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An Address: Hats Off to Those Who Are Providing Homes for Our Homeless

An Address: Hats Off to Those Who Are Providing Homes for Our Homeless image
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Hats off to those who are providing homes for our homeless

“A warm, safe place to stay overnight.”

Sounds simple but there are unfortunate people in Washtenaw County who don’t have this common creature comfort we take for granted.

The homeless have many faces: Some are the so-called street people. Others have lost their jobs or homes through no fault of their own. Some have come from prisonsor institutions. Others may be just passing through town. Somehow, they have found shelter during the night by sleeping in parks, cars or whatever else they could find.

SINCE THE BEGINNING OF the year, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church has been providing a temporary home for the homeless by renting a dwelling across from the church called “The House Across The Street.” It provides free overnight shelter with no questions asked. A warm meal is also thrown in. Nearly 300 persons have found refuge there. Although most of the guests have been men, a mother and her four-year-old son have also found shelter there.

Ray Mesler, project director, says, “We try to help people who are not available for help elsewhere. We try to create an address for them so they can be eligible for welfare.”

Although St. Andrew’s initiated the shelter project locally, people from throughout the community have come forth to volunteer their time and talents to help. An organization called the Ypsilanti Emergency Shelter Task Force is meeting the need of the homeless in the eastern part of the county.

MEANWHILE, EFFORTS ARE under way to establish a daytime shelter for the homeless, a place where they could go to to feel safe and accepted and get out of the elements. If the response to providing night-time shelter is any indication of how the new project will fare, it could be said that the latest venture will be an unqualified success.

We heartily applaud and endorse these efforts to help the homeless. For those in the community who have assisted their fellow “brothers and sisters” we take off our hat. _____________________________THE ANN ARBOR NEWS

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