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Buddhist Monk Burned In Effigy

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Buddhist Monk Burned In Effigy

Three University students burned a Buddhist monk in effigy yesterday afternoon in protest against a campus demonstration concerning United States policy in Viet Nam.

Some 200 students had gathered outside the University General Library to hear two speakers assail U. S. policy.

The three, two boys and a girl, carried a cloth dummy into the crowd, then tossed it on a sidewalk. The effigy was soaked with lighter fluid and set afire by the girl.

The other students paid little attention to the side demonstration and listened to the speakers.

William Livant, a psychologist and research assistant at the Mental Health Research Institute, told the crowd that Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara returned from Viet Nam with what Livant called the same formula that failed in Korea.

The other speaker, Richard Flacks, said the U. S. is “not in Viet Nam to keep the people from turning to the Communists, because every time we burn a village or herd a family into a concentration camp we are pushing them toward the Communists.” Flacks is a research associate with the Center for Research in Conflict Resolution.