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New Ann Arbor High School Bus, September 1947

New Ann Arbor High School Bus, September 1947 image
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Ann Arbor News, September 10, 1947
TRY OUT NEW SCHOOL BUS: Jean Anderson and Joe Grammatico are shown exiting from the new Ann Arbor High School bus after a group of students had a chance to look over the modern red, white and blue vehicle. The bus, said to be equipped with the latest safety devices, will accommodate 54 students. It will be used for trips taken by the high school athletic teams and for other school purposes. Until the Whitmore Lake School District receives its new bus, expected next month, the high school bus also is to be used to transport Whitmore Lake students attending the Ann Arbor public schools. The Board of Education purchased the high school bus at a cost of $8,600, with the understanding that the school is to reimburse the board within five years by funds raised through various high school activities and through bus fees. School groups using the bus are to pay "rental" fees.
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