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Presbyterians To Present 'Centennial Of Memories'

Presbyterians To Present 'Centennial Of Memories' image
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WOMEN’S SOCIETY, 1869: Minutes from a meeting of the Women's Foreign Missionary Society in 1869, were used to reconstruct this scene for the “Centennial of Memories” pageant of the First Presbyterian Church, Ypsilanti. Participating are (left to right, front row) Mrs. William Bryan as Mrs. B. D. Greene, Mrs. Jack Wehking as Miss Carrie Weed and Mrs Robert Dey as Mrs D. C. Batchelder, who stands reading the treasure's report. In the role of other members are (left to right, back row) Mrs Archie Smith, Mrs James Weir and Mrs Robert Pate. Mrs Clifford Woodside (right) takes the role of Mrs  Gus Tindale as the groups's presiding officer.

Presbyterians To Present ‘Centennial Of Memories'

By Margaret Craig

YPSILANTI — A ‘‘Centenmat of Memories” will be packed into one hour of pageantry on stage tomorrow night at the Estabrook School when Ypsilanti Presbyterians celebrate the 100th anniversary of their church.

Presbyterianism, however was brought to Ypsilanti in 1827 when the city was only four years old. The missionary work was done by two visiting ministers, the Rev. William Page of Ann Arbor and Rev. N. M. Wells of Detroit.

In 1829 the Rev. Mr. Page organized a Presbyterian group of 12 members. The present First Presbyterian Church roll lists a membership of 600.

Met In Schoolhouse

Early meetings were held in a building on the corner of Michigan Ave. and Washington St., where the First National Bank row stands^ Later meetings were held in a schoolhouse near the southwest corner of Michigan Ave. and Adams St.

The Rev. I. M. Weed became the permanent minister in October, 1934. There were 13 members in his congregation. The minister’s yearly salary was $400, part of which was paid in potatoes, meat or other produce.

In 1836, the First Presbyterian Church building was dedicated. It was located near the corner of Adams and Pearson Sts.

Church Remodeled

The present  church building was dedicated on Sept. 23, 1857. Located at N. Washington and Emmet Sts., it has since been remodeled and reconstructed and is known today as “the church with the two spires.”

Many of the successes and failures of the First Presbyterian Church during the past 100 years will come to life during the pageant, which begins at 8 p.m.

Under the direction of Mrs. Milton Mott, men, women and children will re-create the roles of past congregations in seven scenes. Authentic costumes and properties have been collected, many of which will be exhibited during a refreshment hour after the show.

Others on Mrs. Mott’s committee are Mrs. Raymon B.
Bair, wife of the paster, Mrs. Clyde Corrello, Miss Evria Tefft, Mrs. Alan Stewart, Mrs. Ralph Gregg and Mrs. R. A. LaBounty..

Mrs. Jesse Mangas heads the refreshment committee. Members of the staging committee are Milton Mott, Jack R. Lockwood, Alan and Gary Stewart.

Mrs. Lawrence Milbourne is president of the Women’s Association.