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Ann Arbor Elks In Remodeled Pratt Lodge 322, September 1977 Photographer: Larry E. Wright

Ann Arbor Elks In Remodeled Pratt Lodge 322, September 1977 image
Published In:
Ann Arbor News, September 30, 1977
NEW LOOK -- Elks Pratt Lodge 322 at 220 Sunset Road is wearing a new look these days. The entire first floor has been remodeled with a new bar, new interior, reflective ceiling and booths, and lodge members (left to right) Jim Crawford, James Parker, Bob Jones and Herb Ellis find the results pleasing. But the improvements are not confined to the first floor. Other floors are being redecorated, landscaping is planned, and additional parking will be provided. The lodge also plans to expand its youth program. (News photo by Larry E. Wright)

Ann Arbor High School Track Team Six-A League Champions, May 1966 Photographer: Doug Fulton

Ann Arbor High School Track Team Six-A League Champions, May 1966 image
Published In:
Ann Arbor News, May 30, 1966
Six-A League Champions - Joining The News' Pictorial Honor Roll of Champions following their undefeated dual-meet season, Six-A League championship, and fourth-place finish in the 112-school state class A meet are Ann Arbor High's trackmen. From left (front row) are Coach Jim Love, Pete Kempf, Larry Steeb, Mike Sims, Pat Shipstead, John Sharemet, John Holt, co-captain Ed Oxley, co-captain Don Dates, Bill Shelton, Alan Campbell, Scott Eshelman, Jim Dick, Bob Keen and assistant coach Bob Jones. In second row are Bruce Sharemet, Dave Fisher, Dave Gebhart, Dave Wells, Scott Westrum, Gary Moore, Steve Gates, Scott Moore, Keith Givens, Tom Holt, Brent Stone, Tom Wood, Bob Ufer and Larry Robards. In third row are manager Tom Bittman, Pat Doran, Don Reiff, John Helms, Mike Lutz, Bob Zasa, Fred Smith, John Winkelhaus, John Stone, Al Lutz, Randy Sell and manager Brian Hoefle. In the row, again left to right, are Mike Smith, Alexander Moore, Art Mack, Rick Marr, John Ashford, Keith Peden, Jon Wilson, Mike Sekaros, John Thornton, Tim Lehman, Jim Ransom, and Clyde Gibson. Missing is Tony Wiench.

Ann Arbor Finishes Fifth In Six - A Meet

Ann Arbor Finishes Fifth In Six - A Meet image
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Pioneer High School Track Team, June 1969

Pioneer High School Track Team, June 1969 image
Published In:
Ann Arbor News, June 1, 1969
Joining the News Honor Roll of Champions after its six-A League and Belleville Regional championships is the Pioneer High track team, undefeated in seven dual meet starts. In foreground, flanking the Class A regional and Albion Innovational runner up trophies are Russ Kennedy, left, and Edd Fetters while in first row are Brad Fienberg, Walter Hill, Bob Heinonen, Lincoln Schoch, Tom Olencki, Don Newman, Dick Evans, Skip Burck, Palmer Schoch, and Maurice Reece. Second Row, again from left, are Bill Twining, Fred Crawford, Dan Bertos, Paul Gibson, Don Johnson, Garrion Campbell, Mike Bridge, Cliff Slay, Cornell Kirkland, and Don Blanchard, head coach. Third row, Nick Kellum, assistant coach, Pete Murtaugh, Dave Curby, Phil Schneeberger, Mickey Smith, Tim Bender, Ricky Mial, Bruce Robinson, Mark Lohela, Mike Vaal, and manager Eric Johnston. In fourth row, also from left, are Don Cristoff, Ben Davis, Rick Pink, Bob Hartwell, Tom Coates, Dave Downey, Carlton Davis, Jim Kuchera, Mike Hicks, Roozbeh Kahalili, Greg Bairnsdale, and Bob Jones. Missing is assistant coach Don Sleeman.