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Ann Arborites Join Couples at J-Hop, Fraternity Parties

Ann Arborites Join Couples at J-Hop, Fraternity Parties image
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Guesta at the annual J-Hop last ~:~I wO:re ~~e !.:~etbl~~d ~:~ ~e:~~: ~~~:~~~~g-~e~~~~~~~:~
By Jan Walker Club. Jay~ choiM! a two-tone netlland c-ertainly are making this a
night stepped l'rnm an out-door Both dresses... were full-length. a military ball In Lansing tonight.
"winter wonderland" IAto thi!' un- Micky MIUten ot Chandler Dr Her father Is Maj. Gen. Ralph
dersea atmosphere of the lost city and Kirk Duffield of Bethetda:.Loveland,_who Is soon to retire. The
of Atlantis and found themselves Md., wer(! another J-Hop twoaome. dan~ b m his honor.
dancing to the music of Ray An· Kirk is a Kappa Sigma .-o, besides Dnve i~ a Delta Chi, and his frathony
and Buddy Morrow, two of ~h=-~~:~~e~g t;ety 'fo~n~u~e 8~~~ ~~~~~ ~~! ~~~~c~~u~r:a~~~~g!~l~
Amerlea's top dance bands. of the fra1ernlty on a jaunt to the party In the Arboretum this after-
Among the Ann Arborltes seen at Ice Show in Detroit tonight. Mleky noon.
' the dance were Mary Sue Shoop ot W?J'I! a green tulle tull-le'!'gth gown Priscilla Miley of Anderson Ave.
Sauer Ct. and her . date, Pteter w1th a gold headed bod1ce. is Maying at the Theta Chi house
Thomassen of Woods1de Rd. Mary Select. Ulw•nder Nylon TuUe as the guo:>st of Bl!l Barton tor the
Su_e wu on the J-Hop committee Ann Willard of Norwav Rd se- big weekend. Hl"r sister, Ruthann,
th1s yur In char&e of patrons and lected lavl"nder nylon tulie wiih a will a!tl"nd the Hop as the guest of
PTOITama. eompletelv ruffled waltz ·length Rick Perry of Grosst Pointe. She
She chose a gree_n taffeta baUer· skirt for -the Hop. Her date, Bob will wef!r ": pale blue lace and
!~a-length drem~ w1th a tucked bo- Korshage, is a Phi Kappa Sigm&. nylon ballerma drc~s.
dn:e. The couple doubled with D a v e Wean Ballerina Gown
Breaklaa~ At Fra~emlty Rouse Plumer of Golden A\•e .. and his Cynthia Potter wore 11. black 1af-
Her ~1ster. Slurley, w_u al!oo date, Mary Jane Ernst. Dmner be- feta ballerina-length gown, and
there w1th ao Ann Arboonte, Ray fore and breakfast following made whirled the whole evening with
Waggoner of Geddes Rd. Following it a real party evening. her date, Tom Smith. a student at
Eitr~ft~~~!;; ir~~~:~~ ~~f~ ~D:::".:.' .:E::'•::.:·•::''::_' .:'::"'c.E:::':::H'c.L:::'::.:"'c"j :~~oa~~~::~:~n;,a~:~!f~1~u~~n c~:: .
house. A formal dinner at the
=hou:s:e! .b efore the dsnee was hlJ:h- lege in llllnois joined three other!' with favors ot stuffed ~~~P~:n~~~ ~~~~~nat w~;:e~s ~~~l~ •
Shirley wore a black net and ltngth aqua dress.
pink satin gown In a waltz lensth Sue Gary of Scio Rd. wore a
to the Hop 1~1hlte u.tin gown accented with
Othe-r affaln plannM by her black veh·et JTlitl~. She waa aeorted
date's fraternity were a buffe-t ~~e. Man1n Katz o! Washte-naw
!~:c~~~~-"S~::a~;~h~1:! Marilyn Jory and Kent Pt~kard,
~~~~~d.liat to comple-te the big ~~~e~!b~~~~i~~eR~~n~:.u~~fe:rilr;~
Debbie Town!!end of s. Forest wore a gray taffeta and net fu11-
Ave. and Tom Sch111 of Ypsilanti length gown.
were another couple joining In the l'Morb Vermont Girl
fntivltle. at the Delta Tau Delta John Bradfield, jr., of Hillspur
house. Debbie wore a royal blue Rd., a Delta Kappa Epsilon, took
riee pap~r silk dre• with a tuU Ruth Cohen of ManchHter. Vt .. to
skirt fe«turing bands of white or- the annual big dance. held only one
randy. nigM thi~ year. Judy Geeting of
B«rbata WhiUlker of Lena wee Flint wu thl' guest of Charles Irv-
Dr. wu also at>en at the dance. tn r. jr., or E. University Ave. He is
Her date was Bob Rlchard10n, a a Psi Upsilon.
Mlchiran State Colh•ge- student. Otylia Stman!lke attended with
Her dreu wu of white net and Bruce Knoll of Scottwood. Ave. She
wine taffeta In a bll.llerina length. wore a medium blue waltt-length
Since turn-about is fair play, •he dress.
will attend the "Coronation Ball" A couple of style notes showed
at the Theta Chi house on the up as you looked over the group,
State campu& tonight, Waltz and ballerina-ll"ngth dresses
Wean Gr-een Tl!Heta were the most popular In an over-
Dorothy. Hammett of PontiAc all plcturl". Anoth@r striking tea-
Rd., who just returnM from Eu- ture wM that the dance is not u
rope, was at the (lan~e with formal u It hAll be4'n In the pul.
George Allen. Mary Ann Kerll· Many o( the f~llows were not wearkowake
of Gedde• Rd. wu seen lnt tuxedos or tail~.
wearing a pale !fTffn taffe-ta and Th!! bands were a big success,
net town -..'ith dark velvet aceentl. playing both slow and fast num-
She attended with Gary Michael- bt>rs, ea~l\y ~bowing why the)• are
son of Montpelier, Ida. both among the ma.t popular dance
Jay Lee Duke of Ellsworth Rd. bands in the country today. The
and Kingsley Joneson double-dated erowrl waK lively, and when Buddy
with Peggy Farrar of Woodaide Rd. Morrow played the "Bunny Hop"
and her date, Charles Wickman. eveJyone joined In and snaked
Both the bo)'3 are Acae!a'& and will around the room, the girl's favors,
take their girl~ to a party at the ~~minature picture frames, swlngln
house tonight. Friday night'l wildly from their wrl.!;ts on