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EMU Sociologist Examines Reports of UFO Abduction

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EMU sociologist examines reports of UFO abduction

Irish Hills featured in TV program



'A week after the dreams started I woke up late one night on an examining table being examined by a gray being with large, almond eyes. I couldn't move. I was paralyzed.'

An Eastern Michigan University sociologist is examining reports of a rash of alien abductions in the Irish Hills that will be featured on a Saturday night television program.

Judy would have laughed and flipped the channel if someone on television had claimed aliens abducted her, impregnated her, took her fetus, and gave her healing powers.

But not after 1989, when what seems a whopping tale became her life.

“I do not blame anyone who doesn’t believe me.

I wouldn’t believe it if it was not happening to me,” said the Irish Hills resident. “If it all would stop today,

I’d be very happy.”

Judy, which is not her name, said she cannot stop the alien visits nor call them at will. Nor can several family members and about 35 other area residents who claim aliens abduct them regularly, she said.

She will tell this story on television Saturday in an episode of the program “Sightings.” The show airs at 7 p.m. on WLNS-TV, Channel 6, from Lansing, which is not available on Columbia Cable. Several other area residents also were interviewed.

“It’s pretty hard not to believe people are being abducted,” said EMU sociologist Ronald Westrum, who appears on the show. He said he has interviewed about 20 Brooklyn-Irish Hills area residents who believe they have been abducted, apparently as guinea pigs.

Judy’s experience began in July 1989, starting with what she thought were fantastic dreams.

“A week after the dreams started I woke up late one night on an examining table being examined by a gray being with large, almond eyes,” she said. “I couldn’t move. I was paralyzed.”

The visits have occurred several times a month since then, she said. Typically she finds herself floating out of her house, sometimes through doors, escorted by tiny gray creatures. She also has seen white and tan beings, about the size of kindergartners. They take her through the air to a spacecraft, to a room that is full of light. They perform mental and physical tests on her and others, and seem to be rearing a race of half human-half alien babies, she said.

“About three years ago they removed something from me that appeared to be a fetus,” she said. “I drove straight to my doctor. I was lactating and my cervix was dilated.” Both are indications she was pregnant, but her fallopian tubes had been cauterized in the 1970s, she said. She is in her 40s.

Aliens, she said, also gave her an energy source that heals the sick. More than 500 people have come to her for healing, and some have been healed, she said. Through touching she transmits the energy to those seeking help.

According to a 1991 Roper poll of 6,000 Americans, one in 50 claimed to have been abducted by aliens. Because alien abductions are associated with night-time, dreamlike visions and "repressed memories" exposed by hypnotism, skepticism abounds.

One member of a local astronomy club, for instance, wonders why -- with all the time they spend stargazing -- his group has never seen alien spacecraft.

Others wonder why a seemingly superior race would need to interbreed with humans or make repeated examinations of the same individuals. Or why there are few, if any, pictures or videos or physical proof of alien space craft.

But even skeptical scientists admit something unexplainable is happening.

W.C. Levengood, a former University of Michigan researcher who has a private lab, is studying strange rings in Judy’s yard. He is a leading researcher of crop circles, most of which are reported in England.

“I have observed rings in her yard that are dark green and very rapidly growing,” Levengood said. “They are not fairy rings. There are some very interesting alterations in the biochemistry of the plants. There are extremely strange energies here that do not fit the paradigms of science that I was taught.”

He is not ready to confirm or deny that the rings could be caused by alien spacecraft or by some earthly force of nature. He said he simply has no proof for or against extraterrestrial life.