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Ann Arbor High School - Cantando Choir, April 1944

Ann Arbor High School - Cantando Choir, April 1944 image

"Cantando Choir" was the name selected for a newly organized group of girls singing under Miss Grentzer's baton. Starting at the beginning of the second semester, the choir met every day. It had quite a sizable list of members chosen on the same basis as that of A Cappella; that is, by try-outs.

Besides participating in the operetta, assemblies and community programs, the group presented entertainment - music and skits - for the men of the station hospital at the Willow Run Air Base.

Cantando's officers were Jerry Herman, manager, Dottie Dice, assistant manager; and Mary Kokales, secretary-treasurer.

Front row: S. Crandell, R. Fisher, B. Hepburn, M. Wilson, B. Davidson, T. Hopper, J. Acker Second row: E. Hamilton, J. Perkins, N. Schneider, O. Bray, M. Kokales, G. Kern, L. Gadberry, B. White Third row: S. Donally, F. Erdman, D. Blakeslee, F. Kaufman Fourth row: P. Sorolis, O. Bilakos Fifth row: C. Warren, M. Watkins, D. Dice, D. DeWolfe, J. Herman At piano: Miss Grentzer

-Ann Arbor High School, 1944 Omega

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