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Mothers Call For Superlatives (Or Their Rough Equivalent)

Mothers Call For Superlatives (Or Their Rough Equivalent) image
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Mothers Call For Superlatives

(Or Their Rough Equivalent)

Twelve-year-old Connie Comstock convinced us her mother, Mrs. Frank W. (Bette Lou) Comstock of 3139 Baylis Dr., is an excellent candidate for the “Mother of the Year” title because “she loves and cares for all 11 of us.” Besides, she adds, “she is nice.” There are 10 children in the family—and Connie thoughtfully added her father. Connie is one of a set of triplets.

Mrs. Jeane W. (Diana) Burnham of 5220 Pontiac Tr. was described by daughter Kim as “the greatest” because “she works hard even if she is pregnet like she is now.” In addition, “she cooks, looks and dresses well,” Kim wrote in our “Mother of the Year” essay contest. The News received 523 letters by deadline time and another dozen or so have dribbled in since.

The News today publishes the second “batch” of letters received from area children telling why they think their mothers should be considered for the “Mother of the Year” title.

Two of the writers of the choicest letters were asked to pose with their mothers to. help illustrate this series of three articles containing more than 100 of the best of the 523 little essays received.

The published authors will each receive two tickets for the Wayside Theatre, 3020 Washtenaw, to see a family-type movie, “The Shakiest . Gun in the West,” which runs from Wednesday, May 15, to Tuesday, May 21.

My mother can stand all six of us. She is very nice. Jerry Henenauer, 10, of 2815 Marshall.

Because she cares and she is there when I need her. Timothy E. Stepp, 9, 2740 : Cumberland.

Because she is a good cook and lets me take piano, swimming and brownies. Jeannette Chu, 9, of 2416 Dorchester.

My mother also plays baseball with me. Scott Craig, 9, of 2772 Lookout Circle.

Sometimes we go to a movie without my sisters. Bill Alexander, 8, of 2715 Beacon Hill.

Because she lets me keep things like snakes and other little animals. Austin Vance, 9, of 2581 Easy.

Because she is the best peach pie maker in the world. Terrance Miles, 10, of 508 Fifth Ave.

Because when she answers my questions she always adds something very interesting. She loves me and I know it too. Nancy Lucas, 7, of 2716 Colony.

She makes the best pies in the whole world and she’s the best dinner maker and the best cake maker in the whole world. Thomas Patrick Underwood, 10, of 2722 Radcliffe.

She has a great sense of humor. She said the cooking pans were growing hair they were dusty. John Cooper, of 2504 Platt Rd.

Because she reads me your paper every day and we play every day together. Mark Dreisbach, 9, of 2515 Esses.

She’s going to get me a four feet deep pool. She also lets me keep my snakes that she doesn’t like. Steve Boyer, 9, "of 2821 Beacon Hill.

She lets me bake, cook and make toast. My mother helps me get well when I get sick. Maxine Ball, 9, of 8835 Lincoln Dr., Whitmore Lake.

My mother meanes a lot to me. Sometimes she lets me go where there is a big hole with water in it to catch frogs, too. Bob Reding, 6465 Nollar Ed.

Mother means a lovely female with a wonderful kiss and hug. Mother means love, and understanding. Alan D. Smith, 9085 Grove Dr., Whitmore Lake.

Because when I come home from school she hugs me and kisses me and mose of all she loves me. Nick Milazzo, 9, 1500 Kirtland.

She didn’t yell when I got my shoes wet. Teri Dawson, 8, Whitmore Lake.

My mother means love and care. She helps me with my work and everything but most of all she loves me and I love her. John Kerrigan, 1035 E. Five Mile Rd., Whitmore Lake.

Because she has red hair just like me. And because she is nice too me. Marc Wood, 8, of 2416 Darrow Dr.

My mother is the greatest and thoughtfulest mother in the world. She helps me solve problems. I’ll never forget her, NEVER. Brenda Kay Bolzman, 12, 734 Spring St.

My Mother is tops in a very special way. She is a very good Mother every single day. She answers every question that I may ask her. So please pick me and my Mother kind sir. There are so many things that I don’t have time to put them into sentences so here they are carful, considerate, happy, nice, lovable, sweet, thank you. Rebecca Cowing, 10 1/2 of 2759 Manchester.

Becos she is tocolish. And I like to ticle her. Mike Sharples, 8, of 2230 S. Seventh St.

Because she picked my dad to marry, and my mom used to be a nurse. Elizabeth Ann Postmus, 8, of 662 Wembley Ct.

Because she is bueatful and nice. I wouldnt want to trade her for anything and I love her. Laurie Vogt, 9, of 686 Wembley Ct.

My mother is too wonderful to describe. She is kind hearted, Clever, and works hard. Other mothers are great BUT my mother is the greatest. Sandy Rorabacher, 10, of 330 East Shore Dr., Whitmore Lake.

My mother is very specisel to me. She had a baby boy at eight in the morning 5 - 1 -68. Bill Sparrow, 10, of 6270 Whitmore Lake Rd., Whitmore Lake.

Because she is kind, considerate, generous and worthy of being mother of the year. Debbie Bakker, 10, of 1811 East Shore Dr., Whitmore Lake.

My mother is an expert in all most everything. BU—t most of all she is an expert in me. That is why I love her. Pamela Johnston, 9, 1222 Arella.

My Mom can ride bikes with my brother in back. My mom can play game. My Mom reads books My Mom is very funny. Kathy Meyer, 950 Sherwood Circle.

Because she is thoughtful undersanding loving mother and I’ll never trade my mother for anything. Marcia Beck, 14188 Sharon Hollow, Manchester.

She is the most willing I’ve ever known. And she is very exciting Mother too, and I like her very much. Beverlee Ann Bowman, RR No. 2 Lemm Rd., Manchester.

Becuase when I get a bad repor curd she duset yull at me. Bryan Goehring, 8, 2695 Hawks Ave.

Because she understands me, she comforts me when I’m sick and she sleeps with me when I am scared. Julie Edict, 2055 Parker Rd., Dexter.

Because I never had any others. She always helps me unload the dishwasher, because I can’t reach the right shelves . . . When we got a new car my dad learned to drive it first. It took mom a while to learn to drive it because it was a foreign car. At that time I like my dad to drive for me, but now I can trust her. Stephen Dickson, 10,1635 Hillridge Blvd.

She gives me compliments when I do something well and corrects me when I do something too well. Without her I would be very lonesome. Ruth Mischak, 11, 1515 Saunders Crescent.

She sits down with me when I’m troubled. She doesn’t yell or hit me. She lets us have three cats but no dogs. She understand me most of the time and helps me with work that I wasn’t able to do in school if she understands that is. Patricia Dillon, 10, 1017 Red Oak.

I think my mom is the best because she has been through a lot. Between my sister and brother who are hard to cope with, she barely has enough time for me! But somehow she fits in enough time for everybody. Now she has to feed, four children, my dad, seven dogs, a parrot, and herself every night, and that’s really a job! Melissa Tucker, 11, 1501 Beechwood Dr.

My mother is nice and soft, Steffen Niu, 5, 2677 Page Ave..

My mother can about cure anything. When I am sick she always comes to make me feel better. She has gentle hands. Thomas Niu, 2677 Page Ave.

My mother is a pretty blond, She's sort of chubby, but who wants a skinny mother. There couldn’t be a better mother in the world. Michelle Jeriorski, 11, 13294 Goodrich Rd., Saline.