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Golf Game at the 4-H Club-Kiwanis Picnic, August 1936

Golf Game at the 4-H Club-Kiwanis Picnic, August 1936 image
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Ann Arbor News, August 12, 1936
Kiwanis Club Hosts To 4-H Members At Portage Lake: Above are shown some of the scenes at the annual Kiwanis 4-H club picnic Monday at Newport Beach, Portage Lake. At the top, left is a group of 4-H club bathing beauties. Left to right they are: front, Malissa Balmer, Virginia Barton and Barbara Cooper; back, Dorothy Graf, Caroline Braun, Betty Haas, Katrena Boyce, Dorothy Jean Braun, Shirley Boyce and Jean Nimke. At the right, top, County Agent H. S. Osler, is demonstrating the latest technique in throwing pie plates. A group of typical girl 4-H club member is shown in the center . They are, left to right: Evelyn Cox, Phyliss Klager, Beth Smith, Clara Henning, Betty Yenkel, Barbara Jean Kappler, Virginia Forshee, and Ethel Inverson. Denied membership because of her extreme youth, but still an enthusiastic participant in such club activities as picnics is Mary Welch, 2 years old, who is shown at right, bottom row. To the left of her is a group contesting in the golf putting game [this photo], under the direction of Kiwanian B. Frank Ohlinger. Lenora Hickman is shown with the golf club in her hand, completing a putt.