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78 Pay $5 To Puff Their Pot

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78 Pay $5 To Puff Their Pot
For some 78 pot puffers at the 7th Annual Hash Bash, the day ended with the loss of their stash and a chance to contribute $5 fines under Ann Arbor’s much-publicized marijuana law.

Besides issuing the 78 citations, officers also arrested one person for resisting arrest, but no details were available. Another 85 persons were forced to ransom cars which police ordered towed away. Scores of juveniles were also detained briefly before being released, police said.

Estimates vary at the size of the crowd for the annual rite of spring, but most generally agree that about 3,500 people at most were on hand.

“Things were a little bit different this year,” one policeman remarked. “For one thing there seemed to be a lot more drinking than marijuana smoking. A lot of people were suffering what was obviously the result of too much booze, but all in all, there wasn’t that much pot around this year.”