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Canterbury House OKs $10,000 BEDL-WRO Aided

Canterbury House OKs $10,000 BEDL-WRO Aided image
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' The Ann Arbor__l\Iews, Thursday, February 11, 1971 3 Canterbury House UKS $10,000 O - 1 6 The Board of Trustees of? was taken in recognition of is hardly a trickle of what is Canterbury House voted to legitimate claim s of the needed to restore any sem- give $10,000 to the Black Eco- Black Manifesto that some of blance of balance of scio-eco- nomic Development League the wealth of the churches nomic order. However, in and Welfare Rights Organiza- should be devoted to repair light of, the present financial tion (BEDL-WRO) in a noon previous damage to disen_ l s 1 tu a tio n of Canterbury meeting Wednesday. franchised pe ep1e_ House, it is a significant The In0ti0n PeS_Sed 6 to 1, The statement also said the Sf°1>-,.. ” ,with two abstentions. D1str1- board decided to deal directly Thninas stated that the bution of the money is being with BEDLWR() begausg it $101, .90 :would set an example l held up pending the possibili- had been respgnsible for get- feieaction by the rest of the ity of obtaining matching ting and keeping the issue cfrches in Washtenaw Coun- ,funds for .BEDL `fI`0n1 the alive and had developed ,a 1-<1 “There are Still many _National Episcopal Church number gf prgjeggts for the mfiurches that we’ve got to iewith which Canterbury House “benefit of Seigdetermineiien confrontabout reparations so i is affiliated. a ef the economicauy subject that we can proceed with the i With this agreement, people.” pr0Je¢tS for black people as ¢Charle s Thomas, BEDL “It should be noted,” the Planned by Oni' C0I`P01`et10n,” 7president, announced the end statement said, “that $10,000 Tn01T1eS Seld- iof his three-day sit-in at Can- - , “ i In 21 I`€C€Ilt decision by the iterbury House, ' board of BEDL, two special i Dan Burke’ chaplain at funds were set up to distrib- PCanterbury House, said the 7 “te _Some of the 33-000 board had been discussing the received by the ergamzatlon- po ssible contributions to Ov e I’ $4,000 in emergen- BEDL-WRO before the sit-in. CY fl1nd_S fOr Washtenaw Congregational c o n c e r n , Coimty A1d_ _te Dependent statements in the B l a c k Cn11dI`en_ feelplents w a s de- Menifesto and demands ef C pleted within two days accord- BEDL-WRO first made in ‘_ Ing to Tn0lnHS- August had initiated the dis- 0 An emergency loan pro- CuSSi0I1. ` gram for black businessmen “We had been moving too and contractors is being slo wly for lvlr. Thomas ‘ initiated to provide six-month though,” Burke said. loans, interest free. There In a _statement issued by ' will' be a charge to cover the the board, it said the action cost of processing loans.