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Command Center Initiated in Murder Investigation

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more efficient” V __ _ -. _ ` _ l The "command center” has a
` S h e ri f f5HafVey and C ol command officers from the Ann Special te 1 e p h 0 n e number,
Davids both agreed that thé Arbor police, the S h e riff ’ s known to detectives assigned to
wmmand center will aid detec_ D e p a r_t' m e nt and the State the case, which will- be used to
tives in their departments and Police Vw1ll_assemb1e daily 1n a forward “breaking” angles on
prevent officers from covering q secret location. the investigation.)
the Same gr0und_ All tips or pieces of informa- M@3I1Whi1€, the P1`0§I`€SS of
Under the arrangement, top tion will be channeled to these fbe probe slowed' The f1°°<=l°f
- tips f o r m e r 1 y pourmg into
police agencies has become a
trickle and several “hot leads”
which officers were checking
have evaporated.
Both Chief Krasny and Sher-
iff Harvey say they are receiv- i
ing letters from out-of-state
“psychics” who claim their
supernatural powers are availa-_
ble to help solve the case. `
“I’m getting everything" from
mind readersto vision people,”
Harvey says. “They’re sincere
but far out.” 1
The difficulty of the investi-
gation was highlighted yester-
day by a comment from Col.
Davids who said the murder
cases are the most baffling he
has encountered in 32 years of
police work. A
He noted he has worked on a
number of murder cases “ . . .
some of them still unsolved . _ .”
but the Ann A r b o r-Ypsilanti
probe is the most tangled he
has experienced.
Davids emphasized that his
A state officers ~are working in
close cooperation with all par-
ticipating police agencies, espe-
cially with Ann -Arbor police
and the Sheriff’s Department.
He said he placed his Crime
Laboratory technicians at the
disposal of local agencies .at all
times. e _
Prosecutor D e l h e y spent
much of yesterday denying a
quote attributed to him that
both victim number 3+Jane L.
Mixer-and number 64Alice E.
Kalom--were killed with a .22
caliber bullet. e A _
The prosecutor said he
told a 'Detroit newsman only
that both were shot with a
“sma1I caliber” bullet and that
he has given no_ specific calib-
er. ‘