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Suggest a Title for the 2020 Washtenaw Read

Wed, 04/04/2018 - 12:48pm by howarde

Read a good book lately? Suggest it for our next Read! The Washtenaw Reads screening team is meeting throughout the summer to select finalist titles for consideration.

Please submit your suggestions by June 30, so the committee has time to take them into consideration.

This year, the Washtenaw Reads theme is “Everyone Counts," which will be connected to the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment as well as related electoral, political, civic engagement and census events.  See a WEMU article about the area League of Women Voters organizing engagement on this issue:

  • The writing should be engaging and thought-provoking. 
  • The subjects discussed should be accessible to readers throughout the community, high-school age and above.
  • The length, price, and availability of the book should be suited to involvement by the general public.
  • The book should be by a living author.
  • Its treatment of issues should encourage readers to discuss the issues further with others, at home, work, reading clubs, and community events.
  • Ideally, the subject should lead to constructive dialogues across our diverse communities.

How To Suggest A Title

To suggest a title for consideration, add a comment below if you have an Ann Arbor District Library account, fill out a contact us form, or visit the Washtenaw Reads Facebook page. Note: there is no fee, and you do not have to have an Ann Arbor District Library card to create a user account. Thanks for your suggestions!

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