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Ann Arbor (East) Business District, from air, June 1949

Ann Arbor (East) Business District, from air, June 1949 image

"Known originally as the 'Mallett Creek Settlement' and in the early 20th century as the 'Platt Community,' in 1947 this area became the nucleus of the separate 'City of East Ann Arbor.' It merged with the City of Ann Arbor by a majority vote of both municipalities -- in November, 1956.

Photo shows Packard road (rising from bottom), headed EAST, toward Ypsilanti.
Packard is crossed (in lower foreground) by Platt Road.

Incidentally, the tiny building on the SW corner of the intersection was built as the Pittsfield waiting room and ticket office of the electric interurban railway that ran between Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor (and to distant points both east and west). But the interurban stopped running in 1929. Later, the depot building served briefly as East Ann Arbor's City Hall." (Wystan Stevens)

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