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Friends of the Sixties

I often wonder about my interest in seeking out wise older men to learn from.  Perhaps it is because, although I had both grandmothers, I never had a grandfather, on either side.  How I would know what I was missing, I have no idea.  But perhaps there is something in there that goes way back in the human race that wants to have a grandfather, someone separate from one’s father with perhaps more life wisdom, some kindness, and hopefully a little time on their hands, enough for a grandkid or two.

West Park

One of the things that makes Ann Arbor the city it is are the numerous and diverse parks within its boundaries. West Park is a crown jewel of that parks system, having been for decades a home to recreation of all kinds for the citizens of Ann Arbor. West Park's popularity with people of all types has also brought clashes and the park's history is not without it's dark stories.