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1st Ann Arbor Film Festival Program

Ann Arbor Film Festival
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Ann Arbor Film Festival
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Special thanks to the MIDWEST FILM FESTIVAL and Mr. Sidney Hutt•ner; the NATIONAL FILM BOARD OF CANADA and K. A. Williams, Western U.S. Representative; the UNITED STATES INFORMATION AGENCY and Gerald Krell, and FILM COMMENT magazine, for their cooperation and interest.
FESTIVAL CHAIRMEN: Michael Eisler, George Manupelli, and Anne Speer. Th·ursday May 237:00 P.M.
FILMS BY ANN ARBOR AREA FILM-MAKERS GREYS by Donald Scavarda LEGACY by Marvin Bernstein THE HOUSE by George Manupelli TANGENTS by Wil Berg DESTINATIONS by Curt Shellman
Intermission J0
TRA VELOGUE by Lee McConkey THE DILATORY SHIP by Rudy Simons and Morton Zieve IMAGES FROM NATURE by Karl B. Lomann THE LAST JUDGEMENT by Milan Slade
@@ @ Thursday May 239:00 P.M.
LATE ARRIVALS: Admission Complementary THE BALLAD OF 40 ROUNDS by Luther F. Kepler THE PATH by Richard Myers FISH by Douglas Cox and Kent Wakeford
Intermission J0
*Awarded the FIRST ANN ARBOR FILM FESTIVAL AWARD, CHICAGO, of $100.00, by Harold Haydon, Pauline Kael, Arthur Knight, Gerald Temaner, and Parker Tyler, judges at the MIDWEST FILM FESTIVAL 1963.
Saturday May 257:00 P.M.
VENEZIE Sol Productions PATIN-OIRE by Gilles Carle LES INFANTS DU SILENCE by Michael Broit a"...d Claude Jutra LONELY BOY by Wolf Koenig and Roman Kroitor
Intermission J0
ARK Sol Productions
THANAT·OPSIS by Ed Emshwiller
SUNDA YON THE RIVER by Gordon Hitchens

Saturday May 259:00 P.M. ~~l:E
FESTIVAL: 6 Projectors in Simultaneous Operation

THE BOTTLEMAN by George Manupelli
Intermission J0
MEANWHILE, A TWOPIECE by George Manupelli
with sound by Gordon Mumma

Friday May 24 7:{)0 P.M.
ST. JOHN'S COLLEGE Fordel Films DIXIE PARADISE by Gordon Hitchens STONE SONATA by Carmen D'Avino
METANOIA by Ilya Bolotowsky
Intermission J0
IMAGE OF THE SEA by Richard Alan Gray WAITING ROOM by Ray Preston AUTUMN by John B. Kuiper JOUR APRES JOUR by Clement Perron
(N..!) Friday May 259:00 P.M.
THE WINNER Cyr Productions CHERRY TREE CAROL by Baylis Glascock ROTATE THE BODY by Madeline Tourtelot FILM EXERCISE # J by Baylis Glascock TORONTO JAZZ by Donald Owen
Intermission J0
DULCE DOMINGO DULCE by Leroy McLucas DANCE SQUARED by Rene Jodoin THE RUNNER by Donald Owen BLOOD AND FIRE National Film Board of Canada
Sunday May 267:00 P.M.
FORGET ME NOT Cyr Productions *MR. HA YASHI by Bruce Baillie THE GYMNASTS by Bruce Baillie HAVE YOU THOUGHT OF TALKING TO THE DIRECTOR by Bruce Baillie THE CLASSROOM by Bruce Baillie A HURRAH FOR SOLDIERS by Bruce Baillie
Intermission J0
TO L.A. WITH LUST by Vernon Zimmerman LEMON HEARTS by Vernon Zimmerman
Sunday May 269:00 P.M. "" "" BARTLEBY by George Bluestone MOTION PICTURE by Frank R. Paine EZEKIEL by John Heinz WISP by Max Katz
Intermission J0
TRYPTICH by Dorsey Alexander THE CORNER by Robert Ford WOTON'S WAKE by Brian DePalma
GUEST FILM-MAKER: Ed Emshwiller GUEST FILM PLAYER: Gaston d'Hailiecourt
CORRESPONDING ADDRESS: George Manupelli, 436 South Fourth Av•enue, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Telephone 662-9498.

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