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Hippie Movement's Influence Discussed

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» The hippie movement got its
start with Timothy Leary’s
“tune in, turn -on, drop out,”
`Fr. ~Burke said. “Time in”
means to understand the forces
within you, “turn on” has come
get mfan acirug liexperimenting,
11 e re c ,a,,ea§e»;~is;
'~`by thei*‘dr6p'ou , e said. The
hippies have many hallmarks o
a religious movement, such as
their withdrawal from soceity,
` the clergyman said. The ques-
tion these drop-outs are asking
is, “What are you doing .that’s,
so important?" Many epople tow
day, he said, _are hard pressedl
to find an answer.
He said that there are many
sects of the movement but he
questioned -whether there is a
true hippie culture here in Ann
“Today’s students are better
educated, more sophisticated,
and quick to spot hypocrisy,”
said Prof. Robert Knauss of the
U-M Law School. The hypocrisy
of the system comes on strong
as students see a bad war, bad
laws, and ills of society sur-
rounding them, he said. “Au-
thority figures in the establish-
ment get little admiration' from
students.” Politicians, police-
men and Marine sergeants rank
low on the totem pole, he said.
The disenchantment . leads to
“drop -out and do your Own
The problems of today are
not centered only on the ‘ Viet-
nam war, but also on the p0PU-
\ lation and overpopulation of the