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10th Ann Arbor 8 mm Film Festival Program

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The 10th Annual ANN ARBOR Eight Millimeter FILM FESTIVAL To encourage creative activity in the field of 8mm film production, The Ann Arbor Film Cooperative proudly pre-sents The Tenth Annual Ann Arbor 8mm Film Festival in Schorling Auditorium, School of Education Building, .& Selections from the following list will be shown as time permits: FEBRUARY 15rn-17TH 1980 All films are Super-8 magnetic sound unless noted FRIDAY 7:00 HARD TIMES IN THE MIU John Pfeiffer 3:30 BLIND IMAGES Stephen Maynard 13 EXCERPT FROM UNDERTOW Bill Knowland 3 UNITY Marc Huestis 20 cassette THE UNSYNCABIE JOUY SOUND Linda Nathanson, Padric McLaughlin and Tom Wheeler 2:30 WOMAN NAKED/ WOMAN NUDE Michael Catolico 7:30 silent LENSOUND Robert Attanasio 3 SATURDAY NIGHT CAN DO Mark Zink 4:56 NEBULOUS STUDY Lorne Dekun 22 LIBERTY, FRATERNITY, EQUALITY Moyses Baumstein 5 SUPER.HAM Bryan Stoller 8 HUNGRY Denny Schumm 3:30 FINGER PRESSURE ON EARS STOPS HUNGER Bruce Hogeland 7 BUTT FUNN Dean Wilson 4:30 COSMOGRAPHIA Michael Miner 12 FRIDAY 9:00 SOLARAGE Bernard Edwards 5 :30 MAMBO MANIA Elliot Lincis 12:30 THE BONERS Chip Sercombe 4:20 THE AWAKENING Jeffrey Schiro 20 ONE MORE STEP Linda Nathanson 5 THE ORDER Nila Manfredini 4 TEA'IBO PASSARELA (THE PASSING SHOW) Rosina Schwarz 15 ADVANCE RUMLEY Robin Carnes 9 IT1S JUST A PIECE OF SCULPTURE Judith Zito 18 COMMERCIALS Douglas Wanberg 6 THE LONG ISLAND FOUR Anders Grafstrom 60 SATURDAY 2:00 (starts at 1:00 due to overload) THE SPY WHO DID IT BETTER Mark Pirro 47 THE POACHERS Richard Gon1L 29:30 SCARED TO DEATH Steven Mirer 15 WATERSCAPES Larry Behnke 6:30 RETURN TO HIROSHIMA Francis Lestingi 10 THE TURNING ROAD Marcos Craveiro 15 DOGS IN THE ROAD David Yosha 12 cassette DREAM OF THE BUSBOY Kimberly Arnold 8:13 GLORIA Marcy Muray 10 VALENTINE Rachel Rosenthal 19 THE BART FILM Padric McLaughlin 2:30 BLIND LEAD Douglas Harned 76 SATURDAY 7:00 BRAZIL Abrao Berman 12 ENDLESS RUNWAYS FOR WINGLESS PLANES Padric McLaughlin 4:30 BIOHAZARD Sir Magnum Bird 9:30 INTERRUPTIONS Bruce Hogeland 8 silent FUGITIVE Dave Ivey 6:30 SWEET BONES John Kauffman 6 FEAR Clinton Young 16 HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT? Dan Morgan 3 TIME IS RUNNING OUT Bill Knowland 14 CHARLOTTE BEYSSER BARTHOLDI Pascale Foley 32:30 silent SATURDAY 9:00 THE FAN Eric Solomon & Jim Chamberlin 9:09 DOUBIE KNIT Kevin Carlson 10 JOHN ROBERT DREW Michael Paggie 3 DANGERMAN Steven Mirer 9:20 PHOTON-PHOTOFF Larry Brunk 3: 50 silent THE EARLY MAN MUSEUM Michael Kelly 11 THE MORNING AFTER, .,NIGHT OF THE LIVING WATERMELON CHAINSAW MASSACRE Bill Jevic 13 THE SELF-MADE MAN James Middleton 8 BAN AMERICA L, Nathanson & Tom Wheeler 2:30 WESPERO DHREUGH Scott Buckler 18 KITSCH ENCOUNTERS David Slee 5 silent FLIGHT Steve Salmons 11 ·JUNK FOOD JUNKIE Dan Rich 26 SUNDAY 7:00 and 9:00 WINNERS NIGHT-Two different shows -Four hours of the BEST! Ann Arbor 8mm Film Festival The Ann Arbor Film Co•op P.O.Box 7592 Ann Arbor, Michigan 48107 TheAMArbor8nmFil..,Festtvd logo/ l011npreviewwu....teby the rollowing: E.lectronieimageProcessing-RichardHandenberg h1age croted by Circular SweepGenentor built &operated by 'nlotilas Br•y Image concept &Prcduct.ionAuhtant.-Richard Frankel Video to film tn,n,sfer-Bryan Greenberg Thanks to l.S&A Media Center Intermission entertainment: Fl1s BABY SNAKES preview THE SHARPENEll Jeffrey Adams GRANDIOUS OF NOOTH GEORGIA MJUNTIANS Kathering Allen WATER FLOWS James Aluey LUNCHR()(l,! SUPERVISOR S. Antorruccio CON'IBAST Razi Ba.ghaei MUSES Grant Bennett OOT FIASHES Douglas Berg FEELING GRAVITY Sue Berkey ZOOM! WHEEi AGHH! Walter Blitz UNTITLED Tim Boyse &: Sue Miller INNill. CITY ILWSION David Braunstein CAMELF.ON Mitch Brian BOY MEETS GIRL Marie Cantin LITTLE DUTCH DOOR.S Robin Carnes CHILDHOOD1S END William T. Cassidy THE 400 BLOWS Chris M. Chaμnan "?" Delle Chatman FOOTBALL Claude Chelli /Marek Zalewski DER BESUCH: THE VISIT Angelina Chen THE KITE Cinekyd Enterprises NEW SHOES Cinekyd Enterprises MY HAIRCUT Cinekyd Enterprises IEAVING '.IRACKS C.A. Currier &: B. Ma.rterre EIGHTBALL C. Dean &: A. Stephan THE IMPACT OF THEXJRETICAL MADNESS ON UNIVERSAL '!RUTH Lorne C. Dekun AMIKEAN HIZTORY Michael D1Elia OOD, I HATE LIVERWURST D. L. Donley PYTHAGOREAN IAfIDSCAPE C. de Lignieres CONS'IRUCTION SITE RHYTHMS #2 M. Dwass GARBAGE '!RUCKS OF THE GODS B, Engelke MA.NA CANA WEENIE J. Erdman-Anderson SANITY J. Erdman-Anderson NO LOVE IN SIGHT James Field CASTLE OF INDOLENCE Tim Filipiak TIME Martin Fischer AFTrn THE NOVA E. Fitz &: D. Cohen STEPS Carol Frank THE ANIMAL U)VER L. Frenkel VISIONS L. Frenkel RE-PSYCHLED Regis Galvin EINSTEIN1S JOKE E. Garnet &: D. Johnston AN'IONIO RAGAZZO DI CAMPAGNA Visani Giancarlo THE ARTIST AT HOME D. Grannis/a Zeigler YESTI1IDAY1S DRFAM Charlotte Grant THE RIDE Bryan Greenberg MA.PIE A VENUE Ted Hackborn INTAKES Terry Hale DEVIANT DELIGHT'Kevin Harrington UNTITLED David Hicks THE WORLD OF GOO•L Jean Hillary PSEUDONYM Miguel Hiobald CONNECTIONS Miguel Hiobald EVENT TWO Miguel Hiobald FREE MEAL Timothy Hittle ME AND THE TV: A PLAYF1.IL LOOK AT CONSUMERISM Renee Hobbs UNTITLED (BILL) Susan Hover FARM James Irwin CHEAP MOTEL L. Jackson &: W. Young WORDS C. Jerrulevich MYSTERY IN RID C. Je:nu.levich GETTING THROUGH THE NIGHT P. Jeroslow GIBBER Bill Jevic CRAZY IDFA.S Mike Kohatsu A FIDWER Sallyann Kovacs IE PENDU Michael Krewer LIVE BAIT Michael Krewer THIS FIIM IS AOOUT NANCY A. Lamont ENOUGH!! Rit Laperal CARNIVAL 178 Regge Life SARAH OF 'rnE F.ARTHLINGS P. Mallon & Ross McBride FILTER KINGS Eric Marin CffiTURY Chris Marsh THE BF.AST IN THE BOX F.d Marsh A FAMILY PASSION Katrina Martin BLACK SKI, SUN VALIEY E. Matthews PARANOID Stephen Maynard CLARINET Alberta Mayo WET LANDS Harold J. Meloche STUDENT WITH A MOVIE CAMIBA M. Menlo ABRAXAS Eric Metzgar MPI Dave Milici SPECTER Dale K. Myers I TOOUGHT;I SAW Steven M. Niemi ~Ki~~n ~: Novak CRIES Ramon Parra FAT YOUR PF.AS J, Plansker/E, Frakes LOVE LETTERS Kay Pleyte CHANGING Terry Podnar DISTANT MFMJRIES Terry Podnar REACHING FOO. NINETY Steven Poitras REDHANDED Irene Rea A Filil ABOUT FOOD Wendy Lee Roberts HEART OF DARKNESS DeForest Roby HEADING WEST Daryl Romeyn PEPSI CHALLENGE 1990 David RUM.le SHOPPING BAG Ill.DIES J, Dexter Ryan PIBASE DCIPT BLINK AS I SAY GOODBYE Frank Saggio HOW 'IO MAKE A CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE Frank Saggio CITY BLUES Fd Sandtner MERE LA.CHAISE Fd Sand tner 1-0NTAGE Jeffrey C. Shiro UH-HUH! Chip Sercombe FINGERBOAT OPERATION Jack Sexson BURNING S'IREET LINES Jon Shayne FDR1S VESTIGE Mary Short STAR WARS TOO Willard A. Small VACOON OVlm'I'URE Willard A. Small ENGA.GE2-IENT Eric Smith CARNIVAL L. Smogor/J. Heumann !-[)VIE MADNESS s.o.A.R. 5th Grade Students, Benton Harbor, MI BENFIIB Don Starnes ANY WORLD Don Starnes RA THIB FIGHT THAN QUIT T. Stephenson/Gery Vicari CARPET TAPE HERESY E.A.Stifel POWER ON E.A.Stifel THE MAN WITH THE LASER GUN M.R. &: M.R. Story PHENOMENA II Athena Tacha STEPS T.E. Tasker ON THE AIR Craig J. Taylor NOCTUR'ES Thomas Taylor EVERYBODY1S RUNNING AWAY S. Trott LEA. VES OF GLASS Willie Varela FOI PENA Q... Wagner brothers WHISTI.E S'IOP M. Walker/G. Corder BRAND NEW MA.CH:mE D. Wanberg GREm LANTEBN COMMERCIAL D, Wanberg ALONE IN THE NIGHT D, Wanberg NOCTURNE Randolph J. Warner NOT OF THIS WORID Steve Warren LIFE IN THE FAST LANE Barry Weiss INSIDE-OUT David W, West PUMP SOOTS Tom Wheeler BOOK BURNING BARBECUE Tim Whitty WORKING LATE R Wingate & P. Laamanen THE DAOOCLES SYNDROME M. Wilmoth SOCKY Mike Woolson $2,268.05 in cash and prizes will be awarded by the judges who are in atterrlance at the public showings. Serving this year are: CONNIE BOSLEY has been employed professionally as a 16mm film printer, negative matcher & editorial assistant. She heads Detroit Film Project. COO-STANCE CRUMP is a writer, food critic, antiquarian & inveterate fil~ goer & claims "If it isn't chocolate, it isn't worth the calories." CLAYWOOD SEMPLINER is a filmmaker, media free-lancer, and manager of the A.nn Arbor (l&nrn) Film Festival. JOHN TINTORRI has made prize-winning animations I and is currently living and working in film in New York. PAT YOUNG is the photographer for the History of Art department, and a prize-winner in the &run festival in 1977, 1978 and 1979. The festival directors (Gerry Fialka & Rob Conway) and the screening committee wish to thank all who have entered films. We have viewed all entries and programmed as many as time allows into public showings. The members of the screening committee: Tim Artist, Rob Conway, Ken Ellzey Gerry Fialka, John Fialka, Michael Frierson, Mary Beth Kline, Andy Weinstein, and also including Nora Clark, Alison Donatrue, Rick, Joan Ruhela, and Jon Savoie. $125 Keith Clark Memorial Award Please support our generous dona.tors. Special thanks to those organiza-tions who have contributed to the prize fund: DID IT STAR'l' YET ? ~~~e~nn a:~t g~ cooperative $500 DID IT START YET ? Cinema II $250 did it start yet ? UAC Mediatrics $200 $lOO ~: !! ;~:;: ~=: ? Schoolkids Records & Tapes Interformat (350 Townshend St, SF ,CA %107) $350 -10 min, blow-up to 16mm Small Fonnat Film & Video (14.20 E. Edinger #2051 Santa, CA 92705) $166.35 -three Wurker splicers plus tape Newsfilm Laboratory (516 N Larchmont Blvd, Hollywood, CA 9<XX:l4) $150 -laboratory services Filmlife (141 Moonachie Rd, Moonachie, NJ 07074) $70 -film repair Super 8 Filmaker $54.85 -five one-year subscriptions Kalt Corporation (Box 511, Santa Monica1CA. 9CM.06) $39.95 -tripod CeniJCi-i~e~!:!o~~!~:/Optics (10661 Burbank Blvd, N Hollywood,CA 91601) Big George's Appliance Mart $25 gift certificate Festival Publications (Box 10180, Glendale,CA 91209) $21.95 hardbound edition of Alan Ge.dney's GUIDE TO CONTESTS, FESTIVALS & CRANTS Edmuni Scientific Co. ( 101 E Gloucester Pike I Barrington, NJ 08007) $9. 95 beam splitter (size 5x7xl/8) Special thanks for loaning equiμnent: John Fialka, Pat Young, and Murray Windberg of EIJ.O for the use of a ElM) GS-1200 ••••• ■ •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••