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Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Private Lives, June 07, 1995

Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Private Lives, June 07, 1995 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Private Lives, June 07, 1995 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Private Lives, June 07, 1995 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Private Lives, June 07, 1995 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Private Lives, June 07, 1995 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Private Lives, June 07, 1995 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Private Lives, June 07, 1995 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Private Lives, June 07, 1995 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Private Lives, June 07, 1995 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Private Lives, June 07, 1995 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Private Lives, June 07, 1995 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Private Lives, June 07, 1995 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Private Lives, June 07, 1995 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Private Lives, June 07, 1995 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Private Lives, June 07, 1995 image Ann Arbor Civic Theatre Program: Private Lives, June 07, 1995 image
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Dlrec:tlons For Use: For best use, make sound Investments immediately. This can be done by calling The One Place at Comerica. Draw on their expertise in developingatotalllnancialplan, includlngport. folio management, retirement planning, estate planning and settlement, personal Hnes olctedit,andmore. TheOnePiace.Comerlca's Private Banking Group. Caii1·800·4-1·PLACE tor an appointment today. Equal Oppor tunity Lender. Member FDIC. 1/JIJ ANN ARBOR CIVIC THEATRE MAIN STAGE PRODUCTIONS I NOH COWARD DY OIHlCI£0 DYCHARllS SUTHtRlAND mO[SIGNDY JIM POSANH liGHTING O[SIGN BYJOHANNA COSIUM[ O[SIGNBYOtBORAH HROUGHTON KORASTINSKY • JUNf 7-10. 1995 • lYDIA MfNDHSSOHN THfATRf • • WfONfSOAY THROUGH SATURDAY AT 8PM • • SATURDAY MATINff AT l PM • • PROOUCfO HY SPHIAl ARRANGfMfNT WITH SAMUH mfNCH. INC. • • SPONSORfO HY Barnes&Noble • The Umversity of Michigan forbids smoking 1n any part of the lydia Mendelssohn Theatre The use of photographic or audio equipment is prohibited. Dedication Nicholas Pennell died in February after a brief illness. He will be remembered for his work on television and especially for his many years at the Stratford Festival. His work with students will always be one of his greatest accomplishments. During the hiatus from Stratford. he. and other actors traveled to universities to bring the glory of the language and the thrill of live theatre to the students. It was on one such trip to Ann Arbor. that I was privileged to appear in a production that Nicholas directed. He filled the whole ensemble with the love of creating. He was concerned with passing along the tradition he learned. That was his greatest gift to us. Speaking to a friend who was in a production he directed at EMU. I discovered we shared the same experience: he had simply changed our lives. The last production of PRIVATE LIVES I saw at Stratford had Nicholas in it. I will always remember. and I will pass it along. I dedicate this production to Nicholas Pennell. my teacher. my mentor and my friend. Scene Synopsis Act I Hotel balcony in Deauville. summer evening in 1930. Act II Amanda's flat in Paris. a few days later. Evening. Act Ill Amanda's flat in Paris, next morning. JAti Ann Arbor Civic Theatre, Inc. Board of Directors nm Morley Kathryn Clark Ric Hunt Paula Morning President Vice President. Administration Vice President. Artistic Coordination Vice President. Marketing Diane Branczeisz Co-Vice President, Production Bob Seeman Co-Vice President. Production Secretary Barb Wells Ronna Talcott Treasurer Jim Barnes Barb Cooper John Mouat Joyce Squires AACT Season Staff Archives AudioVisual Chair Box Office Costume Shop Supervisor Costume and Properties Rental Agent Front of House library lighHng Department Chair Mailing Supervisor Make-Up/Wigs Photographer Main Stage Committee (1995-1996) MainStage Play SeiecHon Committee (1995-1996) Second Stage Committee (1995· 1996) Program Editor Props Chair Scene Shop Chair Bob Seeman Jeff Zupan Louisa Pieper and Mojorie Cripps (Co-Choirs) Deborah Korostinsky Barb Wells Joy Stewart Bradford Roberts Thorn Johnson Howard Fox Rosemarie Rothe Fred Beutler Dione Bronczeisz. Ric Hunt & Bob Seeman (Co-Choirs) Joy Dennis (Choir) Mary Anne Nemeth & Anne Ko/oczkowski Magee (Coordinators) Open Open Jim Barnes AACT Staff Administrative Manager Wendy Wright Bookkeeper Winnie Han Ann Arbor Clllt: 'lhecdre Is an Equal Oppori\J'IIIV EmjiJQy8r and piOIIIdes ~ S8Nices wllhoulregard to race. COlor. religion, natiQnal Oltgln. age.- or handicap. The Staff The Cast Amanda Prynne . ..... Laurie Greig Atwood Victor Prynne . . . Jim Nissen Sibyl Chase ......... Astrid Zelazny Elyot Chase ... ........ Stephen C. Hill Louise Director .. . ......... , . . . , . .. . . .. Charles Sutherland Assistant Directors . . Producers Mijo Pappas-Delachaume Elise Diels Linda Whitman . ................ .. . . Erica Dutton Deborah Korastinsky Rosemary Rothe Markus Wischmeyer Stage Manager The Crew Run Crew Andrew Hoag Sheri Maser Glen Massey Marigrace Randazzo Dwight Smith Kevin Wisney Set Building/Painting Crew Bill Baldwin Jim Barnes Danny Guberinich Mike Limmer Glen Massey Pam Roselle Rich Roselle Rebecca Smouse Linda Whitman Jim Whitman Jimmy Whitman Props Sheri Maser Marigroce Randazzo Costume Joan Korastinsky Barb Wells Sound John Cantu Lights Joy Dennis ............ Dana Buck Set Designer ..... Jim Posante Set Builder ........... , . . . . ........ Chuck Griffin Lighting Designer ............. . . Johanna Broughton Properties . . Joan Korastinsky Costume Designer ......... Deborah Korastinsky Costume Assistant ............... Cheryl Berteel Publicity . . . Darla Miller Make Up and Hair Designer Poster Design . . ... Rosemarie Rothe . ........ Joseph Radding li\Thenitcounesto investll1ent unanageunent, Society® has been a leader in unanaging personal and institutional trusts for nearly 100 years. To see how we can put this experience to work for you, call David Ellies at 747-7997. Acknowledgements Special thanks to Greenhill's School for the greenery, Art Van Furniture for assorted furniture pieces. Neil's Printing for assistance with trimming tickets, Back Porch Ceramics for art deco greenware and Jim Posanle and Charlie Sutherland for their living room. Investment Management and Tntst Services About the Cast LAURIE GREIG ATWOOD (Amanda) has done numerous shows with Civic Theatre including BORN YESTERDAY, and HOW THE OTHER HALF LOVES far which she wan the Best Supporting Actress Award. Lourie is Owner/Director of The Children's Creative Center and the mother of three children. STEPHEN C. HILL (Eiyot) has appeared as Richard in HAYFEVER. Henry in THE REAL THING, Paul Verrall in BORN YESTERDAY, Rev. Morrell in CANDIDA and Dan Pedro in MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING far AACT. He also appeared at JCC as Tyler Moss in CROSSING DELANCY. JIM NISSEN (Victor) has been in several AACT productions on bath sides of the footlights. He was Sgt. Toomey in BILOXI BLUES, Max Jacobs in ON THE 20TH CENTURY, Will Parker in OKLAHOMA! and Clifford Anderson in DEATHTRAP. He was music director far SWEET CHARITY, SWEENEY TODD and WEST SIDE STORY. He has also directed far the UM Gilbert & Sullivan Society, the New American Music Theatre and The Purple Rose Theatre. Jim is on the Humanities faculty at the University of Michigan-Dearborn and the Music faculty at Schoolcraft College. He is the Associate Director of Music at the First Congregational Church in Ann Arbor. MIJO PAPPAS-DELACHAUME (Louise) was born in France, lived in Germany far 10 years and the US far the past 17 years. She has been a teacher all her life; teaching at Greenhills School for the post 13 years. She went to graduate school in France and Germany. Mijo was Bertha in PIPPIN. She also coached Emile Debeque and 2 children with French accents in SOUTH PACIFIC. Mijo has a wonderful husband and two great sons and energetic and creative students at Greenhills. All of them keep her young! ASTRID ZELAZNY (Sibyl) was bitten by the performance bug at a very young age. Astrid (also known as Asti) pursued her love of acting at the University of Michigan, where she majored in theatre. She has appeared as Gwendolyn in IMPORTANCE OF BEING ERNEST. Bessie Wattle in THE CORN IS GREEN and as Lady Macbeth in MACBETH for Grosse Pointe North Theater; as Rita Marimba in MARATHON 33 and Bianca in ANATOL at the UM; as Solly Colo in MAME at Windson Light Opera and as Cleonice in THE LIAR at Trinity House Theatre. Having discovered that acting was not the most reliable source of income, Astrid has, in recent years, taken some time out to return to school and retrain as a legal assistant. Recently married, she enjoys spending time with her new husband in their home, which he built.. together with their cot Felix. This is her first appearance with Ann Arbor Civic Theatre and she is very happy to be a part of this wonderful play. Offering expertise ... in facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery performed by board certified surgeons who are sensitive to your aesthetic concerns. To receive information on all aspects of facial cosmetic surgery, including face and eyelift surgery, nasal surgery, facial peels, and liposuction, or to schedule a consultation at our private office suite located near the Briarwood Mall in Ann Arbor, please call313-936-3223. Center for Facial Cosmetic Surgery Univcr.;ityof~.fichigan Members of the American Academy of rvledicalCenter FaciaiPiastic&ReconstructiveSurgery 250 W E1senhower Parkway. Ann Arbor Certified.AmericanBaardofOtolaryngology 19!1XJHaggeri)'Ad .. l lvorHa About the Staff CHERYL BERTEEL (Costume Assistant) is a past AACT member who recently returned. This season she has worked on costumes and sets for SOUTH PACIFIC, MIRACLE WORKER, ANNIE and NEW VOICES BIJOU. In the past. she has worked on HARVEY. THE SOUND OF MUSIC and many other shows. Cheryl works for Sears and enjoys reading mysteries and playing with her dog, Maxx. JOHANNA BROUGHTON (Lighting Design) is not a regular at Ann Arbor Civic. Instead she was introduced to Performance Network in 1985 and has been attached to it ever since---as Program/Producfton Manager. Publicist. Manag- ing Director and finally in her current role as the Executive Director. In her years ensuring the continued existence of Performance Network. her time available to exercise her one-time primary craft of design has been limited. Theatergoers may recall her settings and lighting designs for such shows at the Network as Gooch's FEMALE TRANSPORT. Foster's TOM PAINE. Duras' INDIA SONG. Derek Walcott's PANTOMIME, Vaclav Havel's MEMORANDUM and LARGO DESOLATO. Gotanda's YANKEE DAWG YOU DIE, Vogel's BALTIMORE WALTZ. and most recently Velina Hasu Houston's TEA. to name a few. DANA BUCK (Stage Manager) has worked for AACT in the past lO years as actor. director. technician and stage manager. He has appeared in BULLSHOT CRUMMOND, and as Richard the Lion Hearted in LION IN WINTER. He directed JACQUES BRELand A DAY IN THE DEATH OF JOE EGG. When not doing theatre. Dana is exhibit designer at Kelsey Museum of Archaeology. ELISE DIELS (Assistant Director) just finished AACT's producfton of ANNIE as Lily St. Regis. She also was assistant director for SLEEPING BEAUTY and will be in AACT's upcoming production of AS YOU LIKE IT. ERICA DUTION (Producer) second venture into producing Is an interesting twist on · work by committee". We hope to prove that it can be done!!! Her last producing venture was THE PIANO LESSON at AACT. She occasionally stage manages. as in FENCES and DUET FOR ONE, but her first love is performing. Her most recent shows were the nurse in LAZARUS CONVENING (New Voices Bijou) at AACT and Rheuna Bibeau in LES BELLES SOURS at the ABA T.heatre in Detroit. She was also seen in GIN at Trueblood. A DAY IN THE DEATH OF JOE EGG and WOVZECK at AACT and QUARTET and JACQUES AND HIS MASTER at the Performance Network. It's a pleasure mixing talents from several local theatres in the same production. CHUCK GRIFFIN (Set Builder) interest in theatre began while building sets for his high school production of THE UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN. He soon took a theatre class and began performing. While he found performing enjoyable, his greater interests were set construcfton and stage lighting. After graduation. he began a career in management. first in food service and later changing to property management. Looking for a change. he attended Detroit Institute of Aeronautics and began a career in aviation maintenance which ended while in Denver. He returned to Michigan and started working on a degree in Digital Electronics. Much to his surprise. he's found himself back in the theatre again! He thinks maybe he'll stick around for awhile. DEBORAH (DEB) KORASTINSKY (Costume Designer and Producer). Having survived the set design for ANNIE. she has returned to the costume shop to build pretty things. She is also producing for the first time with the expert help of Markus. Erica and Rosie. What will be next? Ah. so much theatre. so little time! JOAN KORASTINSKY (Properties). This is her second show as props master (WEST SIDE STORY). but her first at creating smash and crash props. (What fun!!!) Thanks to Jim and Charles. set dressing was made easy through the generous loaning out of their interior. Hopefully, they don't have to sit on the floor until the show ends. She also designed and built the costumes for Second Stages's production of ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST. DARLA MILLER (Publicity) After 10 years of night classes. Darla graduated from Eastern Michigan University and now has evenings free to work on productions. She has been a member. actress. producer and fund-raiser with the Dexter Community Players since 1989. and she was assistant director for AACT's LEND ME A TENOR in 1992. JIM POSANTE (Set Design) has designed all drama and musical productions (as well as Director and Choreographer) for Greenhills School for 15 years. He has also designed SUDS for the Performance Network which he also directed. He directed and choreographed SOUTH PACIFIC, ON THE 20TH CENTURY, DROOD, SWEET CHARITY, FOLLIES. THE ROBBER BRIDEGROOM and many, many, many more since OKLAHOMA! in the '70's. To the question. what are your hobbies. he responds "Who has time?" He does collect art deco everything---so the chance to do this show is very exciting. His living room will look nice under lights and doing a show with Charlie seemed the logical thing to do. JOSEPH RADDING (Poster Design) is a Senior Art Director for a large marketing communications company. He has also been seen onstage at AACT as McMurphy in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST and MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. About the Staff (Continued) ROSEMARIE ROTHE (Makeup/Hair/Producer) "I must be out of my mind! " These are the words voiced by Rosemarie these days. Co-producing two shows in a row? She know's she said she ' d try producing again, but so soon? Its a good thing there are 3 other producers who are out of their minds too. Rosemarie knows the secret to successful producing---a great staff and a super cost of characters. And this show has both. She's looking forward to another fantastic production. CHARLES SUTHERLAND (Director) has directed MORNINGS AT SEVEN, HEDDA GABLER, ENGAGED and THE REAL THING for AACT. He also appeared in ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST. SEASCAPE. CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF, ON THE 20TH CENTURY and SWEENEY TODD. He has appeared with Purple Rose Theater, Saline Area Players, Theatre Guild of Livonia Redford. He also performs with Encore. a vocal ensemble. LINDA WHITMAN (Assistant Director)previously was assistant director for Charles Sutherland for MORNINGS AT SEVEN. She also works with Laurie Greig Atwood at the Children's Creative Center teaching pre-school. MARKUS WISCHMEYER (Producer) was co-producer for THE PIANO LESSON and associate producer for NEW VOICES BIJOU. He is currently producing SHOOTING SIMONE for the Performance Network and acting and on production crew in a locally produced independent film. with the working title of NOCTURAL KNIGHTS, being directed by Dempsey Tillman. He also appeared as Lt. Byrd in AACT's A SOLDIER'S PLAY last summer. Still on a sabbatical from New York City, he has performed in over 30 films (mostly unknown and unseen), off-off Broadway, in a few commercials. a bit of Nand has danced for Hanya Holm. Pilobolus. Pooh Kaye, himself and others. ""' • If ~ J~ WE WANT TliE TliiNGS WE LOVE~ WE MUST liAVE sliOWERS... ';'- BE SURE TliAT youR UMbREllA is "~ 1\. ,J J upsidE dowN. J Our umbrella IS turned upside down. Civic Theatre is thrilled to be able to share its dynamic facility located on Platt Road with you. We hope you have had an opportunity to visit our new "home" and enjoy some of the fine performances and special events we have held there. While hundreds of Civic Theatre volunteers focus their creative energies to bring you more than 85 fine performances this year alone, we must also work together to collect all the "Pennies From Heaven" needed to meet our new facility's long-term financial needs and ensure that we can continue to bring quality theatre to the community. We invite you to participate and make a difference. We all have loose change in our pockets at the end of the day. Please join us in our "Pennies From Heaven" program by choosing any receptacle you have at home and dropping your pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and, of course, dollars into it each day. Or , for your convenience, you can visit the Civic Theatre business office and receive a special "Pennies From Heaven" carton. Every amount adds up! By setting aside a few cents each day, we can accumulate enough gifts to help meet the long term financial needs of our facility. If you prefer, simply write a check as you and many others have done in the past- annually, semi-annually, monthly, or with whatever schedule is most convenient for you. The important thing to remember is that we need you continued support. Our combined gifts will make a difference. When your receptacle if full, stop by the Civic Theatre business office and empty it so that you can use it again. Bring your carton at any time- the next time you visit Civic Theatre to volunteer, to see a performance, or when you are driving through the neighborhood. / !j~ TRAdE TliEM iN foR A pAckAGE of SuNsliiNE ANd flowERS I' Jj j ~ As our special thank you for your participation, please drop by the Civic Theatre business office and collect your copy of Judy Dow Alexander's new recording. You may choose between a cassette tape and a CD. In addition, when you return your full receptacle, you will receive a special Civic Theatre supporter button and you will have an opportunity to enter your name in a drawing. Should you have any questions, please call the Director of Development at (313) 971.0605. Thank you for attending this evening's performance, and for sharing the magic of live theatre with us, and thank you for your contributions, attendance, energy, enthusiasm, and ideas! lots ofNatorilf& OrganicBdib/es A wide selection at two neighborhood stores in central Ann Arbor p~ _,',;:,,,,;.;;¥ f~(1,~ Open to everyone ~ Community-owned 216N.4thAve. '140Packard (north of downtown) (southeast of State St.) Open Sun.-Fri. 9-9, Open seven days 10-9 Saturday 8-9 • 994-9174 On-site parking • 761-8173 J'isi/ IIIII' l'l/JIIIIr/t•t/ Jt/1 .11•1'11111' S/111'1': Michigan's #1 Furniture Retailer • For Quality • For Value • For Service • For Selection We Do More For You ANN ARBOR; 425 Eisenhower Parkway (313) 747-7170 120,000 Titles Barnes & Noble Cafe Convenient Free Parking Open 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m . Everyday 3245 Washtenaw Ave. Ann Arbor (313) 677-6475 Come and Spend Some Pleasant Time Among Friends OPERATIONAL GIFTS (AS OF 5/ 22/ 95) CORPORATE SPONSORS First of America ANGEL DIRECTOR'S CIRCLE Arthur & Diane Coxford Robin & Betsy Barlow Great Lakes Bancorp Meijer National Sanitation Foundation SUPPORTING PLAYER Helene & Robert Abrams Prof. & Mrs. Gardner Ackley Charles & Marian Allmand Dr. & Mrs David G. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Harry Benford Wilbur & Alyce Carlene Bigelow Joy & Patrick Dennis Jo & Elton Devine Stephen B., judy, Kaley, & Mac Dobson Wendy & Steve Hiller Emily, Pam & Steve Horne Cheryl Huey, M.D. Mr. & Mrs. David Hughes Mr. & Mrs. Russell Hurst Wilfred Kaplan William & Betsy Kincaid Martha & David Krehbiel Barbara Kulkis Mrs.).F.Laird Diane Laviolett Linn Matich Mr. & Mrs. F. N. McOmber Catherine & Nelson Meade jack & jane Meisenhelder Richard & Georgia Meyerson Mel, joan & Lauren Muskovitz Mr. & Mrs. William Palmer AI & louisa Pieper Mr. & Mrs. William j. Pierce Lois & William Porter Rosemarie & Alan W. Rothe Mr. & Mrs. John R. Dale Joseph C. & Nan Decker Jack & Barbara Dempsey Mr. & Mrs. William T. Dobson Or. & Mrs. Edward F. Domino Peter & Barbara Eberbach Andrew & Katherine Eisenberg Judge & Mrs. S. j. Elden Marian Elliott Sheldon & Ethel Ellis Richard & Helen Emmons Or. & Mrs. Jerome Epstein Phyllis Foster Mr. & Mrs. Roger Gaugler Nick & Sharon Genova Elizabeth Needham Graham Rodney & Patricia Grambeau Dr. Robert Green & Lila Green Carl & Julie Guldberg Mr. & Mrs. Harry L Hallock Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Herbst Michelle Smith & Victor Adamo Shirley & Neil Adams Prof. & Mrs Thomas Adamson, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Anderson Ruth M. Barnard Bruce Benner Karen & Gerald Berger Mary & Milford Boersma Polly & Roger Bookwalter Mickey & Bruce Bowman Muriel E Bradley Patricia Bridges Geraldine & Edward Briegel Ferne Brown Glenora W. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Robert Buchanan Or. Ruth Cantieny Kim, Melinda, Brittany, Asher & Austin Cameron Suzanne Colon Tom Coogan Gage Cooper Howard Cooper Vera Cunningham Thomas & Martha Daniels lisa, Rachel, & Dr. Alan Dengiz j oan Doman Shirley Donnelly Mr. & Mrs. joseph Edwards Buelah Elving Adele Ewell Mr. & Mrs. Paul 5. Fanch er John Farah Margaret Faulkner Mr. & Mrs. F. Robert Fekety, Jr. Ann & David Flucke Howard & Margaret Fox Or. & Mrs. Carl M. Frye Fran & Nick Furkiotti Ms. Marilyn Gibson Marie & Eugene A. Glysson lucy, Amanda, & David Graff l inda, Rebecca, & Richard Greene Claribel Baird Halstead Ann & Harold Haugh Ted Hefley Kathleen & Donald Hoff Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hoffman Robert & Faye Hoisington janet Hoobler Mr. & Mrs. David Husted Elizabeth Humes & Sylvan Kornblum Karen & Paullzenberg Elizabeth Ka tz Mr. & Mrs. Frank Kennedy Mr. & Mrs David F. Keren jim, Kate, Michele & Brian Kimmet Dick & Ginny Koester Guy & Taffy Larcom Gordon & Vera Levenson Don & Gerri Lewis Mary Louise Lowther Or. Karl D. Malcolm Mrs. Pearl Manning Sara Mathews Rev. & Mrs. Alex Miller Mrs. William H. Mills, Jr. Or. & Mrs. George Morley Michael Myers john Mouat & lisa Snapp Charles & linda Borgsdorf Mr. & Mrs. William Brown Morton & Raya Brown Sally, ian & Barton Bund Jean Campbell Mrs. james Carras Mrs. Irene Christie Mr. & Mrs. Robert Collins Mrs. Margaret F. Crary Mr. & Mrs. Jack L Craven Ronald Cresswell Marjorie Cripps james & Jean Crump Norma Jean & Richard Sarns Ingrid & Cliff Sheldon Darlene & Gene Smith Dr. & Mrs. WilliamS. Smith Margaret & james Splitt Bob Squires & joyce Elliott Squires Mr. & Mrs. David Staiger Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Stair Gloria & William Stapp Ed Stein joy & Don Stewart Sue & U lrich Stoll Mr. & Mrs. james Suits Max & Sue Supica Ronna & Kent Talcott laura & Richard Van House Cindy York & Chris Wackerman Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Wallace lindsay, Ann & Joel Weiher Gilbert & Ruth Whitaker Sandra & Edward Young CHORUS Cherie M. Olsen Mrs. Charles Owen David H. Owens Dr. Gena Rose Pahucki Carolyn Parkus Mr. & Mrs. Douglas E. Peck Judith A. Pence Sue Peterson Dr. Rhoda & Dr. Edward Powsner james D. & Margaret Prendergast l orna & Gerald Prescott Mr. & Mrs. Brad Pritts jerry & Millard Pryor Marlene & William j. Rademacher Marjorie & Maxwell Reade Helaine & David Reid Margaret & Robert Reilly jeff & Amy Remillard Kathryn & Duane Renken Katie & john Renken Margaret). Ressler Linda & Richard Ridley Lucille Riopelle David & joan Robinson Elizabeth Rogers Irene & Samuel ). Rupert Janet Scales Joan Scheffler Aileen Schulze Lawrence & Doris Sperling Barbara & Michael Steer john Stephens Mary Jane Thomson Helen & George Timmons julieTite Estelle Titiev Melissa Tuck Deborah & Millie VandenBroek Sara VanderVoort William & julie Varus Mr. & Mrs. W. M. Weber Rosemary & David Wesenberg Mr. & Mrs. James B. White & Emma White Marion T. Wirick & James Morgan Carolyn & John Wiseman Mrs. Phyllis Wright Back Porch Ceramics Supplies o Greenware o Classes Duncan Products Carrie E. Priest Proprietor 1800 Dorr Road Howell, MI 48843 (517) 546·2149 CAST J. Lorraine & Richard Alexander Betsy & Donald Anderson Nancy, Daniel & Winifred Fisher Susan & Gary Andre-.vs laurie, Smith, Jason & Heather Mr. & Mrs. Versile Fraleigh Atwood Dr & Mrs. Daniel Balbach E.Aitan Balta Anita Bassett Susan & Thomas Bellinson Sharon & Carl Berger Barbara B. Bishop Ann Black Tracey Went & Chuck Blackman Wendy Gartner, Cassidy, Amanda, & Bradley Bloom Paulene Bordner Elizabeth W. & George V. Bosenbark Mr. & Mrs. Dale E. Burgess Marilyn & Mervyn Carse Mr. & Mrs. john Clark Marian Cohen Mrs. Charles Cope Mr. & Mrs. Max (rosman Rose Cygan Bernadette DiCarlo jean A. Diekoff Virginia H. Donahey Katherine & William Dow Virginia Eveland Alice Fell H. Jane & C. William Ferguson Clarie & Dennis Fernly D. Ferrario Gargi & James French jared Garelick Mrs. Marian Gates Rita Gelman Doris & leslie George Mrs. Gerald Gill Mr & Mrs. George Grassmuck Dr. & Mrs. jerry Gray linda & Roger Grekin Ellie & Ken Grinstead Ruth & luther Haessler N. Frances Hall Mary & john Hathaway Nancy & Ted lleusel Deborah Hinderer Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hiller Hudson-Thomasson Family Susan & Jeff Huff Del & Ralph Hulett Sharon & McArthur Hutchins Grace Judson Emily & Ted Kennedy, Jr. Mrs. Robert F. Klein Dr. & Mrs. David J. Knesper Mrs. Mildred Koen Barbara & James II. Krick Hilda Kurtz Sally & Burton Lamkin Mr. & Mrs. Seymour Lampert jan & Gerald Leckrone Mr. & Mrs. Richard Leutheuser Michael Limmer Marjorie lord Mr. & Mrs. William Lunk Mr. & Mrs. Carl j. lutkehous Judith & William lynn Betty j. Lyons Melba M. Macabee Mary & Frank MacDonald Gertrude Maglotte Mr. & Mrs. Don Makielski Margaret Mann Roseanne, Erin, & Jeffrey Martell Anne Marie & Walter F. Mason Ruth & Paul McCracken Colum & Rose McReynolds Helen & Charles Metzner Phyllis & Robert Meyers Dorothy & Leigh Miller Kittie Morelock Paula Morning Evelyn R. Mullreed Ruth & Herbertl. Munzel Cecil & Ethel Nesbitt Nancy Newhard Dollie & Cecil North MaryOas lois & Donald OleszkiC\vicz lois & Donald G. Olsen Susan & Mark Orringer Mr. & Mrs. Leonard j. Ortino Stephen Parkinson Winnifred Pierce Edith Pinter Geraldine Plant Connie Plice Mr. & Mrs. Robert Plummer Emily R. Price Carol Quinnell jackie & AI Raphelson Mr. & Mrs. Harry Regenstreif Kathleen & Thomas Restrick jim Riethmiller Karwyn Rigan Amy Ronayne Polly Rudesill Robert A. & Millie Schairer Annette Schultz Sheila & Ed Schwartz Sylvia & leonard Segel Mary Ann Sellers Heather & Tom Senior Sonia & Forrest Shaw Aliza Shevrin Grace & Tom Silvia Lois & Oscar Spaly Mary & Carl Stadel Burnette & Neil Staebler Marilyn Wagner & Robert Stapleton John David Stark Robert J. Starring Cathy Hart & Craig Steenberg Thelma Sterling Betty Sullivan Jack B. Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Maxwell G. Sweet Ellen, Aaron, Matthew, Daniel & David & Bob Toronto Rosemary & Charles VanAken Lois & Mike Vogt Pat & Jon H. Waitz James C. & Donna Walker Mona L Walz Marianne Wanly Esther & Raymond Warzynski Zelma Weisfeld Fay & Israel Woronoff lucille Zink YOU'RE INVITED TO A SUMMER PICNIC Recently, as we began to lay the groundwork for bringing you our final 1994-95 Second Stage presentation of THE SISTERS ROSENSWEIG, we learned that due to a current national tour of the show, we were unable to secure the rights to perform it ourselves. This occasionally happens. Professional companies receive priority in securing performance rights to a show. GOOD NEWS! After reading several scripts and conferring with many people, director Wendy Wright will pour the talent and energies of our dedicated corps or volunteers into a production of William lnge's PICNIC. The dates remain the same- July 6-22, 1995. The summer of 1953 has been long and hot for the residents of a small, Midwestern town, but Labor Day has finally arrived. Into a predominately female neighborhood walks a young, seductive drifter who will work for food. He stays in town only one day, but in that time manages to touch and ~~aE~:.. change the lives of all the women in the neighborhood. both young and old. ~ We are excited to bring you this Pulitzer Prize-winning American classic. If you are a Second Stage subscriber, your SISTERS ROSENSWEIG ticket will gain you admission to see PICNIC on your assigned evening. If you would like to purchase tickets to see PICNIC or if you are a subscriber who would like to purchase additional tickets for your guests, please call the Civic Theatre box office beginning June 26. 1995 from 1-4 p.m. at 971-AACT. CAPITAL CAMPAIGN The Ann Arbor Civic Theatre would like to extend a warm thank you to the hundreds of businesses, foundations and individuals listed below who have made generous contributions to our "Pick A Pocket" Capital Campaign. The Campaign will end on December 31, 1994. For information about how your name can be included in this noteworthy list, please call the Director of Development at (313) 971-0605. Thank you. Wayne & Patricia Abbott Robert & Helene Abrams Gardner & Bonnie Ackley Victor T. Adamo Tim & leah Adams Emma W. Alexander M ike & Susan Alexander Robert Alexander Bob & judy Alexander Harold & Phyllis Allen Charles M. & Marian L Allmand Forrest Alter Henry & Phyllis Amble Richard P. & Naomi B. Ament David & Joan Anderson David & Sandra Anderson Helen Mann Andrews Ann Arbor Commerce Bank Ann Arbor Eye Care Ann Arbor Food & Drug Mart, Inc. Ann Arbor News Ann Arbor Printing & Mailing Service, Inc. Ann Arbor Railroad Anonymous · Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Ted & Ruth Aprill Aprill Foundation, Inc. (Theophil 0., Aprill & Amanda S.) Chris Hall and Rick Ashcroft Jane & Smith B. Atwood, Jr. Shirley & Don Axon Evelyn R. Bailey Hazel H. Baker Daniel R. Balbach Gwendolyn L Ball M. A. Baranowski Robin & Betsy Barlow jean Lynn Barnard James & Ma~orie Barnes Dwight w. Barstow Robert C. Bartels Dorothy Bauer Dick & Lucy Bauman john C. Beatty Ralph P. Beebe Tom & Susan Bellinson Harry & Betty Benford Bruce Benner Ann & Bruce Benner W illiam S. & Anne S. Benninghoff Mark & fran Berg Gerald & Karen Berger Isadore A. Bernstein Suzzanne & Frederick Beutler Jeff & Kim Bigelow/ Mackenzie Elizabeth S. Bishop Elizabeth & Lyman Bittman Margaret C. Blood Bradley R. and Wendy Gartner W illiam & Jane Bloom Shirley Harkless & George Bock Jay A. & Ruth E. Bolt Susan & Jeffery Booth Lola J. Borchardt Barbara L. Bowen Mickey & Bruce Bowman Frank X. Braun Braun- Brumfield, Inc. Mary R. Brooks Bernard J. & Mary Ann Brown Leland & Hilda Heat\vold Brown Morton B. & Raya Brown William M. Brown Frances E. Bull Hempstead S. Bull Howard M. Bunch Virginia Burckhalter A. Wayne Burkhardt Eunice L. Burns Kim & Melinda Cameron Jean W . Campbell Charles & Martha Cannell Ruth Cantieny Kathleen & Maurice Carr Robert L. Carr James E. Carras Robert & Frances Carrigan Margaret Cooney & Brian Casey Don & Barb Chaffin Anne C. Chamberlain Richard & Joyce Chesbrough Helen Christie Robert W. Ike, M.D. & Kathryn l. Clark Elizabeth B. Mustard & J. Scott Clarke Loretta F. Coghlan Margie Cohen Betty Jane Colvin Edward J. & Anne M. Comeau Alfred & Georgia Conard Lolagene C. Coombs Buelah Elving Carolyne & Jerry Epstein Sue & Howard Cooper ERIM Gage R. Cooper Robert & Charlotte Copp David & Myrtle Cox Arthur & Diane Coxford Janet & Raymond Crabtree Virginia D. Eveland Don & Tt Ferrand Asho I. Craine H. Richard & Florence Crane Margaret F. Crary Jack & Marj Craven Clan & Alace Berle Crawford Merle & Mary Ann Crawford Sheila & Ronnie Cresswell Marjorie Cripps Martha A. & Thomas E. Daniels Lee & Millie Danielson Peter P. Darrow James A. Davies Adah R. Davis Jean & john Dabbink joe & Nan Decker Bob & Sue Delonis Barbara & Jack Dempsey Helen L. Dempster Alan & Lisa Dengiz Lynn Deniston Carol Deniston Memorial Fund Edward F. Desmond Detro it Edison Foundation Raymond A Detter Don & Pam Devine M. S. DeWeese Tom & Jean Dickinson Joe Diederich Dobson-McOmber Agency, Inc. Molly & Bill Dobson Edward F. Domino William G. & Katherine K. Dow Betty Anne M. Duff Marilyn Wheaton & Paul Duffy Marie & Richard Duke Wendell Dunbar Barbara Duncan Bob & Connie Dunlap Elizabeth M. Dusseau S. j. Elden Marian J. Elliott Ethel & Sheldon Ellis Homer fall Robert Fekety C. W illiam Ferguson Peter & Patty fink First of America Bank Ann Arbor Carl R. Fischer Ken, Penny & Matt fischer Winifred fisher Joseph J. Fitzsimmons Sally & Bob Fleming George & Kathryn Foltz james & Anne ford Anne. & James W. Ford Fund Ford Motor Company Fund Marshall Fo rstot Phyllis Foster Howard P. & Margaret W . fox Judith 0. Fraleigh Tom franks Genevieve French Candy Friedman Bartley R. Frueh Alice jane Fryman Nicholas & Frances Furkioti John & Martha Fyte LoisW. Gage Arthur Gallagher Garris & Garris, P.C. Marion Gates Bob & Vicky Gatzke Roger B. Gaugler Charles Gelman Marilyn Gibson Ralph M. G ibson Deb & Bob Gilbert Beverly Jeanne Giltrow Sue & Carl Gingles Michael & Lise Glas Verna A. Goss George & Barbara Grassmuck Pearly Graves Jerry Gray Whitmore & Svea Gray Great Lakes Bancorp Bob & Lila Green Anne Ferris & Harry Greenberg Linda & Richard Greene Shirley Greene James j . Gribble Allee & Margaret Grillot Rebecca L. Groeb Carl Guldberg Gretchen & Richard Hadler Luther & Ruth Haessler David & Linda Haffey Ruth Marie Hahn AI Hainen N. Frances Hall Harry L. H allock Claribel B. Halstead Steven Hamp David and Nancy Harbison George & Marguerite Harms Mary A. Hartshorn john & Mary Hathaway Harold & Anne Haugh Wiliam R. Hawkins George & Lillian Hay Helen G. Heitz Margaret & Walter Helmreich Sondra Herold Herrick Foundation Irene Hess Steve & Wendy Hiller Ruth Hiltner Iris M. Hogan Kurt Z immer & Dr. Carol E. Holden Howard S. Holmes Fred & Betty House Robert M. Howe Sandra & Ronald Hultquist Mildred & Roger Hunter Vern & Norma Hutton Gretchen, John & Carrie jackson Jim & Dale Jerome Jean & Lester Johns Frank & Sharon johnson Thorn Johnson lloyd & Mabel Johnson Kathleen E. Johnston Grace E. Judson Robert L. & Beatrice H. Kahn W ilfred Kaplan Elizabeth H. Katz Milton G. Kendrick Roberta Keniston Emily & Ted Kennedy Frand & Patricia Kennedy Mary & David Keren CAPITAL CAMPAIGN Mary A. Kessel Mary Kessel Memorial Fund Grace Kikuchi Ed & 0. j. Kimball William & Betsy Kincaid Richard King Christine & Leopold William H. Mills, jr. Timothy & Jennifer Morley George W. Morley William & Bernice Morse Gordon Morseth Ginny & Cruse W. Moss Lisa Mouat Snapp & john H . Mouat H. F. Stern Helen M. Rice Robert Richards Don & Joy Stewart Ulrich & Sue Stoll Susan Stoney john Strouss Mary M. Stubbins Edward Surovell Co., Realtors Charles M. Sutherland David & Alice Tankard joAnn and Early W. Taylor Ned & Mary jane Thomson Bruce A. Timmons John & Geraldine Topliss The Toronto Family The Harry A. & Margaret D. Towsley Foundation Michelle Trame Marion H. Trubshaw Willis and Patrice Tupper Paul Ungrodt Charlotte Van Curler Richard E. and laura A. Van House Mike & lois Vogt Anne & David Walker Christine Anne Walker Raven M . Wallace Patricia Walsh Thomas D. & Michele j. Richardson F. E. Richard Rick & Linda Ridley Karwyn Rigan Roy Muir Thomas Roberts William L. Knapp David & Eileen Knesper Phyllis E. Mulder Robert j. & Elizabeth j. Alma D. Robinson Dave & Joan Robinson jan Koengeter Elizabeth jumes & Sylvan Mel & joni Muskovitz Klausner Kornblum Christopher Karow James H. & Barbara T. Krick Burton & Sally Lamkin Charles & Mary Lane Alice M. Larder john S. Larder John & Doris Larson Robert & Suzanne Laverty Diane Laviolette Tom Layher Carolyn Lepard Edgar J. Lesher Vera & Gordon Levenson Mary H. Long Marjorie H. Lord Chuck & Elsie Lovelace Mary Louise Lowther Melba M. Macabee JeffreyS. & Anne Kolaczkowski Magee Trudy Maglott E. Kate & Mary j. Mallory Margaret A. Mann Marion & Kingsbury Marzolf Ann VanDemark & Conrad Mason Marilyn Mason Dave & judy Matthews Lois M. Mayne Margaret & Harris McCiamroch Ruth S. McCracken Mary & Bruce McCuaig john j. McGowan Virginia McKeache Doneld & Elizabeth McNair Marjorie E. McNeil Larry & Charleen McPherson Column & Rose McReynold Catherine & Nelson Meade Jack & jane Meisenhelder jill McDonough & Greg Nerriman Helen & Charles Metzner Fern L. Meyers Richard Meyerson Michigan National Bank Maxine S. Miles Myrna & Nevvell Miller George Alexander Miller Murphy Zelma R. Myers NBD Bank- Ann Arbor Cecil & Ethel Nesbitt Judy & Kelley Newton james & Judith Newton James & Lois Nicholls Peter C. Niedbala Louise H. & Marvin L. Niehuss Eugene & Patricia Nissen Judith & Michael Nold Cecil & Dollie North NSK Corporation Cherie Olsen Lillian G. Ostrand David H. Owens Charles & Grace Oxley William & Mary Palmer Howard & Dorothy Parker Bob & jane Parker Frank & Bonnie Pauli Anita M. Payne Beverly C. Payne Elizabeth & Beverly Payne Peninsula Production Perich + Partners, Ltd. A I & Louisa Pieper Roy & Winnifred Pierce William j. Pierce Maxine & Wilbur K. Pierpont james j. Piper Don F. Pon Bev & Pat Pooley William & lois Porter Eugene B. Power Molly Prendergast jerry & lorna Prescott Emily R. Price Anthony J. Procassini Roy & jean Profitt William & Marlene Rademacher Ethel M. Rathbun Virginia Ratliff Janet H. Raymoure Maxwell 0. and Marjorie Reade John & Dorothy Reed Margaret & Robert Reilly Alfred Reilly Memorial Fund Anne R. Reindel Charles Reinhart Company Thomas & Kathleen Restrick B. S. Restuccia {Continued) Elaine & Stevens Rice Richard M. (Alma D.} Robinson Mary K. Roeser Mill Randall & Elizabeth Rogers Alan & Rosemarie Rothe Tom & Georgia Rowe julia D. Roy Mabel E. Rugen Ruth E. Runkel Samuel & Irene Rupert Vernice K. Rups Larry & Deborah Hinderer Rusinsky Richard & Norma Sarns Elizabeth M. Savage Frances H. Sawyer Bob & Millie Schairer Tom & Ann Schriber Annette & Larry Schultz Aileen Mengel Schulze H azen J. & Shirley D. Schumacher Roy & Christine Schwartz William & Joy Scofield Jerry & Fran Scofield Robert & Marina Seeman Leonard & Sylvia Segal Craig & Cheryl HodgesSelden Mary Ann Sellers Tom & Heather Senior George H. & Mary M. Sexton Charles F. & Marilyn K. Sharp Forrest & Sonia Shaw Carol Sheldon Cliff & Ingrid Sheldon Dorothy J. Siano Raymond J. & Donna Smit Alene & Allan Smith Gene & Darlene Smith William S. Smith Society Bank, Michigan Davis M. Somers Lois A. Spaly St. Paul Companies Carl G. & Mary Stadel Neil & Burnette Staebler David & Ann Staiger The Stanley Works Foundation Trust judith A. Starks Robert j. Starring John & Christine Stephens Catherine Mann & Thomas Steppe Warner-Lambert Company Margie Warrick Raymond & Esther Warzynski Ronald & Eileen Weiser Zelma Weisfeld Patricia & Anthony Werderitsch Rosemary & David Wesenberg Carol F. Westerman Robert and Marina Whitman John T. Williams Chris, Noel, Becky, & Erin Winkler Marion T. Wirick Israel & Fay Woronoff Phyllis Wright Wendy L. Wright Robert E. & Betty j. Wurtz Ben & Fran Wylie Brad, Ken, Dean, Megan Serwin & Ed Young Thomas & Shirley Zempel Kenneth & Rosalie Zill George Zuidema 549 Eaat Unlven;~ Ann Arl1or, M1481~ 313-662-3201 Mon - Fri 9:00 - 6:00 Sat 9:30 - 5:00 Sun Noon - 4:00 ".............. CIVIC THEATRE 1995-1996 SEASONSept. 20.23 1995 ACCOMPLICE at the Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre by Rupert f¥lmes • directed by Conrad Mason ~' Oct. :Y,;· 5-7, 12-14. 19-21. 1995 AS YOU LIKE IT at the Civic PlayHouse ll by William Shckespeare • directed by Anne Kolaczkowski Magee Nov. ;!;4. 1995 M BUTTERFLY ~ at the Lydia M endelssohn Theatre by David Henry Hwang • directed by Simon Ha ,. Nov. 9-11. 16-18.30-Dec. 2. 1995 THE WEDDING BAND -""_r, at the Civic PlayHouse -~ i~· ' .• . -i~ by Alice Childress • directed by J. Ricardo Hunt Tan. '31-Feb. 3. 1996 BLITHE SPIRIT (No performances Thanksgiving weekend) at the Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre by Noel Coward • directed by Wendy Wright Feb. 15-17, 22-24. 29-Mar. 2. 1996 ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD at the Civic PlayHouse by Tom Stoppard • directed by Liz Foster Mar. 6-9. 1996 R. u. R. At the Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre by Karel Capek • directed by Dana Buck Apr. 24-27. 1996 c... i~ ~?'7{' May - THE SECRET GARDEN at the Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre book and lyrics by Marsha Norman • Music by Lucy Simon based on the novel by Frances Hodgson-Burnett • directed by Joy Dennis 9-1~,J6-18. ' by Jean 23-25. 1996 THE ENCHANTED at the Civic PlayHouse Giraudou;~n:d;::;~;;:;,e,:~:n:; ::e;;d by D~n:r::~ OFF . '1 .--;;. at the Civic Pl ayHou se by Michael Frayn • directed by Thorn Johnson nee) (Wednesdays-Saturday w ' ic cdehrate the ..M.~tc q/ LIVE THEA nEll For Subscription & Ticket Information, Call 971-0605 ~~POWER SERIES 95/961 OPERA • DRAMA • DANCE MUSICAL THEATRE Experience the POWER of the performing arts in one convenient package! ttl DRAMA: Wuthering Heights American premiere • Emily Bronte's classic novel comes to the stage in Michael Napier Brown's adaptation of Wuthering Heights. Set in England in the early 1800's, Wuthering Heights is the story of three generations of two families intertwined by an orphan boy named Heathcliff. As the lines between love and hate become crossed, the two families battle for ownership of the Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange properties. I Department of Theatre and Drama • October 19 - 22, 1995 1 tHl OPERA: A Midsummer Night's Dream Shakespeare's lighthearted comedy of love's tribulations weaves the worlds of lovers, aspiring actors, and supernatuml creatures into an imaginative journey from reality to fantasy. This opera by Benjamin Britten (1913-1976) is made up of passages cleverly pruned from the original play with language which has undergone practically no alterdtion at all. Opera Theatre • November 16- 19, 1995 Iitj] DANCE: Carmina Burana To the rousing music of Carmina Burana, the University Dance Company creates vivid images of Carl Orffs celebrated work. Based on the writings ofthirtccnth-ccntury scholars, Carmina Burana is a colorful collection of love lyrics, nature poems and drinking songs. Faculty choreographer Bill De Young shares his unique vision of this powerful masterpiece with a striking depiction of the wandering scholars' way of life. University Dance Company • February 8- 11, 1996 ~~MUSICAL THEATRE: Grand Hotel - The Musical Berlin's Grand Hotel bustles with the activities of the "haves" and the "have nots" of 1928 as their lives intermingle like a busy lobby. But the guests that pass through the revolving door of the world's most expensive hotel are looking for more from life than money can buy in this impressionistic musical fantasy. Musical Theatre Program • Apri118- 21, 1996 Call the League Ticket Office at 764-0450 for subscription information UM SCHOOL OF MUSIC [Ml at the Power Center for the Performing Art~ Open 7 days Major Credit Cards Accepted • • • • • Home Business Contractors Party and Banquet Lawn and Garden Authorized John Deere Dealer 971-8330 4051 Carpenter Road (1 block south of Meijer's) has gifts for you every day. 8i?~__.,.,=..<; 20°/o Off These discounts are Rusell's on-going gifts to you on all regular priced,. high-quality apparel. Please show proper identification and request your discount before purchase is completed. [j] ~~gas I~l'-1 a I 2351 E. Delhi Ad./ Ann Arbor Hou's: Monday thnJ Saturday 9-5 Phone: 313·663-0313

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