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21st Ann Arbor Film Festival Program

Ann Arbor Film Festival
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Ann Arbor Film Festival
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TWENTY-FIRST ANN ARBOR FILM FESTIVAL March 8 -13, 1983 FR[DAY 2:00 THE LONG WAY HOME Kaori Terri Takakuwa 17 FESTIVAL OFFICERs HAND CRAFT Gail Banker LOOSE LOUIE/CARPENTER Andrea Sacker silent 11 ,\ free showing of films by Ed Jones, 1983 Festival judge, who HALF-LIFE Robert Craig Newman 25 LOVE X LUST = Michael Reano 12 Festival Director: Ruth Bradley To encourage the work of the independent filmmaker and to promote the concept of the film as art: The Ann Arbor Film Festival, with the support of the Cinema Guild of the University of Michigan and the Dramatic Arts Center of Ann Arbor, is pleased to present the TWENTY-FIRST ANN ARBOR FILM FESTIVAL. WE DEDICATE THE 21ST FESTIVAL TO THE PEOPLE AND ARTISTS OF NICARAGUA WHO EXEMPLIFY THE STRUGGLE AGAINST U. S. IMPERIALISM, AS DO THE PEOPLE OF EL SALVADOR, THE 12 MILLION UNEMPLOYED IN THE U.S., AND THE PEOPLE OF FRANKFURT GERMANY WHO DONATED FOOD TO DETROIT'S HUNGRY. THE FESTIVAL APPLAUDS THE MANY FILMMAKERS WHO CONTINUE TO KEEP INDEPENDENT FILMMAKING ALIVE, DESPITE DRASTIC CUTS IN FUNDING FOR THE ARTS. THE SELECTION COMMITTEE: Each film submitted. to the Festival was screened in its entirety by a Selection Committee composed of filmmakers and persons knowledgeable in the independent film. Their function was to program as many films as possible into the time allotted. Unfortunately, the number of entries exceeded the time available and preferences had to be made. The Awards Jury! however, may consider any film submitted to the Festival for an Award. Members of the Selection Committee were: Ruth Bradley, Dan Bruel!, David Hunsberger, Reed Lenz Angelica Pozo, Paula Rabinowitz, Widdicombe Schmidt THE AWARDS JURY: The functions are 1) to see all the Festival films that have been programmed for public screening, and others if they wish, and 2) to distribute the awards money in Ann Arbor and 3) to make up different programs of award• winning films and highlights that are shown on Sunday, and 4) to reduce the Festival in Ann Arbor to nine hours of film that will tour other institutions. The Awards Jury is: Roberta Cantow, New York City Bob Currie, Ann Arbor Ed Jones, San Francisco N 0 SMOKE TUESDAY 7:00 THE EXPROPRIATOR William Engeler 20 minutes TENDER NEGATIVE Chuck Hudina 5.5 TRAPEZING Lyn Gerry 13 DIARY OF AN IMMIGRANT Dan Thomas 6 DREAM/NITEMARE Bob White TRANSITIONS Barbara Sternberg 10 AN ALL AMERICA CITY Don Diers 8 MAIL ART ROMANCE John McClintock 15 TUESDAY 9:00 STUDY 113, THE SPINNING FILM Don Bonato 5 minutes BUS STOP Andrea Gomez 7.5 THE BIG TOMATO David S. Ewing 3 1/3 ETUDE Mark Goldstein 2.5 CITIZEN William Farley 80 TUESDAY 11:00 9500 Erich Seibert minutes VITAL INTERESTS Beth Block 15 TRACES Paul Winkler 29 FLIRTATIONS Wendy Cohen 5 : 25 HEATBEAT Roberta Degnore-Jytte Jensen 6 ASIAM, AS I AM Toney Merritt 5.5 silent CIRCLE GAME Tom Guthery IV 4 TWO BROTHERS John Brett 24 WEDNESDAY 7:00 THE SEX LIFE OF THE PYRAMIDS Lewis A. Weinberg 28.5 minutes ADAGIO Ellen Barry 6.5 THE ROAR FROM WITHIN Flip Johnson ANEMIA J. Scott Preboy 22 UNTITLED Adele Friedman 10 silent PANORAMA Michael Rudnick 12.5 WEDNESDAY 9:00 GEORGE KUCHAR: THE COMEDY OF THE UNDERGROUND David Hallinger 66 minutes CONQUEST PIECE Toney Merritt 6 THE BEGINNING Daw-Ming Lee 3.5 STAND BY YOUR MAN Karen J. Hatch 3: 40 DP Peter Dudar 17 WEDNESDAY 11:00 SALAMANDERS: A NIGHT AT THE PHI DELT HOUSE George Hornbeing, Tom Keiter, Ken Thigpen 12.5 minutes ELLICOTT CITY Roger Deutsch 13 silent HELIUM Michael Spencer 10.5 ROCKY LAKES (AGED) Steven Schuler BRONZE Raymond Victor DiCarlo 4: 25 LOVE HONOR AND OBEY Christine Choy 55 2:00 THURSDAY A free showing of films by Roberta Cantow, 1983 Festival judge, who will be present to discuss her work. THURSDAY 7:00 NUMBER 2 Kim Singhrs 3 minutes TIDES Amy Greenfield 12 CANDY STORE Claude Kerven 28 INDUSTRIAL PARK Chel White 3.5 LAWRENCE Gene Bernofsky 17 YES NO ONE FOR CHESS Richard Rosser J LITTLE SHADOWS Davi d D. Williams 4.5 DREAMS OF A GHOST-SEER Mike Bigelow DEAD ISSUE Bruce Akiyama 17 _5 THURSDAY 9:00 TARGET NICARAGUA Saul Landau 40 minu tes CH' AN Mr. Francis Lee 7 TELEFONE Irene Rea 6 WHERE DID YOU GET THAT WmIAN? Loretta Smith 27.5 FILM VERSION Doug Wendt silent POLITICAL FILMS Linda Nathanson 6 _5 THURSDAY 11 :00 THE CONFRONTATION Anne Irving 37 minutes JUST BETWEEN ME & COD Alexis Krasilovsky 8 LETTER TO MY UNCLE Deborah Lefkowi tz 15 SOFT SHARDS Samuel Pichardo 4 SECONDARY CURRENTS Peter Rose 18 CURRENTS CAPRICE Steve Eagle 4 will be prt:!sent to discuss his work. HIGH FREQUENCY DISTORTION David Hynds INFORMATION--HANDLE WITH CARE Joseph 11. McCarthy 9.5 IN ARTIFICIAL LIGHT Curt Royston 20 FRIDAY 7:00 IN HIS FRAME Joe Cultrera 39 INTERSTICES Norman Magden 17 CIRCUS DOCTOR Linda Nathanson 4 minutes ISLAND MEMORIES John Brett 28 VARIATIONS ON A SENTENCE BY PROUST Bill Sherwood 13 JACKETMAN Mike B. Anderson 25 FATHER Joan Strommer 16 JAPAN NORTHWEST Jean S. ~Talkinshaw 28 CITY SPACE Martin Piszczalski 3: 30 KLASH STRUGGLE Ray Keating 70 WHATEVER llAPPENED TO SUSAN JANE? Marc Huestis 60 LEFT/RIGHT PORTRAITS Robert Sabal 12 LET ME SEE ••• Bruce McDonald 30 LETTER FROM AN APACHE Barbara Wilk 11.5 FRIDAY 9:00 LIKE ABBOTT AND COSTELLO Dominic P. Palazzolo 15 LIL PICARD Silvianna GoldRmith 30 DANCE COMMAND David Hauka 5: 45 minutes BOND WELD Cathy Joritz 30 LUCK IN LOOSE PLASTER Sandy Moore AND SOMTlMES THE BOATS ARE LOW J. Leighton Pierce JUGGLING Elizabeth Sher 15 CASTLETRACKS Chris Painter 30 THE DARTA RAY Robert Anderson 4: 10 BETTER THAN FOOD Daniel Lawton 5: 22 FRIDAY 11:00 CALIGARI'S CURE Tom Palazzolo 65 minutes PORTRAITS OF A WOMAN WITH TOMATOES Julie Zammarchi 3: 40 ASSUMING Dave McCullough 3 LEASHED Doug Wendy 2 silent SERIOUS UNDERTAKINGS Helen Grace 28 SATURDAY 1:00 JONAH HAS A RAINBOW Ron Taylor 21 minutes RISIN' SUN Kathryn Butterfield-Davis 5 GRACELAND GATEWALK Huey 13 BARBARIAN EPISODES Elisabeth Ross 18 THE DAYMAKER Christian Wedge 7 ANATOMY OF A MURAL Rick Goldsmith 15 DON'T MEANS DO Dana Plays 9 SURPRISE PARTY Chris Schmidt/Tim Johnson 4 THE REINCARNATION OF DON QUIXOTE Ken Rowe 10 SATURDAY 7:00 BLUE CALL Don Daso minutes UPWARDLY MOBILE Patricia Quin 13.5 'TATER PEOPLE William C. Garrison 8 JUDE Drew Klausner 14.5 SAMPLE MOVIES Roland Eberle WARM WATER VENUS Elisabeth Ross 5.5 AYERS ROCK Paul Winkler 21 SATURDAY 9:00 LOST ROOM Hermann Lederle 8.5 minutes I.D.N .0. James Irwin 9 MASQUERADE Larry Jordan 4.5 DRAWING HOUSES David Haxton 15 silent ANIMUS Gary Schwartz 5 POND AND WATERFALL Barbara Hammer 15 silent POSSUM 0' POSSUM Greg Killmaster 28 MAYBE NO NUKES THE FOLLOWING FILMS WILL BE SHOWN AS TIME PERMITS: AFTERNOON VISIT Tom Sime 13 ALICE OUT •••ALICE IN••• Ray Day 20 ALLEGRO CON BRIO John D. Allen 10.5 AMERICA -FROM HITLER TO M-X Joan Harvey 90 .....AND HE'LL GROW UP TO BE BIG AND STRONG..... Thomas F. Sailer 32 AQUI SE LO HALLA (HERE YOU WILL FIND IT) Lee Sokol 18.5 ARE YOU FROM DIXIE? Sumner Burgwyn 25 ARMPIT LUST Kathleen Bee1r and Mike Anderson 18 AS IF BY MAGIC Jan Baross 11.5 AT HOME Mark Torgl 26.5 AUNT EMMA Peter Hutcheson 14 BALLET ROBOTIQUE Bob Rogers 8 BEDROOM/DINNER/SLIDES Andrea Eis/Erike Suderburg/Lauren Zuckerman 12 BIG NIGHT THINGS Ellen Barry 8.5 BLACK AND WHITE Douglas Wanberg 7.5 BLACK MAGIC Gregory Popp & Frank Military 12.5 BLUE WINDOW Laura Hoeting 10 ~LUR Milo Yelesiyevich 3.5 BOWLAHOOLA Mary Bellis -56 BURN VICTIM Tom Sime 12 BUTTON, BUTTON: A DREAM OF NUCLEAR WAR Frank Cantor/Juan Mandelbaum 14 CHALK TEST Nancy Gold 2 2/3 THE CHINESE BOX Edward Neil Bowen 6 CHRONICLES Gil Frishman 13 CIMARRON STORY General Motors Photographic 3 : 15 CIRCUS OF HOSTAGES John Feldman 14 x COKER'S WORLD Doug Heil 10 COMPUTER SKETCH BOOK Byron Grush THE DANCE OF DECAY Jacqueline K. Cowling 8: 30 DANGER IS MY BUSINESS Sally Kellman 4.5 o o DARWIN NESS TYPEWRITER REPAIRMAN Mary Schmitz DAYTIME TRAUMA Frank A. Cappello Jr. 35 DESCENDANT TRAILER Edward Neil Bowen 3: 40 x DEATH DIET Razi Baghaei 19: 30 DISSIPATIVE DIALOGUES David Ehrlich 3: 10 DON'T WASH NOW Bruce Dolin 6 THE DREAMER NEVER SLEEPS Peter Mark D' Auria 15 DUANE LOCKE -DOCUMENTARY OF A POET Greer Grant 28.5 EARTHLY BEINGS Chuck Eyler 8 THE EDGE Eric Howell 5 EFFECTS UNKNOWN Adam Berger 7 _5 AN EMPTY CASE OF BLUES Michael Pacek 25 ERNIE & ROSE John Hucker/Mary Maruca 28.5 EVENTS AT PUTNAM'S CROSSING Michael Glyn 21 A FAMILY AFFAIR Susan Shadburne 28 FINDING ENEMIES Steven E. Dykes 5 FINGER CLIPS PART I Keith Miller 2 FINNISH AMERICAN LIVES Michael M. Loukinen 47 FISH HEAD Bill Paxton 6 FLASHBACK TRAILER Edward Neil Bowen 6 THE FOURTH WORLD, A BICYCLE ODYSSEY Scott Kiekhaefer, Chris Bechard 29:49 GO FREEFORM Bill Knowland 16 THE FRIGHTED LITTLE GHOST CHILD Bob White GENIUS-IDIOT Mark Thomson 2 GEOLOGY-A HISTOR1CAL ROMANCE IN THE NARRATIVE TRADITION Gary Enloe 10 GIMME WOMANSHELTER (FOR A LIFE WITHOUT FEAR) PJ Southam 11 GLASS GARDENS Lisa Crafts 5.5 A GORME'S DELIGHT Mark Christopher 15 GRANDPA AND BILLY Richard L. Friedlander 30 GREEN BY WALTER Peter Hartel 18 GROW IN PEACE Ron Taylor 10 GROWING UP Marilla Hahne 7 D 0 NO UNIFORM THE MAGICIAN Victor Daniel Fridman 13 MALICE IN WONDERLAND Vince Collins 5 y THE MEASURE OF AMERICA Tom Solari 26.5 A MORE PERFECT UNION Steven Weisberg 10 MORNING AFTER Cart Tramontin 17 MOVING IN Jeffrey Skoller 18 E NEWSREELS #9 Lon Casler Bixby 8 THE NIGHT BELONGS TO THE POLICE J. J. Murphy 28.5 9800 BEDFORD Gary Marullo 8 s NO DEAL Candace Mead, Bob Hercules, Bruce Dolin OLD ORCHARD BEACH P.Q. Michele Cournoyer 9 ONE MAN"S TIME Thomas W. Giuliano 10 PASSACAGLIA Andrew Johnson 6.5 silent PAVANE FOR A DEAD PRINCESS Beverly Ann Baroff 7.5 PEACE: A CONSCIOUS CHOICE Dorothy Fadiman & Robert Pacelli PEACE PLAN (WAITING FOR THE TRAIN) Keith Elliott 5.5 THE PLACE BETWEEN Guy Guillet 4 PLAY Ruth Klassen 10 silent PONTIAC EXCITEMENT General Motors -Photographic 2: 10 PORTALS OF VISION Gary Marullo 3 POWERPLAY Randy Vandegrift 11 PUBLIC Arthur Dong 5 QATAR: A QUEST FOR EXCELLENCE Greenpark Productions Ltd. 27.5 QUEST FOR POWER Saul Landau & Frank Diamond 52 THE QUIET RAIN Parinaz Eleish 7 RAPE/CRISIS Gary T. McDonald 87 RATS WITH WINGS Lorna \,iley 7 RAY JOHNSON: CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOL John Orlandello 5.5 REALITY CHECK Yazell/More/Peterson 5 REFRIGERATOR Jonathan Sinaiko 31: 30 REFOSENIK Solomon Weingarten 20 REUNION Lelahni Wessinger ~ Carol Anderson & Diane Grad RIGHT ANGLES Kit Hellman RITUAL Margot Larson 5 ROAIlWORKS Erik Timmerman ROBERT S. ZAKANITCH Elliot Caplan 20 THE SADNESS OF A CLEANING WOMAN AT MIDNIGHT Milo Yelesiyevich 19 SEASON'S STAGES CYCLES STAGIONI Jeanne M. DeSimone 32 SEVEN PORTRAITS Edvard Lieber 22 SEVOM CIGAM Dawn T. Wiedemann 16 SHABBAT-IN SIGN LANGUAGE Edwin R. LaRocque 10 SHAKESPEARE IN THE PARK Richard Clabaugh 10 SHELTER John Nordstrom 15 SHINDERS TO SHINDERS Daniel Polsfuss 15 SIGNS OF LIGHT Charles R. Surran 9 THE SISTER Robert Stone 16.5 SITUATIONS IN RED John Shafer 12 SKETCHES FOR THE ELEPHANT'S CHILD Gail Banker 3 SLUMBER PARTY Michael Taylor/Victoria Larimore 4:10 SMALL BUSINESS MY WAY Peter Grieseinger 28.5 SOLOMON'S NIGHTMARE -A STUDY IN GREY Charles F. Shelton III 13 SPECIAL TO THE TIMES Michael Glyn 22 STEVE &BOB Paul McGowan 5.5 THE STORY OF THE CAT Doug Heil/Bob Nagel 4 THE STRANGE CASE OF MR. DONNYBROOK'S BOREDOM David A. Silverman 5 STRAYS Kara Lindstrom 27 SUBCONSCIOUS REALITIES Buddy Giovinazzo 15 SURVIVA Carol Clement & Ariel Dougherty 32 TAKE MY ACT PLEASE Michael Glyn 11 . 5 TARBEELS IN THE NORTHWEST Jean. S. Walkinshaw 28 THIS IS •••MARY JAYNE'S MOVIE Cynthia Penter 6 THRU CHANNELS Tom Richardson 10 LA TOCCATA Michele Cournoyer 12 TOUCH & GO Shula Singer 23 TRAFFIC Fax Bahr 12 TRAVEL SONG Robin Lee 28 TUMMY VISION Mendel Marks 10 TWISTER Catherine Christoff 10 TWO GIRLS DOWNTOWN IOWA Elaine Summers 12 silent TWO LAWS Carolyn Strachen l30 UBU ETUDE Jonny Silver 4 UNFULMINE A CIEL SERENO (LIGHTNING IN A SERENE SKY) Andrea Sacker 20 UP Roger Kukes 8 WARM BREAD Kim Singhrs THE WAY OUT J. Russell Johnson 42 WELCOME TO BROOKLYN COLLEGE Leo Seltzer 15 WHAT'S YOUR MANDICAP7 Joseph Norquist 42 THE WHITE BROTHERS MEET THE PREJUDICED STRANGLER Jack Barth/Bruce Pross 20 WILD SYNC PARTY Steve Schuler 6 WRITE RIGHT Barbra Morris/Susan Leevan/Michael Frierson/Martha Garrett 17 FILMS NOT RECEIVED AS OF SATURDAY, MARCH 5, 1983: DELIVERY MAN Emily Hubley 7.5 IRONMAN Rodney H. Jacobs 22:20 JERRY FARWELL'S REVENGE Garett Griffin NO PROBLEM Lisa Andreini 12: 18 PARTS AVAILABILITY AND SERVICE Dan Lavender REVELATION Anthony Venezia 4.5 THE ROAD ENDED AT THE BEACH Philip Hoffnan 30 ROCKET TO STARDOM Daniel R. Halperin 10 SO FAR FROM INDIA Mira Nair 52 STAGEFRIGHT Jon Jos t 73.5 TALMAGE FARLOW Lorenzo DeStefano 58 URBAN FIRE C.E. Brown 15 WOMEN-TAKE BACK THE NIGHT fleryl Bronstein 45 THE WRECKER Nelson Terry Hagar & Tony Mikesell ANN ARBOR FILM FESTIVAL TOUR Following the screenings in Ann Arbor, the Awards Jury will reduce the Festival to nine hours of film and these will tour other places. Local juries will award a minimum of $350 at each place. The Tour is as follows: MARCH 17 -19 KENT STATE UNIVERSITY Richard Myers School of Art/Filmworks Kent State University o o Kent, OH 44242 216-672-2192 or 261-673-8637 MARCH 25 -27 VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY Philip B. Meggs and Clifton E. Dixon Chairman, Cormnunications Arts 325 N. Harrison St., Room 220 o o Richmond, VA 23284 804-257-1709 APRIL 5 -6 CONTEMPORARY ARTS CENTER Susan Horowitz Film/Video Coordinator Contemporary Arts Center 900 Camp St. New Orleans, LA 70130 504-523-1216 APRIL 11 -13 THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT ARLINGTON Lisa Windsor Arts Council Chairman 1915 Pebble Creek 11141 Arlington, TX 76010 817-273-2963 APRIL 18 -19 SCHOOL OF THE ART INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO Sharon Couzin Chairperson/Filmmaking Department School of the Art Institute of Chicago Jackson & Columbus Chicago, IL 60603 APRIL 25 -27 TERMINAL CINEMA Carmen Wolff Terminal Cinema Central Receiving Stadium Drive Art Department Northern Illinois University DeKalb, Illinois 60115 815-758-2189 MAY l3 -15 UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, MARATHON CAMPUS Kay Blue Lecture and Fine Arts Program Coordinator University of Wisconsin-Marathon Campus 518 South 7th Ave. Wausau, WI 54401 715-845-9602 Ext. 233 Festival Committee: Cheryl Yanskvich, Linda Pantry, Reed Lenz Tour Coordinator: Ruth Bradley Technical Director: Peter Wilde House Manager: Chris Coakley Prize Money Coordinator: Linda Pantry SPECIAL THANKS TO: The Ann Arbor Post Office Liberty Street Station The Performance Network. Marty Geer & Barbara Kessler, Young People's Theatre, Say Cheese. The Michigan Theatre. SCREENING INFORMATION Screenings are held at the Michigan Theatre: 7:00, 9:00 and 11 :00 pm, Saturday 1 :00, 7 :00 and 9 :00 pm. All programs are different and of substantially equal quality. Award wInners and highlights are screened on Sunday at 7 :00, 9:00 and 11:00 pm. Single admission is $2.50; daily series $6.00. Advance sales begin at 6:00 pm for that day only. $25.00 series tickets on sale the opening day of the Festival at 5:30 pm. All tickets are sold at the Michigan Theatre. AWARDS 21 th AAFF 1983 The Tom Berman Award To the Most Promising Film Maker in the Festival $1000 Tom Berman was one of the closest friends of the Ann Arbor Film Festival. His brilliant early films won awards and he was much loved here. His early death is commemorated by this prize. The Marvin Felheim Award $100 Marvin was one of the founders of the Ann Arbor Film Festival. His wisdom, strength and humor guided the Festival for seventeen years. He was both benefactor and critic but most of all our friend. OTHER AWARDS Cinema Guild $600 Ann Arbor Film Cooperative 300 Cinema II 300 Casa Dominick's 150 Anonymous 107 B. T. Investments 100 Classic Film Theatre 100 Martin Piszczalski 100 Schoolkids 100 Funnmeister Zippy's Finger Stickin Good Award 100 *220* The Earle, Staff & Friends 25 + 54 = 79 Picture Start 50 Alternative Action 50 Mediatrics 50 Shehan Agency 50 Ned's Bookstore 50 Al Blomquist 50 Del Rio Bar 50 0 Generations 50 Matthew C. Hoffmann 50 University Cellar 50 Liberty Films 50 Megaframes 50 Perry Innes 50 Film Projection Service 50 630 Club 50 La Bour Foundation for Non-Institutional Living 50 Debra Lipson 50 Robert Rubin 50 Lazy Beau des Bayous 35 Suwanee Springs Leather Works 30 The Eye of Agamotto Comic Book Store 25 Diane Raimi 25 Complete Cuisine/The Patisserie 25 Diane Kirkpatrick 25 Sam's Store 25 Wazoo Records 25 Village Corner 25 The Blind Pig 25 Paul Fata & Sons, Lansing 25 Lars Bjorn/Susan Wineberg 25 Alice Simsar Gallery 25 Collected Works 25 West Side Book Shop 25 Cinegram Memorial 2S Barberman 25 Dan Gunning 25 Central Cafe 25 Michael Perry 25 z SlosslSole 25 Abracadabra Jewelry Gem Gallery 25 Joe ISStar Lounge 25 Zingerman I s Delicatessen 25 Trattoria Bongiovanni 25 Clancy's Fancy Hot Sauce 25 Peter Bird 25 The Jitterbug King & Queen -Jim Kruz & Vicki Honeyman 25 Pizza Bob's 25 John Nelson 25 Deborah Gaydos 25 Paul TasSie 25 Rob Ziebell 25 Herb & Barb Eagle 25 David t s Books 20 Fleetwood Diner 15 The campus films groups, Cinema Guild, Cinema II, Alternative Action, Mediatrics. and the Ann Arbor Film Cooperative established a $100 Film Pass, good for a year, proceeds of which will be donated to filmmaker prizes. If you wish to purchase a film pass. contact one of the Festival committee members. Pass HolderS/Donors: Chuck Vogt ON David Bernstein & Paula Rabinowitz o N N 0 THEATRE DECORATION: Angelica Pozo, Dan Bruell. Reed Lenz Brochure Design: Robert Ziebell NO SMOKE: Ticket Design: Angelica Pozo Dan Bruell PROJECTION STAFF: Peter Wilde, Scott Clarke CRUISE MISSILE: Matt Williams And in conclusion let t s fight to keep the $5.00 pot fine let's bear with the Tigers, even though they'll probably finish 5th love to George, and all the rest

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