manager Jerry Waxman, Art Clark, Jim Ritchie, Milt Theros, Marv Baker, Duane Calvert, Mike Berg, and Hathaway Gulley. FOURTH ROW - Manager Don Thomas, Pete Gilbert, Bob Evans, Jerry Leith, Stewart May, Tom Leith, Howard Reidell, and Bob Wright. The Leith twins, transfer students from U high at midyear, were not eligible for competition this spring but trained with the rest to keep in shape for next year's campaigning.

Boy Scouts Prepare for a Party at the Dunbar Center, February 1948

Boy Scouts Prepare for a Party at the Dunbar Center, February 1948 image
Published In:
Ann Arbor News, February 12, 1948
Dunbar Scouts Plan 'Housewarming' Party: Plans for a "housewarming" party tonight at Dunbar Civic Center are being discussed here by members of Boy Scout Troop 75, for whom the party is being given. The scouts (left to right) are Fred Adams, Don Calvert, Marvin Baker, Paul Bacon, Curtis Starks, Coleman Jewett, Robert Henson, John Adams, Duane Calvert, Horace Williams, Hathaway Gulley and James Guster. Scoutmaster Vernon Adams is explaining things. At the party, which will begin at 7 o'clock, the troop will be presented with a flag by the Graf-O'Hara post of Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Members Of Boy Scout Troop 75 Form Sextet, 1949

Members Of Boy Scout Troop 75 Form Sextet, 1949 image
Published In:
Ann Arbor News, November 17, 1949
SCOUT SINGERS FORM SEXTET: These six boys, members of Dunbar Community Center-sponsored Boy Scout Troop 75, have formed themselves into a sextet. They have worked out their own harmonies and have sung at Community Chest luncheons and at the Scout "appreciation dinner" Saturday night in Ypsilanti. In the front row (left to right) are Richard Jackson, 13, of 310 Beakes St. and Hathaway Gulley, 15, of 210 Beakes St. In the rear (left to right) are Duane Calvert, 14, and Dick Sleet, 13, both of 621 N. Fourth Ave., Bernard Patterson, 16, of 712 N. Fourth Ave., and Marvin Baker, 14, of 651 N. Fourth Ave.
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AACHM Oral History: Shirley Beckley

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Shirley Beckley was born on July 30, 1942. She was raised by her mother on Wall St. and attended Jones School, Mack School, and Bach Schools in Ann Arbor. Shirley started as a housing manager for the Ann Arbor Housing Commission, later becoming housing director in Lansing and Muskegon. She reminisces about working at Jacobson’s, dances at the Dunbar Center, businesses on Fourth Avenue and Ann Streets, and tense racial incidents in the schools. Shirley continues to be deeply involved in social justice issues at the local level.

Scout Singers Form Sextet

Scout Singers Form Sextet image
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