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39th Ann Arbor Film Festival Program

Ann Arbor Film Festival
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Ann Arbor Film Festival
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C:ongratulat:ions to the
A.nn A.rbor Fil." FesliYa.1

for showcasing
independent and experimental films
for 39 years

The Michigan Film Office
is here to help the independent filmmaker in any way we can ...
except money-we don't have any.
(800.477. 3456)

Michigan Film Office

201 N. Washington Square, Lansing, MI 48913

Jis the o{destjestiva{of experimental film in the United States, the Ann Arbor Film Festival is a showplace for inde¥pendent and experimental 16mm film. Founded in 1963 at the University of Michigan School of Art by filmmaker/artist George Manupelli, the festival is now independent of the university, and continues to cater to independent works by film artists under the direction of Festival Director Vicki Honeyman.As the premiere festival of 16mm independent & experimental film, the Ann Arbor Film Festival exists to provide a worldwide public forum for 16mm film screenings, to encourage and showcase independent & experimental film artists, to promote film as art, and to offer educational outreach. High-quality projection is also apriority. We appreciate the state-of¥the-art facilities provided by the Michigan Theater and its staff.
The festival received a total of 425 films this year. Each film was viewed by afive-member Screening Committee, who selected the films being shown in the main auditorium and the screening room during festival week. Committee members are chosen for their respect for and knowledge of independent and experimental film, as well as for their commitment to the Ann Arbor Film Festival's goals. Members of this year's Screening Committee are Ken Bawcom, Vicki Honeyman, Linda Kendall, Peter Knox, and Maureen Payne.
Because the amount of film entered exceeds the available public screening time, not every film can be programmed into the festival week screenings, though every film entered is in competition. Film entries arrived from all over the world: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, England, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy,]apan, Korea, New Zealand, Norway, Scotland, Switzerland, Taiwan and all around the United States. Films are chosen for the festival program based on their overall qualities of creativity, technical expertise, and artistic expression. The length of films programmed varies from one minute to two hours. Every show has a mix of every genre submitted, including experimental, animation, documentary, personal docu¥mentary, and narrative.
The festival also includes workshops, seminars, panel discus¥sions, and additional screenings in the theater's screening room. Shows of films centered around themes are making it possible to include more entries into the program. Programs of other media are broadening the festival's inclusion of media artists (these pro¥grams are not in consideration for awards).

The Ann Arbor Film Festival is supported by kind and generous members of the Ann Arbor community who donate money, food, time, and in-kind assistance. Festival operations are funded by filmmaker entry fees, ticket sales, memberships, dollars contributed by local businesses and friends and supporters from around the US, as well as by grant and sponsorship funds. The Ann Arbor Film Festival is a non-profit organization that is organized by one full¥time, one half-time, and an enormous staff of volunteers. Aboard of directors oversees activities.
This year's festival is dedicated to our newest and youngest film festival volunteer, Film Festival Baby Abigail Kendall Knox.Welcome to the world -and thanks for not appearing until after the last entry was screened!

Festival Director Managing Assistant Director Board of Directors
Board of Advisors
Graphic Artist Membership Campaign Graphics Program Designer Webpage Designers
Web Monkey
Lensgrinder PR & Common Sense Consultant Newsletter Festival Eyes
Volunteer Coordinator Program Ad/Sponsorship Sales Postering Coordinator Silent Auction Coordinator Hospitality Coordinator Reception Coordinators Dinner Party Coordinator Judges' Brunch Coordinator Screening Room Facilitator Ticket & Slide Design House Manager Box Office Manager Theater Decorations Lobby Map To the Macintosh Rescue Sound Advise Consultant Festival Spiritual Guide Michigan Theater Projection & Stage Staff Extra Special Thanks
Vicki Honeyman
Chrisstina Hamilton
Bruce Baker, Frank Beaver, Steve Bergman,
Barbara Brown, Margarita de la vega Hurtado,
David Gatten, Denny Hayes, Edie Herrold,
Jim Kruz,Joe Tiboni & Caroma Yervasi
Bonny Dore, Lawrence Kasdan, Richard Kerr,
Deanna Morse, Leighton Pierce & Jay Rosenblatt

Jocelyn Rainey, QLTD Pamela Waxman of IfThe Shoe Fits & Myra MesSing The Talented Jocelyn Rainey Jocelyn Rainey, Willie Northway, Tim Taylor & John Moreau Tony Quiroz Michael Roth John Moreau Barbara Brown & Pamela Waxman Slouching Tiger Hidden Flagon, Mme. Ding, AWide Pegg, Vern L. Equi, Puffy & (A Big Gale) Matt Anderson, Alyssa Draper,Jeremy Jones, Jennifer Langel, Ryan Miller, Ugboaku Opara, Tyden Peterson & Kelson Smith Lisa Park Amy Grambeau & Lori Ludington Lisa Park Barbara Brown Gari Stein Kathie Benjamin & Gari Stein Roland Neynaber Sue Webster Simon Tarr Dan Bruell Rob Fagerlund Gordon White Esther Kirshenbaum Ben Thompson John Hilton Alison LaTendresse Mike Woodruff Rick Berthelot, Dan Bruell, Walter Bishop, Scott Clarke, Scott McWhinney,Jim Pyke & Frank Uhle Ann Arbor Alarms (always open to receive film deliveries), Liberty Street Post Office (ditto), PaulMr. UPS, Carolyn Ms. Mailperson, and Ken Mr. Fed X, Mario Brennan, Dan Bruell,Jean & her staff at Film Projection Service, Ray Lance of Cousins Heritage Inn, Susan Wineberg & Lars Bjorn, Susan Chastain at the Firefly Club, Sheila Jeffrey, my gal Nic Sims, most especially QLTD (y'all R the best), and as always, the customers of Vicki's Wash & Wear Haircuts for their understanding & patience.

Amanda Atherton,Sarah Balmer, Sam Berish, Tea-Jae Bernthal,
Heather Blanda, April Bolton, Dan Boujoulian, Sarah Burger,
Alixandra Bums, Esther Cesarz, Beth Christensen, Andrea
Ciaramitaro, Andrea Coronil, Angie Crandell, Sana Danish,
TIffany Danzler, Samara Davis, Tony Diaz, Joe DiMambro, Paul
Dobryden, Pascalle Dugay,Jubilee Dugay, Kamari Duncan,
Jacob Edin, Charla Engelmeyer, Chris Erickson, Shaun
Ferguson, Mark Fox, Heather Frick, Rachel Fry, Rasmi Gehani,

Emilie Goodhart, Ravi Gopal, Marcie Grambeau, Michelle
Grambeau, Annie Hammel, Jeff Haupt, Pat Heiland, Cameron
Holden, Emily, Maggie, Nora & Rebecca Honeyman, Helga
Hover, Amy Iott, BeritJacobson, Rachel]ensen, Wendy Krabbe,
Jason Krzysiak, David Lawrence-Lupton,Tina Lee, Carly Lewis,

Patty Lukasavage, Scott Lyman, Stacey Malo, Mavourneen

Marion, Amira Marion, Dory Mead, Stephen Menyhart, Mark

Meves, Kellie Micka, Linda Mokdad, Amanie Mokdad, Kyna

Morgan, Mike Moroney, Laurin Nesselrode, Richard Newton,

Miyon Oh, Ugboaku Opara,Jill Osbeck, Isaac Pacheco, Agnieska

Palarz, Erica Papernik, Connie Perrin, Aaron Perrin, Bryna

Podwoiski,Abbey Potter, Larry Rubeck, Lily Rushlow, Christine

Sauve, Michelle Sauve, Arthur Schmidt, Leanne Schultz, Robert
Scrase, Robert Sprankle Jr., Alana Stem, Aaron Stott, Janet
Sutherland, Craig Terrell, Dolly TIttle, Don Ure, Scott Wascha,
Erika Wease, Stacie Weber, Sue Webster, Rose Wedal, Annie
White, Ellie White, Jason Whittaker, Kyle Wilamowski, Abbie
Wisdom, Alyssa Wood, Gideon Yeager, Lara Zador,JesSica
Zapotechne, Jo Zasloff, Shari Sacks & Jill Donovan

Community High Acting Students -Teacher: Anne-Marie Roberts
Sara Brickman,Jackie Cook, Ariela Gittlen, Beile Linder,
Jessica McKee, Lea O'Donnell, Ari Paulicek

Pioneer High School Key Club -Advisor: Claire Dahl
Sarah Balmer, Stephanie Becker, Alexis Benz, Emily Brent,
Nick Dean,Julia Egan, Sara Friedman, Emma Glazer, Leah
Hatcher-Vallier, Angie Hurst, David Kunst,Austin Land, Katina
Lang, Catherine Li, Merideth Lively,Jane lloyd, Robin McBride,
Katie Monash, Christine Moran, Amy Moran, Eleni Romanis,
Ariel Saulles, Laura Schwarz, Shana Speicher, Paul Stansik,
Erin Telfer, Emma Tritart, Wenfei Wang, Rebecca Zazove



........ .£.rbor F:i.I.:III. Fes-t;:i.-vu,I. PO Box 8232 Ann Arbor, MI 48107 USA 734.995.5356 P 734.995.5396 f
:Uou,rd 0:1" D:i.:rec-t;ors
Bruce Baker Frank Beaver Steve Bergman Barbara Brown Margarita de la vega Hurtado David Gatten
Denny Hayes
Edie Herrold
Jim Kruz
Joe TIboni Carina Yervasi
:Uou,rd 0:1"
Bonny Dore
Lawrence Kasdan Richard Kerr Deanna Morse Leighton Pierce Jay Rosenblatt


March 2001
On Gehaffof the AAFF Board of Directors, welcome to the 39th Ann Arbor Film Festival.
Technology and art have always been intertwined. While innovations in tech¥nology have often led to innovations in art as well as to dead ends, it is the per¥sonal vision of the artist and the artist's ability to help us examine our world that truly matters. As it stands, we are the Ann Arbor FIIM Festival and the film medium we have celebrated is 16mm film. With the current explosion in tech¥nology, from video to digital, what the future holds for film in general, and cer¥tainly for 16mm film in particular as a medium, is in question. Will 16mm go the way of the 78rpm shellac and vinyl format in music recording-will it even be available as a medium in the near future? Whatever the answers, our board feels strongly that, more than ever, it is important for our festival to remain the premiere showcase for 16mm film. We also believe we must embrace the efforts of filmmakers using other media. I would add it's no small irony that the once pejorative term "movies" rather than film may now be the more fitting and accurate description of this art. The bottom line is our festival is committed to showcasing the best in experimental and alternative film/movies.
You'll find many showcases in the Screening Room presenting other media as well as themed groupings of 16mm films and the continuation of our educa¥tion/workshop seminars. Please take advantage of all the splendid opportunities Festival Director Vicki Honeyman and Managing Assistant Director Chrisstina Hamilton have assembled. They have outdone themselves. A special thanks to Chrisstina Hamilton who is leaving the festival staff but not, I suspect, the festival family of volunteers.
This festival and especially our expanded presentations could not exist with¥out the financial help of our sponsors and granting organizations.They recognize the value of the Ann Arbor Film Festival, both locally and nationally. Please rec¥ognize their contribution to this festival. You will find them thanked elsewhere in our program. We also believe the heart and soul of all nonprofit organizations lie in its individual members. Many thanks to our growing number of members. If you are not yet one, please consider joining the family. There is membership information in the theater lobby.
Thanks again for your support of this festival and good viewing.
Steve Bergman, 1'resiaent
Ann Arbor Film Festival Board of Directors

CWith greatyCeasure Iwelcome you to this year's festival. It's been an inspir¥ing year full of growth and change. Nearly a year ago the Board of Directors made a sug¥gestion that Iwas apprehensive about acting on. Soon afterward they made a recommen¥dation that Iwas excited to act on -and now, many months later, it all comes to fruition this week of our 39th festival season!
Lookipg out for my improved well-being, the board suggested minor modifications to the festival's prescreening process. After dis¥cussing prescreening with festival directors around the country, we chose to move the entry deadline up by several months as well as to allow filmmakers to send in videotapes for prescreening. We received more entries than ever -some on tape, some on film. With a used FPS video projector and borrowed speakers, the screening committee viewed the work in comfort and style, and got done as winter started to really set in.
Iwas also gUided by the board to include "Other Media" in the festival program. We are, for the first time ever, including programs that are sure to add to the "fest" in festival. Managing Assistant Director Chrisstina Hamilton gathered together an exceptional range of work and media that are being offered in moming, afternoon and evening programs all week in the screening room.
We are most appreciative of the artists, curators and the sponsors who are participating in screening room events and are very pleased to feature programs from the Los Angeles based D.FILM Digital Film Festival and PXL This Festival, and the Video Data Bank of Chicago. The Sundance Channel is the presenting sponsor of the screening room, along with new seminar sponsors Sony Electronics, Inc. and Fletcher Chicago.
Four themed film programs are being pre¥sented in screening room Sidebar Programs Thesday-Thursday. These films are part of the competition and will be viewed by the judges in the festival office screening space. Between the Lines, the Aut Bar, LGBTA, and WRAP are sponsoring the gay and lesbian film programs entitled "In the Dark" and "Girls Out Night." The festival is pleased to
have these new community sponsors.
In the theater lobby are two installations: Gustav Deutsch (last year's winner of the Best of the Festival with Film Is) has sent his interactive CD-ROM installation, Odyssey 1bday. Local artists Leslie Raymond and Jason Stevens are sharing their curious minds all week with an installation, Portrait of a Spectator 1-J
I'm deeply indebted to a growing list of volunteer staff members who have volunteered time and energy to this year's festival. Most especially, I'm grateful to a handful of people who have spent the last 3-9 months working diligently as volunteers.
Welcome graphic artist Jocelyn Rainey who has put her touch on the festival by creating the clever graphics campaign. Kudos to Jocelyn for winning an Ann Arbor Ad Club Addy Award for the festival poster design. Jocelyn works at QLTD, a graphics firm that has donated its graphic services. And welcome to Lisa Park who took over the volunteer coordinator role, quite late in the season, but did an outstanding job. I sure hope Lisa and Jocelyn enjoyed working on the festival as much as I've enjoyed working with them -please come back next year!
Advertising and sponsorship sales reps from theBigkim, Amy Grambeau and Lori Ludington, did a terrific job raising funds for the festival. They started their sales campaign nearly a year ago and deserve our thanks.
Don't stop the presses! The newsletter must go out! Thanks to the patience of editor Barbara Brown and graphic designer Pamela Waxman for preparing the newsletter for printing ¥and to David Gatten for his lovely article.
Our web page is avital means of informing people about how to enter the festival, who enters the festival, who is awarded, where the tour is heading, how to get involved, and basically, what we're all about. Many have handled the page, starting with my brother Peter, then Stephen Iscae and Michael Roth, on to Tony Quiroz, and now Willie Northway and Tim Taylor, with help from John Moreau andJocelyn Rainey. Our website disseminates information so well that my phone rings much less often than it did ten years ago. I appre¥ciate everyone's input and time, particularly Tim and Willie for helping tum the page into something we can grow with.
Every year a new crop of interns works with me in the festival office. These students from the Program in Film & Video Studies at Uof Mare hardy, healthy, and eager -and do an excellent job of dealing with festival mania. Thanks to Mattie Matt Anderson, Alyssa Draper, Jeremy Jones, Jennifer Langel, Ryan Miller, Ugboaku Opara, Tyden Peterson, and Kelson Smith for making my job just a little bit easier!
One of my dear friends works on the festival and is my godsend: Michael Anson Woodruff -Mr. Moo thank you so much for gUiding me, bringing me food, and telling me I'm doing a great job. You do a great job, too.
Rumor has it that Chrisstina Hamilton is moving on, but I hope she's not going to get too far. She's grown quite fond of the festival, as we have of her, and we're hoping she'll continue assisting with special programs. Thanks for putting the "zest" in feztival and helping us move ahead with new ideas and new collaborations.
Thanks to our many devoted fans, members, sponsors and donors who let us know how much the festival is cherished. Your financial and in-kind support is greatly appreciated by all those who bring the festival to Ann Arbor each spring. And thank you to the Michigan Council for Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts for another year of honoring and supporting us with grant funding.
And to the filmmakers and audience members -you're our inspiration and the reason why we work hard all year! As we prepare to enter our 40th year, we continue to grow by leaps and bounds and continue to be open to film as art and new work as art -all to bring you the best Ann Arbor Film Festival ever! Let us know what you think of all the additions to the festival-and if you just love it, sign up as afestival member to let us know we've got your support!
So, get some toothpicks to hold your eyes open (or visit Starbucks for some thick coffee, or the Local Color beer/wine concessions we have in the lobby, if that's what does the trick), sit back and enjoy the show!
Vicki Honeyman, J'estiva(1Jirector

","e]COII1l e
One evening in San Francisco about twelve years ago, I walked into a jazz club to hear a notoriously talented blind piano player. As I sat at a table waiting for the musician to come to the stage, I noticed a series of exquisite black and white photographs on the wall. Only later, during the intermission, did I learn that the images had been made by the piano player himself, that he had lis¥tened to descriptions of these sultry, abstract cityscapes and then clicked the camera when that moment of artistic connection had surged through his body. His ear was guiding his eye and the results were sublime.At the time, Iwas incredulous.
For me the Ann Arbor Film Festival represents acomparable tribute to the wonders of alternative sound and image making. In the same way that the piano player had awakened what might have become a dormant element of his creative makeup, we as non-traditional moviemakers find ourselves in a constant state of experimentation. The work you'll see at this festival pushes the definitions and expec¥tations of the moving image, calling to question the most funda¥mental precepts one can have about the way we see and hear in the world. Making films for the Ann Arbor Film Festival is essentially about taking these kinds of risks, allowing yourself to find pleasure in the absurdity of your own ideas. By revealing these outrageous, sublime, anarchic juxtapositions to a theater full of people, these makers hope that perhaps someone out there in the darkness will revel in a cinema moment they have never had before.
For some of the makers, this is the first theatrical screening they have ever had. For others, Ann Arbor is a continuation of many dedicated years in the field. What is special here is that there is no differentiation, only passionate appreciation and astute criticism. The conversation in the lobbyof the theater, on the sidewalk outside, in the many local cafes this week is zealous, angry, and deeplysensitive.
~Lynn' """ _ .. _""'" d",~'n""", ",.. In Baltimore but will relocate with her partner, filmmaker Mark Street, and daughters Maya and Noa to Brooklyn, NY this summer. Her filmsA Biography OfLilith, Which Way Is East: Notebooks From Vietnam, and The House ofScience all showed at the AAFF. Her newest film Investigation ofa Flame, an experimental documentary, will be completed this spring. Ms. Sachs judged at the 37th festival in 1999.
It's actually hard to believe that there is a 39-year old international film festival devoted to work which manifests such vulnerability and potential for failure. I've sat in the Michigan Theater as a maker, a member of the audience and as a judge, and I know how charged each of those roles can be.With every frame of film,we know that at some point the artist behind that image has sacrificed his or her confidence, sense of identity or financial security for the sheer pleasure of trying to convey something new to an audience of strangers.
From Maine to Alaska, from]apan to Brazil, filmmakers from around the world sit alone at their moviescopes, flatbeds, or computers composing intricate cine-meditations that theyhope will one day grace the screen of this very theater. "At long last, my movie has wings" goes the old adage, and yes indeed in this case it is true. Through rain, sleet, snow, UPS and the mail, these rare birds have flown, soared and now, at long last, landed here in Ann Arbor, Michigan.You're in for a very unusual treat. Enjoy!
Lynne Sachs, :fi(
... 6iI


The Awards Jury is composed of internationally recognized filnunakers, artists, and critics who are dedicated to independent and experimental film as an art fonn.
The juror's function is to view all entries programmed into the public film screenings
¥ I .,-. :t: ¥
and to distribute the awards money. Decisions regarding awards and the distribution of prize monies are the prerogative of the Awards Jury; its decisions are final.
In addition, jurors present their own work or a curated program on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 3:00 p.m. (see "Film Program 2001" for details).

Joan (jratz
Joan Gratz is an independent director who pioneered the animation technique "clay-painting." Working directly under the camera with plasticene clay, she creates seamlessly flowing images. Her Oscar-winning film Mona Lisa Descending a Staircase is a history of 20th century painting. Subjects of her other films include life in prison, the subconscious mind, the creation of our world, and candy. Prior to establishing Gratzfilm in 1987, she worked for Will Vinton Studios. Ms. Gratz lives on a houseboat in Portland, Oregon.

:Abraham ~avett
Abraham Ravett holds a BFA and MFA in filmmaking and photography and has been an independent filmmaker for the past 25 years. Mr. Ravett received grants for his work from the National Foundation for Jewish Culture: Fund for Documentary Filmmaking, National Endowment for the Arts, the Massachusetts Council on the Arts and Humanities, the Japan Foundation, the Hoso Bunka Foundation, the Marion and Jasper Whiting Foundation, and
a 1994 filmmaking fellowship from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. His films have been screened internationally including at the Museum of Modem Art,Anthology Film Archives, the Collective for Living Cinema, Pacific Film Archives, S.F. Cinematheque, L.A. Film Forum, Innis Film Society (Toronto), and Image Forum, Tokyo, among others. Mr. Ravett teaches filmmaking and photography at Hampshire College, Amherst, Massachusetts.

(jreta Snider
Greta Snider has been making documentaries and nonfiction experimental movies since 1989. She grew up in Ohio and now lives in San Francisco. Her formative years were spent being apunk rocker, which is how she learned to make her own movies her way. "It seems like the people around me are always more interesting than fiction, which makes my job as afilmmaker easier." Ms. Snider has made twelve movies, ranging from the traditional story-oriented documentary to the barest of evidence of light upon emulsion. Content wrestles with form in her movies about death,punk rock, losing virginity, the end of the world, swimming holes, airplanes, and obsession. Ms. Snider has taught film production at various schools including Cal Arts, Bard College, San Francisco State and the San Francisco Art Institute.

The Mosaic Foundation Best of Festival Award
This award was established to recognize the filmmaker of the most outstanding entry. It is sponsored by the Ann Arbor-based Mosaic Foundation of Rita and Peter Heydon and honors the film that best represents the artistic and creative standards of the festival.
Tom Berman Award for Most Promising Filmmaker $7,000
Tom Berman was a University of Michigan film student, an early supporter and close friend of the festival. This award, endowed by the Berman family, is given in Tom's memory and is intended to support a young filmmaker who the Awards Jury feels will make a significant contribution to the art of film in the course of hislher filmmaking career.
Screening Committee's Choice for Narrative Integrity $7,000
Granted to one filmmaker by the screening committee to ensure that a deserving entry has the opportunity to win multiple awards. The recipient is announced following the awards jurors announce¥ment of winners.
Gus Van Sant Best Experimental Film Award
Gus Van Sant's film career began in the early 80s, when he was making short experimental films that were awarded at the Ann Arbor Film Festival. Mr. Van Sant is endowing this award to honor the film that best represents the use of experimental processes, forms, and topics.
Lawrence Kasdan Best Narrative Film Award
Endowed by Mr. Kasdan,who began his film career in Ann Arbor studying film at the University of Michigan, the award recognizes works which make use of the medium's unique ability to convey striking and original stories.
Michael Moore Best Documentary Film Award
Michael Moore gives back to the festival what he received in inspi¥ration from the hundreds of films he's viewed over the years at the festival. Proceeds from Roger and Me fund the award.
Chris Frayne Best Animated Film Award $7,000
In memory of Chris Frayne, a key participant in the festival's early years, whose spirit and approach to life was reminiscent of his car¥toon characters. The award has been endowed with the hope that his spirit will continue through the prize.
Film Craft LablKodak Best Cinematography Award $500 + t6mm or 35mm film stock donated by Kodak
For the film that demonstrates the highest excellence and creativity in cinematography. Presented in honor of the many independent filmmakers who have contributed to the success of Grace & Wild's lab diviSion, Film Craft Lab, over the last 25 years.
Telepost Inc. Editing Award $500
Funded by the Detroit-based editing firm, Telepost Inc. Awarded to the film that demonstrates outstanding creativity and technical excellence in the art of film editing.
Liberty Street Video Best GaylLesbian Film Award
Sponsored by Ann Arbor's alternative video rental store that pro¥motes diversity and excellence in filmmaking. This award honors the film that best deals with gayllesbian issues.
Michigan Vue Magazine Best Michigan Filmmaker Award $500
This award is intended to support and encourage the local film¥making community by rewarding excellence in a Michigan-pro¥duced film within any genre. Sponsored by metro Detroit-based Michigan Vue Magazine, which is dedicated to promoting Michigan's film, video, and multi-media production industry.

AudiovisionsiAmazing Audio Best Sound Design Award $500
AudiovisionsiArnazing Audio, Inc. is the premiere location sound and staging production company for film,video, broadcasts, tele¥conferences, and all live events. The award is intended for the film that exhibits the best use of sound design to further the creative intentions of the film.
Doug Wandrei Best Lighting Design Award $500
Doug Wandrei spent 50 years working in the Detroit production industry,wearing the hat of every technical position possible. Based on his passion for lighting he eventually chose a career as lighting director. This memorial award recognizes the most creative use of lighting in afilm in which mood and atmosphere of the environment are greatly enhanced through lighting design.
Peter Wilde Most Technically Innovative Film Award $500
In memory of the festival's friend Peter Wilde,who cared passion¥ately about the projected image and was a technical wizard and master of the makeshift. The award honors the film that most respects the integrity of the projected image.
Marvin Felheim Special Jury Award $500
Marvin Felheim was a film scholar at the University of Michigan and one of the founders of the festival. The prize is awarded to a work of film art that extends the range of subject matter traditionally dealt with in the film medium, while at the same time transcending standard genre categorization.
TIo's Hot & Spicy Award $500
Ann Arbor's 110s Restaurant has been serving up the spiciest salsa around since 1987. Interpretation of "red hot & spicy" is left to the judges discretion in determining allocation of this award,which can be given to any film, based on form, content, or flavor!
Detroit Filmmakers Coalition Award
The member-based non-profit Detroit media arts center provides production support to the local independent filmmaking community. The award, which is intended for a Southeastern Michigan-based filmmaker,provides the recipient up to $1500 in waived rental fees for use towards production and post-production equipment from the DFC.
Isabella Liddell Art Award $400
Amemorial award for the film that best deals with women's issues, created by friends of Isabella Liddell who was a dear friend and long-time supporter of the festival and practitioner of the arts.
Prix DeVarti Funniest Film Award $100
An award sponsored by long-time friends of the festival, the DeVarti Family, owners of Casa Dominck's, to be awarded to the film that gets a load oflaughs.This year's award is in memory of Alice DeVarti, who could always be seen sitting in the theater throughout festival week.
Honorable Mentions $3,000
Remaining prize monies that are distributed at the awards jurors' discretion as honorable mentions to filmmakers deserving of recog¥nition, support, and encouragement.

The 5lnn 5lrbor J'i(m J'estiva(iS proud to acknowledge that this year'sfestival was made possible with grant support from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs and the National Endowment for the Arts. We also offer very special thanks to the corporations, businesses, organizations, and friends of the festival listed below for their very generous sponsorship and donations.
sundance SONY withoutaboxf0
~ channel"
V" mi,higan''''IC>WERSITY


Ann Arbor Obstrun
Bruce Baker University of Michigan City of Ann Arbor Program in Film Community Events Fund & Video Studies
Prjze Donors

5l tota(#$16,000 will be awarded in prize m
oney at this year'sfestival. Prize donations go directly to filmmakers in the form of cash awards. Any remaining prize funds are applied to future festival awards. Our thanks to the individuals, organizations, and businesses listed below for generously donating to the prize fund. Our apologies to the people and businesses who contributed prize donations after this program went to press.
Rita & Peter Heydon, the Mosaic Foundation -Ann Arbor 2,000 Matt Fedorchuk & Elizabeth Cox -Okemos, MI 250 The 630 Club -Ann Arbor 1,500 Tom Baird -Ann Arbor 200 Detroit Filmmakers Coalition -Detroit, MI Harold Borkin & Adrienne Kaplan -Ann Arbor 200 Judy Kazis & the Bennan Family -New York, NY 1,000 Kitty & Steven Kahn -Ann Arbor 200 Lawrence & Mary Ellen Kasdan -Los Angeles, CA 1,000 Mark Hardin -N. Hollywood, CA 200 Michael Moore -New York, NY 1,000 Frank & Gail Beaver -Ann Arbor 200 Anon. -Ann Arbor 1,000 Heinz & Martha Schmidt -Ann Arbor 200 Gus Van Sant -New York, NY 1,000 Mike Kuniavsky -San Francisco, CA 170 Susan Warner & the Wilde Family -Traverse City, MI Don & Kathryn Van Leeuwen -Ann Arbor 150 Kodak -Chicago, IL pfizer Foundation -Ann Arbor 150 Grace & Wild Studios! Film Craft Lab -Fannington, MI 500 Waldamailman -Ann Arbor 125 TelePost Inc. -Fannington Hills, MI 500 DeVarti Family, Casa Dominicks -Ann Arbor 125 Mid America Cine Support -Troy, MI 500 Lars Bjorn & Susan Wineberg -Ann Arbor 100 Liberty Street Video -Ann Arbor 500 John Caldwell & Susan Kalinowski -Venice, CA 100 Michigan Vue Magazine -Waterford, MI 500 Jim Freudenberg -Ann Arbor 100 TIo's Restaurant -Ann Arbor 500 Peter Michalowski & Deanna Relyea -Ann Arbor 100 AudiovisionslAmazing Audio Inc. -Ann Arbor 500 H.T. Ewald Foundation -Grosse Pointe, MI 100 Daniel Moennan -Ypsilanti, MI 300 Vicki Engel-San Francisco, CA 100 LaBour Foundation for Non-Institutional Living Roger Lane -Ann Arbor 100 -Los Angeles, CA 300 Glenn & Teresa Mensching -Traverse City, MI 70 Margarita de la Vega-Hurtado -Ann Arbor 250 PJ's Used Records -Ann Arbor 50 Denny & Mary Ellen Hayes -Ann Arbor 250 ''Ticket Fred" LaBour -Whites Creek, TN 50 Arbor Springs Passing Water Award -Ann Arbor 250 Martha Berry -Nashville, TN 50 Ellen Wilt -Ann Arbor 250 Steve & Heidi Herrell -Ann Arbor 50 Jay Friedman, I. Friedman Salvage -Ann Arbor 250

In.....1nd Donor.

Our 'B 1Y'B 1Ythanks to the follOWing businesses and individuals for supporting this year's festival by donating their goods, services, and expertise.We encourage our festival patrons to thank them by patronizing their businesses. Tell them you're there
because they support the festival you love!
Russell Video Services
Foto 1
John Lauter
Peter Sparling Dance Co.
Action Rental
Kolossos Printing
Ann Arbor News
Greenstreet Tree Care
Adrian's Screenprint
Bill Husted
Access Productions, Mike Clarens


Seva Restaurant
BD's Mongolian Barbecue
The Blue Nile

Kerrytown Bistro
The Moveable Feast
Bella Ciao Trattoria
The Gandy Dancer
The Sushi Shop
Kav's Cafe
Village Comer
Zingerman's Bakehouse
Expresso Royale Caffe

Amer's Delicatessen
Jefferson Market
Great Harvest Bakery
Produce Station
Zingerman's Bakehouse
Zingerman's Delicatessen
The Croissant Shop
D'Amatos Neighborhood Restaurant

Peter Honeyman
Sheila Jeffrey

Casa Dominick's
The Bagel Factory
Bagel Fragel
Monahan's Seafood Market
Zingerman's Delicatessen
Zingerman's Bakehouse
Say Cheese Cheesecake Bakery

WDET-101.9 FM, WEMU-89.l FM,

Thanks to the following festivals for sharing their print sources with us: Black Maria Film & Video Festival, Film Arts Festival, Northwest Film & Video Festival, Cinematexas
Lou Brothers
Cathy Miner
Lynda Cole
Michael Anne Earlewine
Whitley Setrakian for the lights
Margaret Spurr
Ken Bawcom
Curt Mark

Gustav Deutsch
Jeremy Rigsby, Media City International
Festival of Experimental Film & Video Art
Howard White, Omni Media
The Learning CenterlMac Group
Joel Bachar, Blackchair Productions
Leslie Raymond & Jason Jay Stevens
Noel Stupek

Michael Anson Woodruff, Zone 5Design
Susan Chastain, Firefly Club & Staff
Stormin' Norman & Suzy

Rick Cronn & Myrna Rugg
Edie Herrold
Peter Knox & Linda Kendall

-1 -Â¥
Screening Committee members offer an enormous Thank You! to the following restaurants and friends for keeping them fed throughout the weeks of screening festival entries.
Del Rio Bar, Zingennan's,
Connie Crump & Jay Simrod,
KenFood, Bruce Baker,
Angelo's, Christoph Hahner

'fhe .9lnn .9lrbor Jilin yestiva~s a grass roots organization dedicated for the past 39 years to screening the very best in independent and experimental16mm film. One of the strengths of the festival has always been the generous financial support it has received from its boosters. The festival's formal membership campaign serves as a way to recognize and acknowledge much appreciated, tax-deductible contributions. Putting on the Ann Arbor Film Festival is a year-round effort. The support is greatlyappreciated.
Film Legend ($1,000 +)
Brian Pawlowski -San Jose, CA
Film Producers ($500 +)
Bruce Baker & Genie Wolfson -Ann Arbor
Ruth Bardenstein -Ann Arbor
Land Architects, Inc. -Ann Arbor
Jill McDonough & Greg Merriman
-Ann Arbor

Film Celebrities ($250 +)
Fred & Jeannie Birkhill-Pinckney, MI
John Bracey -Mt. Morris, MI
Gavin Eadie -Ann Arbor
Richard M. Gans -East Greenwich, RI
Peter Honeyman -Ann Arbor
Nancy LaTendresse -Ann Arbor
Palmer Morrel Samuels -Chelsea, MI
Art & Mary Schuman -Ann Arbor
Harry C. White -Detroit, MI

Film Hero & Heroines ($100 +)
John Baird -Royal Oak, MI
Joan Binkow -Ann Arbor
Carl Bogner -Milwaukee, WI
Dana & Chris Brown -Crystal Lake, IL
Suzan Bruce & Joost Felius -Dallas, TIC
Orin Buck -Long Beach, NY
Clark Charnetski -Ann Arbor
Karen & David Copeland Weinstein
-Jamaica Estates, NY
George & Katherine Frayne -Reedville, VA
Charles Hall -Ann Arbor
John Honeyman & Deborah Zukin
-W. Bloomfield, MI
P.A. Hughes -Ann Arbor
JazJaslow -Ann Arbor
Dr.Jennifer Machiorlatti -Southfield, MI
Dallas Moore -Ann Arbor

Michael Lee Parsons -Nashville, TN
Susan Pollay -Ann Arbor
Molly Reno -Ann Arbor
Pam Schwarzmann -Ann Arbor
Martin Shackelford -Saginaw, MI
Ned Shure & Jan Onder -Ann Arbor
Mark Street & Lynne Sachs -Baltimore, MD

Film Connoisseurs ($50 +)
Mark & Heidi Braun -Ann Arbor
Bonnie Dede & Rob Fagerlund -Ann Arbor
Arthur Dong -Los Angeles, CA
David & Natalie Fisher -Sylvania, OH
Gary & Carol Gapen -Verona,WI
Mark Hodesh & Margaret Parker
(Downtown Home & Garden) -Ann Arbor
Jan Krawitz -Palo Alto, CA
Frank Merrill-Macomb, IL
Deanna Morse -Grand Rapids, MI
Michael Swanger -Ann Arbor
Michael & Nancy Thoresen -Ann Arbor
Cosmas & Sally Ann Vandeven
-Whitmore Lake, MI
Victor R. Volkman -Ann Arbor
Erika Wease -Ann Arbor
Julie Weatherbee & Robert Droppleman
-Ann Arbor
Greg Wilson -Ann Arbor

Film Lovers ($25 +)
Peter Bauland -Ann Arbor
Tony Buba -Braddock, PA
Jeff Charney -Lebanon, NJ
Karin Clissold -Ann Arbor
Deirdre E. Cochran -Dexter, MI
Gary Coin -Grosse Pointe Park, MI
Jim Duesing -Pittsburgh, PA
East Lansing Film Festival
-East Lansing, MI

Cheryl Eighmey -Monroe, MI
Jon Else -Portda Valley, CA
Chris Emmanouilides -Philadelphia, PA
Mary Frederickson -Ann Arbor
Deb Garofalo -Jackson, MI
Tony Gault -Englewood, CO
Shelly Grifka -Durand, MI
Hannah & Max Honeyman -Sarasota, FL
George Kargilis -Sterling Heights, MI
Barbara Kiutinis -San Francisco, CA
Mildred Koen -Ann Arbor
Evelyn & Albert Lerman -Sarasota, FL
Rose Lieberman -Southfield, MI
Sally Logan -Leslie, MI
Norman T. Medley,Jf. -Detroit, MI
Susan Moiseev -Southfield, MI
Anne & Fred Remley -Ann Arbor
Susan K. Rock -Inkster, MI
Jay Rosenblatt -San Francisco, CA
Judy Schwartz -Somerville, MA
Michelle Schwenkner -Plymouth, MI
Drusilla Scott -Ann Arbor
Camille Seaman -State College, PA
Robert & Elaine Sims -Ann Arbor
ShirleyHoneyman Skiar -W. Bloomfield, MI
Phillip Wheeler -Albany, CA
Gordon & Cheryl White -Ann Arbor
Bob & Franny Woodruff -Bloomfield, MI

Film Cameo ($10 +)
Relah Eckstein -Encino, CA
Barbara Hammer -New York, NY

)Is an addttiona{means cfraisingjunds, the Ann Arbor Film Festival holds a benefit silent auction of donated art works and services during festival week. The silent auction is well-received by our patrons and enhances the festival's tradition of artistic collaboration.
The auction begins Thesday, March 13 and ends at 9:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 18. It takes place in the upper lobby of the Michigan Theater. Bid cards are placed by each piece. Opening bids are 25 percent of the donated value of the artwork or service (as indicated on each bid card). To place a bid,write on the card your name, address, and phone numbers, and your bidding amount. Bids are to be raised in $10 minimum increments. Any bid over the donated value is tax-deductible. Return to the festival Sunday, March 18 at 9:00 p.m. to see if you are the winning bidder, at which time we would like you to make payment and pick up the piece.If you can't pick it up by Sunday, other arrangements can be made. However, the deadline to pick up and pay for the piece is March 31, at which point you will forfeit your bid to the next highest bidder, whom we will contact.
We appreciate the generosity of the follOwing artists, businesses, and community members who have donated their art work and services for this auction. Other items may have come in after the program was printed, thus their names won't be listed here.
Jeanne Adwani -Grass Lake, MI
Aerial Associates -Ann Arbor
Charles Aimone -Livonia, MI
AI Dente Pasta -Whitmore Lake, MI
Leland Austin -Ann Arbor
Aaron Black -Ann Arbor
Barbara Brown -Ann Arbor
Jean Buescher -Ann Arbor
Helen Bunch -Ann Arbor
Lori Burkall -Ann Arbor
Susan Byrns -Ann Arbor
Coffee Express -Plymouth, MI
DeBoer Gallery -Ann Arbor
Jill Donovan -Ann Arbor
Scott Douglas -Dexter, MI
Michael Erlewine -Ann Arbor
Carol Furtado -Ann Arbor
Marie Gaston -Ann Arbor
John Gutoskey -Ann Arbor
Richard Hackel -Ann Arbor
Harmony Hollow Bell Works
-Ann Arbor
Anne Herrmann -Dexter, MI
Hollander's -Ann Arbor
Sue lott -Ann Arbor
Esther Kirshenbaum -Ann Arbor
Richard Kooyman -Manistee, MI
Harriet Kozyn -Ann Arbor

Dennis Laemmel -Manchester, MI
Pamela LeBlanc -Ann Arbor
Stan Livingston -Ann Arbor
Val Mangual -Ann Arbor

Michigan Theater -Ann Arbor
Ken Mikolowski -Ann Arbor
Jim Mimnaugh -Ann Arbor
Mrs. Claus' Giftbags -Ann Arbor
Mark Orr -Ann Arbor
Willow O'Wisp -Ann Arbor
Tom Palozzolo -Chicago, IL

Margaret Parker -Ann Arbor
Lisa Powers -Ann Arbor
Oge Retula -A. Arrbor USA
Chris Roberts-Antieu -Manchester, MI
Shari Thompson Sacks -Chelsea, MI
Saguaro Rare Plant Nursery
-Whitmore Lake, MI
John Schultz -Ann Arbor
Victoria Silks -Ann Arbor
16 Hands Gallery -Ann Arbor
Lisa Steichmann -Ann Arbor
Claudette Stern -Ann Arbor
John Sullivan -Ann Arbor
Vesuvius Art Gallery -Glenn, MI
Vintage to Vogue -Ann Arbor
Voila -Ann Arbor
Danika Von Gesjen -Ann Arbor
Margo West -Ann Arbor
Ellie White -Ann Arbor
Philip Wilson -Grand Rapids, MI
Mike Wolf -Ann Arbor
Nancy Wolf -Ann Arbor
Mike Woodruff -Ann Arbor
Sharon Wysocki -Ann Arbor
Kay Yourist -Ann Arbor

~o{rowing thefestiva{in 9lnn 9lrbor, afour-hour program of awarded and highlighted films are selected to represent the festival on the Ann Arbor Film Festival Tour. The tour will be on the road from the end of March through mid-December. Each filmmaker on tour will receive $2.00 per minute per tour stop for use of their film. More stops will be added throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Please check the festival webpage at for those updates.



Friday, March 30
& Saturday, March 31

Reed College
Portland, Oregon

Thursday, April 5 &Friday, April 6
Kent State University
Kent, Ohio

Thesday, April 10
& Wednesday, April 11

Waterville, Maine

Friday, April 13
& Saturday, April 14

School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois

Thursday, April 19 &Friday, April 20
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Knoxville, Tennessee

Friday, April 27
& Saturday, April 28

University of California, Davis
Memorial Union Art Gallery
Davis, California

Monday, May 7
Detroit Film Theater
Detroit Institute of the Arts
Detroit, Michigan

Thursday, May 10 & Friday, May 11
Bellevue Art Museum
Bellevue, Washington

Friday, May 18
& Saturday, May 19

Northwest Film Center
Portland Art Museum
Portland, Oregon

Saturday, August 4
Capri Theatre
Montgomery, Alabama

Friday, September 14
& Saturday, September 15

Webster University Film Series
St. Louis, Missouri

Friday, September 21
& Saturday, September 22

Cleveland Cinematheque
Cleveland, Ohio

Sunday, September 30
& Thesday, October 2
Cornell Cinema
Ithaca, New York
Saturday, October 6
& Sunday, October 7
Foothill College
San Francisco, California

Wednesday, October 11
Rhode Island School of Design
Providence, Rhode Island

Friday, October 12
& Saturday, October 13

Pittsburgh Filmmakers
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Thursday, October 25
& Friday, October 26
Amherst College
Amherst, Massachusetts

Thursday, November 15
Alternative Film Festival
Edinboro University
Edinboro, Pennsylvania

Monday & Thesday,
November 26 & 27
Ithaca College
Ithaca, New York

Friday, November 30
& Saturday, December 1

Southwest Film Center
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Thesday, December 11
Rogers Center for the Arts
N.Andover, Massachusetts
Look for these tour stops sometime this fall:
Houston Museum of Fine Arts
Houston, Texas

Fine Arts Cinema
Berkeley, California

UW Cinematheque
University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin

Union Theater
UW -Milwaukee
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

On the 0t;gan :Arr'Week. Long

John Lauter brings the curtain up before the Thesday and weekend shows with his fingertips tapping the keys of the theater's grand organ.

Lobby 1nstar(ation Jirt

Odyssey Today

D&S Production: Gustav Deutsch &Hanna Schimek's Interactive Multimedia CD-ROM Installation

On Stage

Since its early days, the Ann Arbor Film Festival
has always had live entertainment on stage before
screenings (think Pat Oleszko). In keeping with
the tradition, the following performers will wow you
before the evening's films:

Tuesday 7-8pm Every year they're a hit! Mariachi 90 perform
in the theater lobbyat the opening reception
Tuesday 8pm Peter Sparling, Director of the Peter Sparling Dance Co.
dances solo, The Middle Agel', to an original poem of his own,
with music by Guilliame d'Maschaut.
Wednesday 7pm Frank Pahl presents Something Automatic
Thursday 7pm Arwulf presents Untitled Original
Friday 7pm Suzy Williams & Gerry Fialka perform Moon Over Weeki
Wachee, an outsider dance piece with super 8mm projection
Saturday 7pm M. A.Woodruff presents Long Hard Winter

The piece views the present-day manifold forms of "being on the move" in a time which
is characterized equally by great refugee movements and tourist currents, as by the international
transfer of goods and the virtual journeys of the "New Nomad Generation," whose home is the
Internet. The installation is a virtual trip through artistic intrepretations of the theme,which
are assembled together in an imaginary "Travel Art Archive."

Portrait ofa Spectator 1-3

Potter-Belmar Labs (Jason Jay Stevens + Leslie Raymond)
with Sensate Images (Noel Stupek)
3human-scale 3-D representations of festival-goers (amalgams, as opposed to anyone specific).

Each have video-heads. Each will reside against a wall.

Clear Leader Table

Come one, come all. Join us in the lobby to help make the annual hand-made scratch
and rub-on film. Alfonso Alvarez will be conducting hands-on instruction
for making a cameraless film all week With various items on hand, you can
nib, draw, and scratch to your heart's content.

Festival-Goers Can Log-On to AShiny New G4
The Learning Center/Mac Group wants to fulfill all of your Apple Macintosh needs, and they're proving it by letting AAFF-goers use a brand new I-Book all week long. Access your email, check out the fest's website, surf the web.
The latest Apple Macintosh G4 laptop and desktop computers give the power user the most bang for the buck Offering authorized sales, service, and support, the merger of two of Southeast Michigan's greatest Apple dealers gives customers more support over a wider area.

Filmmaker Kiosk &Lounge

Filmmakers! Get your polaroid pic taken so everyone can see who you are.
Wanna find afilmmaker or chill? The Filmmaker Lounge is located
in the lobby of the screening room.


t-shirts $15 mugs $8


This year's Welcome Trailer was created by
our own Alfonso Alvarez, Berkeley, Californiais Open for the Fest! 812 Monroe Street
filmmaker and last year's Artist-in-Residence. (one block east of State Street, south of S. University)

Casa Dominick's, a pub and home to film fest memorabilia, re-opens for the season, in conjunction with festival week. If you are an out-of-town visitor to the festival, please visit the DeVarti family restaurant and take in the vintage festival posters and artwork from the festival's early days. 13eer and'Wine
at the Theater Concession Stand
Sponsored by Local Color, a brewing companyfrom Novi, MI

With the purchase of a $5 Michigan Theater membership (good for one month), you can buy all the beer and wine you want all week, thanks to Local Color & Leelenau Wine Cellars!
( for Ann Arbor Film Festival goers)
at the Firefly Club, 207 S. Ashley Street,
between Liberty & Washington, downtown

Join us and partake in owner Susan Chastain's
AAFF martini The Flicker for this special night!
From IA! Stonnin' Nonnan & Suzy belt out vaudeville
blues, torch boogie, funky jazz rag rock.

(andjestiva{dlrector CViclti J{oneymans 15th anniversary)
The 40th Ann Arbor Film Festival is
"March 12 -17, 2002 ,.

'Worksh£?jJs / Seminars /1'ane&

Morning and early afternoon sessions are facilitated by Simon Tarr, a shareware filmmaker and Professor at Pennsylvania State University. His film Burning Contour Matrix was included in the 38th MFF, and his newest film Extremely Bright Lights and the Sound ofExplosions is included this year. He foolishlygives away postage-stamp sized versions of his films for free at events taking place this week in the screening room are sponsored by the Sundance Channel.
"-iF' ~ed.II.e8d.o,y, ~o, ... sundance
WJ.JY lpm Screening: Visiting Filmmakers Screenings channer This is an opportunity for attending filmmakers to bring films and tapes with them to share in an informal screening of other work. All are welcome!

Th......8d.o,y, ~o, .~
lOam Workshop: Gerry Fialka discusses hisPLX This Festival, the craze of using the Fisher-Price toy video
camera to make art and the percepts of Marshall McLuhan.
lpm Seminar: Sony Electronics presents Digital Electronic Cinematography for
Today's Filmmaker

You've heard of George Lucas shooting Star Wars: Episode II in 24p high definition, e-cinema and
a growing bodyof feature productions being shot in high definition and other digital video formats.
SonyElectronics, Inc. and Fletcher Chicago will present an overview of these digital imaging technolOgies.
Discussion will review the new 24-frame progressive high definition system and the growing role of digi¥
tal video formats, including HDCAM, Digital Betacam¨, DVCAMª and consumer DY, in the production
of entertainment and documentary programming. These formats constitute awide spectrum of creative
and economic choices for the independent film community. Of special interest will be a 35mm screening
~of high definition material transferred to film.
F ..:l.d.o,y, ~o, .0 lOam Panel discussion: What The Hell Was That? -a discussion of works screened in this week's festival
program. Panelists:Dara Greenwald, Deanna Morse,Alfonso Alvarez, Gerry Fialka
lpm Panel discussion: DVD Production for Filmmakers in Animation
Panel members: Deanna Morse, filmlvideomaker, member of the festival's Advisory Board and Professor at Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI; Dave Valko,VP for Technical Operations, Digital Video Services, Grand Rapids, MI; Kim Roberts, video installation artist, Assistant Professor at Grand Valley State University,Allendale, MI. The panelists will give an overview of the DVD production process, and discuss specific case examples including:prodUCing a DVD retrospective of an experimental filmmaker's work, and producing a DVD for video art installation.
~ lIii!iIo,"t;......d.o,y, ~o, .~ lOam Panel discussion: What The Hell Was That? -more discussion of works screened in this week's festival program. Panelists: Bart Cheever, Leighton Pierce,Jeremy Rigsby
lpm Screening: Recent Digital Video works by Leighton Pierce
Mr. Pierce is a member of the MFF Advisory Board and Professor at the Univeristy of Iowa. In this session he will show some of his recent
digital video work. Discussion about the work and some of the techniques of digital video will follow.

~1Iii!iI-.:III.d.o,y, ~o, .@!iij
~ lpm Week wrap-up discussion of work


T-..e8dn.,y, :M:n.,rch .0 DpIII.

WJ 1IP ,á .

1M !!Ii

..~~...~ .. ' .~.:.
EMINENT DOMAIN Sadia Shepard Brooklyn, NY 16.5 documentary

Aportrait of Stewart, Mississippi in the process of its demolition. The film seeks to understand what the town means to its longtime resi¥dents, what its demolition means for the community, and to portray the town and the lives of its residents on the eve of radical change.
AMNESIA! Jennifer Stefanisko Los Angeles, CA 24 narrative

An amnesiac struggles to regain identity and sense of purpose through aseries of flashbacks and daydreams. Inspired by pulp novels and women'sfilms of the 1940s.
ALIENATION EFFECT Rosie Nakamura Ann Arbor, MI 4 experimental

An attempt at reflecting my experience as astudent filmmaker. From the emotional highs, to the pitfalls of creation, the film explores some of the struggles I have faced as a young filmmaker both technically and creatively, and displays just how challenging yet rewarding the process is.
TIlE VISIT Marc Henrich San Francisco, CA 42.5 narrative
An Iranian immigrant living in San Francisco is visited by his parents,who are trying to convince him to return to Iran. His girlfriend, a Chinese American,wants to marry him. Caught between staying or leaving, past and present, he has to make a decision he would rather avoid.
GROUNDS Dolissa Medina San Francisco, CA 10.5 experimental documentary
During the Mexican Revolution, awidow buried a coffee can filled with family treasures, then crossed into the United States. The can was never found and became a lost ancestral time capsule. More than 80 years later the woman's great-grand¥daughter uses her own story of moving to San Francisco to explore the scent of history and the organic texture of migratory
.-F ~edr.l..e8dn.,y, :M:n.,rch ... ~PIII. BetweeneLlne!i
.," IN THE DARK TIlE JAUNDICED EYE Nonny de la Pena Los Angeles, CA 89 SPONSORED BY IT documentary WJ 1IP 8 ffliffiHM; ifii ~.

Wrongfully accused by a vengeful ex-lover and her new husband and sentenced to 35 years in jail, the film documents the decade-long

trials and emotional traumas incurred by a gay Monroe, Michigan man, Stephen Matthews and his straight father, Melvin Matthews, who
successfully overturn Stephen'sconviction of molesting his own young son. áá á á á(I. ....

~"'."" .."

~~edr.l..e8dn.,y, :M:n.,rch." .OPIII.

Still reeling from a recent visit to a palm reader, Sylvia meets Frank, an undersea treasure-hunter, at water's edge during a beach-wide shark alert. Despite better judgement, they risk the wilds and wiles of a school of sharks, one Siberian tiger, a seven-armed octopus, and each other'scompany -all for a glimpse of that rarest creature, love.
GRANDMA FERN Brent Notbohm Spring Green, WI 35 documentary

Apersonal journey through the life the filmmaker's81-year old grandmother, Lillian Fern Grenier. Filmed in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, it is a moving and often humorous documentary about a special woman who manages to radiate hope in spite of life'smany challenges.
TIlE CONFESSION Carl pfinnan Los Angeles, CA 22 narrative
1Wo long-term lovers lock horns over a life and death issue.
DUEL Philippe Mach Bussigny, Vaud SWITZERLAND 19.5 narrative

Is it a game, a ritual, or asingular encounter? Would his fantasy be her temptation? At which exact moment should the line not be crossed? They live in the same place. One day, their bodies collide -from pain to caress.

81debuir Prog;rULIIltIiii
~ .........-..r8do,y, ~o,rch.iC ~PIII. GIRLS OUT NIGHT
BARE Deborah Strutt Preston, Victoria AUSTRALIA 9 narrative
'!\vo women, two men and a spot of accidental voyeurism -inner city living means getting to know
your neighbors as well as the person you brought home last night.

TRACES Kristin Pepe Val Verde, CA 2 experimental
Like the bittersweet memory of a dream cut abrupt, this film evokes the frenetic traces of a onetime
lover existing forever in the present.

ASHLEY, 22 Monica Thllia Nolan San Francisco, CA 12 narrative
Jen has a date with Ashley. Or does she? The story of one woman, in pursuit of love, during an evening at the local lesbian bar.
HISTORY LESSONS Barbara Hammer New York, NY, 66 documentary
An exploration of lesbian images in society in a compelling, humorous, and empowering contribution to lesbian history. Focusing on
pervading images prior to Stonewall, the film exposes not only popular lesbian representations -or misrepresentations -in culture
and entertainment, but also the controlling characterizations proliferated by the medical, scientific, and legal worlds. Endangered and
Sanetus received Honorable Mentions at the 27th & 29th MFF; Tender Fictions received the Isabella Liddell Art Award at the 34th MFE
.........-..r8do,y, ~o,rch.iC .OPIII.

Phosphoresence, New Acquisitionsfrom the Video Data Bank curated by Dara Greenwald, VDB Distribution Manager, who will be present to discuss the work and the artists.
The Video Data Bank is the leading resource in the US for Videotapes by and about contemporary artists. The VDB collections feature inno¥vative video work made by artists from an aesthetic, political or personal pOint of view. The collections include seminal works that, seen as a whole, describe the development of video as an art originating in the late 1960s and continuing to the present. All of the video in the col¥lections employs innovative uses of form and technology mixed with original visual style to address contemporary art and cultural themes.
Founded in 1976 at the inception of the media arts movement in the US, the Video Data Bank, located in Chicago, is one of the nation's
largest proViders of alternative and art-based video. Through a very successful national and international distribution service, the VDB
distributes video art, documentaries made by artists and taped interviews with visual artists, photographers and critics.

Frido,y, ~o,rch.O ~PIII. THE VIDEO DATA BANK
Highlights from D.FILM, 1997-2000, curated by Bart Cheever who will be present to discuss the work and answer questions.
In the 60s Abbie Hoffman said that freedom of the press only applied to those who could afford a printing press. Today anyone with a PC and a copy of Microsoft Word has, in effect, a printing press on their desktop. This same phenomenon is coming to the world of filmmaking as, for the

.. --Â¥


first time in history, extremely powerful and high-quality filmmaking tools have become available on a mass level.
The D.FILM Digital Film Festival, the world's largest showcase of digital filmmaking, is a traveling and online showcase of films made with this powerful new filmmaking technology. D.FILM has two major parts: a touring festival which screens in theaters all over the world and a web site ( the traveling festival was screened in 21 cities around the world and was invited to present the first ever digital film showcase for the Cannes Film Festival as well as at the Rotterdam International Film Festival and the Berlin Film Festival! Transmediale. D.FILM has acommitment to screening in offbeat venues, including locations as varied as an outdoor screening on the grounds of an abandoned silent movie star estate in the Hollywood Hills to the former headquarters of the Communist Youth Party in East Berlin.

~,y, It::I:o,:reh .OPIII. eOII."t;i.II....ed¥¥¥
MUTATE Jack Price
BUDDHA BAR Rodney Ascher
COLOURIZE Colour Movie
BUNNY Chris Wedge
THE WEEK BEFORE (excerpt) Dave McKean
CHOCOLATE TOUR (excerpt) Spike Jonze
NEW TESTAMENT Phillip Pelletier & Verne Lindner
WAVE TWISTERS DJ Qbert, Syd Garon, Eric Henry & Doug Cunningham
THE GREEN MAN Jodi Whitsel
HOPPER Tom McClure
ANNA IN THE SKY Mark Edgington
ALL IS FULL OF LOVE Chris Cunningham
~~o,"t;-..:rdo,y, It::I:o,:reh.7 ~PIII.
~o,-t;-..:rdo,y, It::I:o,:reh .7 .OPIII.
BEST OF PXL mIS Since it's creation as a child's toy, the Fisher Price PXL-2000 toy video camera has been used by media artists allover the world. Gerry Fialka is a visual artist located in Los Angeles who curates the PXL This Festival, collections of work created on the camera from artists around the world. Mr. Fialka will be present to discuss the work, the camera, and answer questions.
CRICKEE THE CRICKET & HIS PALS Mike Grnndmann & M. Fuentes
LAURA'S FIRST CONFESSION Kyle Cassidy & LauraJean Carney
MUTHER MUMESONS Master Spy Bob Dobbs

L.A. CHRISTMAS Kip Fulbeck

~",y, It::I:o,:reh .~ ~PIII.



Tuesday 8ptn
Wednesday 7 & 9:30 ptn
Thursday 7,9:30 & IIptn
Friday 7, 9:30 & IIptn

; \ )

:. 21

~T-...esdo.,y, ~o.,:rch.:' ~PIII.
RAMBLIN MAN Aaron Augenblick Brooklyn, NY 3.5 digital animation
Arobot dreams he is a cowboy, singing a country ballad atop a metallic horse. As he is riding through
the desert, a violent storm sweeps him into a tornado. The robot escapes by lassoing a shooting star,
which carries him to into outer space. He eventually ends up on the moon,where zipping highways carry
him across a lunar metropolis.

TIlE TABLE Heather Malek Regina, Saskatchewan CANADA 11 experimental
In the heart of a home, the meeting place of the kitchen table becomes a reflection of the shifting lives around it, a vessel for the expression of humour, anger and tenderness.
SOULMATE Chel White Portland, OR 13 narrative
Eerie, erotic and touching, this short narrative is acomplex study of alienation and sexual obsession.Told from the point of view of a 55-year old woman, it explores longing and objectification through the unconventional story of alandlady and her younger male tenant. Mr.White's films have been awarded and included in the festival tour since 1983.
WHIPPERSNAPPER Denver Rochon & Lydia Modica Royal Oak, MI 5 narrative
Atouching, yet comically heartwarming story of ayoung boy who refuses to believe that a stroke has left his grandfather virtually immobile.
PALATCA, SPRING OF 1997 Gerhard Geiger FrankfurtIMain, GERMANY 22 experimental documentary
Image and sound describe rural life in the village of Palatca, in Rumania.

FARMING TIlE DRAGONFLY Danielle Rubin Sydney, NSW AUSTRALIA 10.5 experimental animation
An experimental film about a young woman's fascination with minute organisms, mysticism and urban banality. The film is presented through a vertical flow of moving art made up of live footage, photographs and animation.
CLEAVE Hollie Lavenstein Ellicott City, MD 15.5 narrative
An autopsy of a recently deceased marriage reveals the way both parties attempt simultaneously to cling to and sever themselves from the other.
HAPPY ARE TIlE HAPPY (YOUR BEST JOKE, PLEASE) Sarah Jane Lapp & Jenny Perlin Brooklyn, NY 18 experimental documentary
How does one generation of survivors communicate with the next? Can humor function as a shared language for disparate communities of displaced people -specifically, a difficult Diaspora of Bosnian, Jewish, and Romany refugees? And could you tell us your best joke,please? Of its participants and its viewer, this experimental, non-fiction film asks these questions and others relating to the matrix of memory, survival, and comic impulse of contemporary life -in Prague and beyond.
MICROMOm Julie Murray New York, NY 6 experimental
Acamera attached to the business end of a microscope facilitates the trawling of the spaces shaped by small dead things among tiny chambers somewhere between the naked eye and the mansions of molecules. Infinitely divisible focal planes denote the geography and attitude of a crumpled wing here, a leg there... !fYou Stand With Your Back 7b The Slowing O/The Speed 0/Light In Water received The Old Peculiar Award at the 38th MFF.
PRIVATE MOVIE Naomi Uman Newhall, CA 6 experimental
This film recounts the journey from desolate marriage through joyful solitude. The final destination is a lOving, glowing home.Removed was included in the 38th MFF.
WHY I DON'T GO TO TIlE MOVIES Paul Karlin New York, NY 7 narrative
An obsessive moviegoer finds life with a goddess too constraining.

TIlE ANGEL IN HIS HEAD Teshun Tseng San Francisco, CA 8.5

Thesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Three days and I'll be six years old. Degree-Zero was included in
the 38th MFF.

TIlE INTERNATIONALE Peter Miller Brooklyn, NY 30 documentary
Adocumentary drawing on people's stories of an emotionally charged radical song to
celebrate the relationship between music and social change, and to evaluate the uncertain
fate of once thriving movements of the left.

'Ifie 1nternationaCe

~"'ftTed.II.esd.u,y, ~u,:reh.." UPIII.
Mr. Ravett is a filmmaker and photographer who teaches in both areas at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts.
HORSEIKAPPAlHOUSE 1995, 33 minutes
Iwate Prefecture in northeastern Japan is the setting for The Legends of7bno (Ibno monogatari), a unique collection
of regional folk tales, gathered in the early 20th Century by Yanagita Kunio. The tales manifest and explain invisible
forces and malevolent events which shape the psycho-cultural dimensions of Japanese indigenous beliefs and folk
faith. Inspired by The Legends ofTon0, the film records the surrounding landscape in a number of small villages
throughout Iwante Prefecture in order to create a cinematic space which echoes by implication and asSOCiation,
the external and unseen world in the environment.

IN MEMORY 1993, 13 minutes
Atribute, a projected memorial to members of my family and ALL those who died under Nazi occupation.
o(IJoe's Jiittin'the Jug

TIlE MARCH 1999, 25 minutes
Utilizing a series of conversations conducted over a thirteen year period between the filmmaker and his mother, the film details one ~woman's recollections of the 1945 'Death March' from Auschwitz.
"'ftTed.II.esd.u,y, ~u,:reh.." 7pIII.
OLD JOE'S HITfIN' TIlE JUG Luke Jaeger Northampton, MA 4 experimental animation
Another in a series of "antique music videos" featuring the snappy stylings of 1930s hot jazz violinist Stuff Smith &his
Onyx Club Boys. Out the Fire showed and toured at the 38th MFE

TIlE TORNADO David Moroski Grosse Pointe Park, MI 2 animation
A"Folk Art Animation" film portraying an accelerated view of a tornado's life cycle. Music written and performed by
The Courvilles. Mr. Moroski's films have been included in the festival since 1998.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. MOGRABI Avi Mograbi Tel Aviv, ISRAEL 77 documentary
Adocumentary filmmaker is hired to make a film about the 50th anniversary of the State of Israel. In the course of making the film he realizes there are two other anniversaries to mark. Ji'!PPY 'Birt6d'ay Mr. Mogra6i
SCURRY Kathleen Lolley Valencia, CA 4.5 animation
An apathetic office worker finds that his work-day is more difficult than usual and cannot relate to his fellow co-workers. On a walk to escape his routine, the office worker stumbles upon a furry creature he connects with and finally learns how to be free and naked like a bunny should be.
SOMEWHERE, I WAS BORN Tony Gault Englewood, CO 8 experimental documentary
Astudy of religion and evolution, the film documents the filmmaker's brush with mortality after being diagnosed with cancer. The Gift was included in the 38th AAFF.
SPACE NEEDLE (TWICE AROUND) Dane Picard Los Angeles, CA .5 experimental animation silent
Concrete mushroom growing out of control? World's Fair icon of the future, from the past? Alien space ship hovering over Seattle? No, it's
twice around the Space Needle.
BETWEEN TIlE LINES Sophia Constantinou San Francisco, CA 21.5 experimental documentary
Afilm about women who cut themselves. Afilm about the gray areas in women's relationship to their bodies in
the context of deliberate self-harm. Afilm about the differences between self-destructive behavior and personal

coping mechanisms. Afilm about scars.
SPARE CHANGE Don Best Calgary, Alberta CANADA 3 experimental animation
Ashort cameraless animated film which tells the myth of the Phoenix rising from its own ashes. The imagery
was created using impressions and rubbings of everyday found objects directly onto processed film. Raw was
included in the 35th AAFF.

JIGSAW VENUS Dean Kapsalis Brooklyn, NY 10.5 narrative
Love may, after all, be a small piece in life's puzzle, but to Madeline, the picture without its contribution looks
incredibly suspended, ready to collapse. This much desired little piece seems to pass her right by until one magical
night she realizes that it was by her all the time. Life is so simple and sweet at times.

~",""edII.esdo;y, :M:o,rch.... DaOOp...
BONE WISH Abigail Severance Los Angeles, CA 4 experimental narrative
Atiny movie about one girl's obsession. A wistful and romantic one night stand with an osteo-erotic twist. Pump received Best GaylLesbian Film at the 38th AAFF.
FLUFFCYCLE Dawn Trueman Calgary, Alberta CANADA 5 experimental animation
Arolling boil of mixed-up inner dialogue is set against the backdrop of urban noise. The irritation of boredom and anxiety are poured into the formalistic mode of storytelling. Metaphoric, mundane stop-frame animated cycles contradict the dreamy spoken word.
AUTOMATIC MEAT PROBE Shawn P. Morrissey Medford, MA 5 experimental animation
Afound footage animated spoof on the hidden sexuality of action films.
ME AND MY OLD MAN Georgie Roland Los Angeles, CA 6 narrative After his wife of 35 years leaves him, Ramiro Ortega is left alone. He decided that his father is the reason behind the bad man he's become and travels to his childhood home to confront him. But something happens along the way.
REMEMBRANCEIfIME.. Minsu Yang Pusan, KOREA 11 experimental
Afamiliar scene of bay view is transformed into a lyrical and dream-like memory land. The subtle rhythmic momentum in which the spe¥cific and segmented focal point moves to reveal the greater entirety allures the viewer to fall under its visual trance.
DEEP CREEP Kate Haug San Francisco, CA 7 experimental
Three vignettes of sexual fantasy expose the interdependence between repression and desire. The film was five years in the making by a cast of feminists and the Carl Sagan Institute of Reciprocal Studies.Pass was included in the 37th AAFF.
HYBRID Monteith McCollum Barton, NY 93 experimental documentary
Afilm about love and alienation, telling the story of a lOO-year old man and his obsession with hybrid seed com. With dry Midwestern wit, the film describes the sexuality of com and reveals a family'S difficulty communicating with afather who finds companionship in the whispers of rustling cornfields.
CROFfER'S RED COAT Catherine Webster North Liberty, IA 6
experimental Asmoldering peat fire is about to catch. The film gathers heat when
the crofter squats over lichen and wind-split wood to snaps twigs. From the first few frames
on, after the slow fire first leaps at the belly of adye pot, the film is sparked, set off.
FUR &FEATHERS Maria Vasilkovsky Los Angeles, CA 5.5 animation
Apoetic portrait of opposite personalities whose love is superceded by passion. Rendered in paint on glass.
~.....sdo,7, :M:o,rch.. Op...
Jur &-'Jeat6ers Ms. Snider is an experimental documentary and nonfiction filmmaker who lives in San Francisco and works all over the country.
HARDCORE HOME MOVIE 1989, 5 minutes
An expressionistic collage movie on why people like punkrock, circa 1987 -also, Greta's first movie ever.
NO-ZONE 1993, 18 minutes
Afilm essay in five parts, exploring the ideas of decay and possibility in millenial America.
PORTLAND 1996,15 minutes
Three friends go to Portland for kicks, they try to piece together the midadventures through selective memory and recrimination.
QUARRY MOVIE 1999, minutes
This experimental nonfiction, made with ten other filmmakers, documents the sounds, chemistry, and organisms of a toxic swimming hole. In the upstate New York tradition of the "portrait of place," this film is an attempt to include the mineral and organic attributes of the quarry, in addition to the usual record of photography's reflected light.
THE MAGIC OF RADIO 2001, 24 minutes
This film celebrates the wonder of high frequency wave propogation, and the amateurs who are obsessed with it. Pirates and hams share their passions, illustrated by collages of favorite sounds from my own collection.
OUR GAY BROTHERS 1993, 10 minutes
Acontentious and funny film about the beauty of difference!
FLIGHT 1997, 5 minutes
This film is my farewall homage to my dad. A contact-printed record of all the stuff he left me, it is a direct microfiche from his heart.


An animated interlocking triptych structured like a kiss, with its approach, smack, and release. AJewish wedding, an Italian disco, the streets of Spain -lots of love and pretty colors. Madame DJ received an Honorable Mention at the 38th MFE
APOLOGY Jake Mahaffy Lincoln, RI 8 experimental silent
The film uses various optical and contact printing techniques to archive the leftover pieces of an abandoned project. Three film projects are pooled together: The Prayer, shot in the town of Suzda!, Russia; The Sermon, footage of a 13-story flame raging from a burst gas main outside the filmmaker's house; The Harvest, shots of the filmmaker's father as he stomped out smoldering grass that had caught on fire while burning leaves in a field. Egypt Hollow was included in the 35th MFE
MESHEEN Tony Youngblood Mayfield, KY 5 experimental
An exploration in mechanical movement where nothing stands still. The film's images, soundtrack, and camera
mounts were made with metal. The camera is tilted, dropping, swung, rolled, thrown and twirled.

CATCYCLE Devon Damonte S. Boston, MA 2.5 animation silent
The righting reflex is applied and exploded beyond the frame of gravity. The film is made entirely without cam¥
eras by photocopying directly onto 16mm leader. Chromacycle was included in the 38th MFE

GAUZE CaraJ. Plouffe Vancouver, British Columbia CANADA 6.5 experimental narrative
Awoman attempts to come to terms with her grief after the death of her mother.
SONNENLAND Paul Divjak Vienna, AUSTRIA 16 documentary
Summer on Schafberg mountain near Vienna. Sunshine and children playing outdoors -handicapped children. Rather than about
them, the film is more properly made with the children. The subject of handicaps is taken beyond the usual attempts to arouse pity, and
the question of their depiction is dealt with.
THE HAPLESS ANTIQUARIAN Anthony Reed Ann Arbor, MI 6.5 experimental
Awhimsical and macabre short film in the manner of an Edward Gorey tale, illuminated by the 26 letters of the alphabet.
SLIDING OFF THE EDGE OF THE WORLD Mark Street Baltimore, MD 7 experimental silent
The third in a trilogy about fatherhood (Sweep, 1998 and The Domestic Universe, 1999), the film reflects on the fluid nature of experience.
My kids flutter around me; their activities enthuse and infuse my own daily rhythms, affording great joy but also making it clear that all
things change all the time. Winterwheat and Missing Something Somewhere were awarded at the 28th and 31st MFE
ROOF TO ROOF Ara Corbett Glendale, CA 71.5 narrative
The struggle of the Armenian immigrant experience in Los Angeles, tenderly seen through the relationship between asingle ~parent auto mechanic and his seven-year-old daughter.,y, ~o,:rch.. DaaOp~
FREE TV Kelly Riley Providence, RI 7 experimental
Akinetic exploration of television demolition provides the physical structure supporting a search for the connective tissue
'Roqfto 'Roqf

of consciousness.
EIGHTY LAYERS OF ME (TIIAT YOU'U HAVE TO SURVIVE) Tricia Creason Valencia Oakland, CA 10 documentary
Who would guess that cheerleaders, maligned as the airheads and sluts of the high school scene,would grow up to be radical women? This documentary features interviews with three community leaders intercut with afunny and subversive performance by The X-Cheerleaders, performance artists who cheer about women's issues.
SHINE Gary Goldberg New York, NY 33 experimental
This is afilm about aflashlight. Mr. Goldberg's films have been included in the festival program since the 29th MFF.
THE RIDE Bill Basquin San Francisco, CA 9 narrative

Sexual suggestion, intimate bravado, and emotional ambiguity are the tent poles of this meditative adventure story where the up-for-grabs gender of a small town cab driver is the mumbled conversation piece.
STANLEY Suzie Templeton London, ENGLAND 7 animation

While his frustrated wife wreaks violence and death in the kitchen, Stanley finds life and love in a beautiful cabbage growing in his barren backyard.
Stanffy LIGHTWEIGHT Stefan Gruber, Lienors Allen & Kevin Glick Seattle, WA 2 animation
The distinct dance technique used in the film was achieved by extracting various movements from a six-hour dance recital and boiling

them down to a two-minute film.
XXXY Porter Gale & Laleh Soomekh San Francisco, CA 13 documentary
Kristi and Howard, both born intersex (or with ambiguous genitalia), talk eloquently and straightforwardly about their experiences. Addressed

are questions of sexual identity, the medical ethics of intersex genital mutilation, and our cultural need to polarize and oversimplify gender.

~ Th-...rsda.,y, :M:a.,rch... ..p:rn.
~ TELLY-VISION Liz Hughes Sydney, NSW AUSTRALIA 11 narrative Apair of unhappy lovers search for the TV of their dreams. The nightmare begins when they can't fit it into their flat, embarking on an absurd odyssey to bring magic into their lonely living room. Cat's Cradle received the Lawrence Kasdan Award for Best Narrative Film and included in the 33rd AAFF Tour.

TAXIDERMY DREAMS OR HOW I BECAME HAWAIIAN Sara Kealani Takahashi San Diego, CA 5.5 experimental Abrief meditation on the stereotypical tourist discourse of Hawaii. It enacts a hyperbolic performance of western fascination with Hawaiian culture and functions as an anthropological dissection of the western spectator from the point of view of one who is often the subject of this imperial gaze. With the use of hand-proceSSing, optical printing, found footage, and re-staging of anthropological studies of the native, the classic travelogue is remade into acritical text.
PORTRAIT OF AN ARTIST AS AJUNGIAN MIND Joshua Harrell Los Angeles, CA 1.5 experi¥mental animation Adissection of one moment of thought. Memories, anxieties, external stimuli, and physical impulses
'Taxid'ermy'Dreams rush past in as fleeting a manner as the thoughts the images represent.
BEYOND VOLUNTARY CONTROL Cathy C. Cook Brooklyn, NY 30.5 experimental documentary
This film conveys the experience of psychological and physical confinement. Through a surreal montage of haunting images from diverse
sources, a sense of the obsessions, phobias, and diseases that constrict personal freedom is tellingly communicated. The Match That Started
My Fire was awarded Best of the Festival at the 30th AAFF
PUT, PLACE, LET GO OF Susanne Cockrell Oakland, CA 3 experimental silent
Avisual overlay of mental states including reactions to the site of domestic space, the act of paying attention to attention and the experience of being apart of the moment. Bywandering Fields received an Honorable Mention at the 32nd AAFF
THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARm Anne Paas Brooklyn, NY 3.5 narrative
Amidst his dilapidated and obsolete carnival surroundings, a dwarf abandons his life at the sideshow to hang himself. Seeking solace, he is instead confronted by specters of exploitation and mockery, in what proves to be his greatest act yet.
IMAGES OF FLYING AND FALLING Ariana Gerstein Barton, NY 24 experimental
Photographic images, moving and still, are shadows of lost people. They are mechanical, chemical, and digital reproduc¥tions as seductive in their promises as they are frustrating in their lies. Mourning the loss of her grandmother, the film¥maker uses the only pictures she has taken near the end of her grandmother's life. This is not enough, so she uses found footage, a computer and ascanner, to attempt to connect and hold onto the elusive grandmother. What is reality, and how are we changing ours in the age of personal computers? This is the film's final question.

Fr:l.da.,y, :M:a.,rch." Sp:rn.

AWARDS JUROR SCREENING: Joan Gratz Portland, Oregon
Ms. Gratz is an animator whose work mostly originates on 35mm. She has the fortune of living on a houseboat in Portland, Oregon.
CANDY JAM 1988, 16mm, 8 minutes

Produced by Joan Gratz & Joanna Priestly. Awhimsical tribute to candy by ten international animators.
PRO AND CON 1991, 35mm, 8 minutes
Produced by Joan Gratz & Joanna Priestly. An animated documentary about life in prison from the point of view of an inmate and a corrections officer.
THE DOWAGER'S FEAST 1996, 35mm, 5.5 minutes
An exploration of the subconscious using abstract imagery.
An animated history of 20th century art in which transforming images of the human face communicate the graphic style and emotional content of the key artists of our time. In 1993 the film received an Academy Award and was included in the 31st AAFF, where it received the Audience Pick Award.
THE DOWAGER'S IDYLL 2000, 35mm, 6 minutes
An abstract animated painting.

FjJIIlI Prog;ru,TIJI

~F:r1.du,T, ~u,:rch.O ~PID..
TIlE SICK DREAM OF CHICKEN SOUP Ariana Gerstein Barton, NY 7 experimental
I made this film in a dream. Late nights, working in an abandoned computer graphics lab on Michigan Ave in Chicago. No one worked at night there. Lights were shut down, only my lab glowed and hummed. I needed to finish this film -before getting married, before leaving Chicago. I don't know what to sayabout this film, except that I needed to make it. Magic Boxes was included in the 30th MFF
ARCANA Bernie Roddy N. Tonawanda, NY 3 experimental silent
The rise of consciousness in a sprocket hole. Documentation of visual experience in a purely physical world.
A STORY ABOUT TIlE BODY Paul Durica Ann Arbor, MI 8 experimental
Robert Hass poetry, Eadwaerd Muybridge photography, a Cleveland high school yearbook, McCall's Magazine,and asnippet of personal reflection combine and comment on the lifelong, inescapable problem of the body (and how it ruins relationships).
HOW TO SLEEP (WINDS) Rebecca Meyers Iowa City, IA 9 experimental
An open, dormant landscape, waiting. Stasis in the lines of telephone wires and the crawl of jet trails. This experimental film presents images shaken with wind and anticipation, swept into darkness and back again.
EVERY SPACE TIlEY WANDER Jennifer Hardacker New York, NY 8 experimental narrative
Three short folktales from India,Jakarta and Ireland tell the stories of staying, leaving and searching, all for the pursuit of happiness. Managing Your Emotions was included in the 38th AAFF.
HEDWIG PAGE, SEASIDE LIBRARIAN Nancy Andrews Seal Harbor, ME 36.5 experimental animation
Hedwig Page was born with an uncanny knowledge of cataloging. She could recite Dewey
Decimal categories before she could read and she could read before all else. She obViously pities,
but does not excuse, your ignorance of the Holdings of the Library. This is the story of renowned
librarian, collector and inventor, Hedwig Page. Using live action filmmaking and puppet ani¥
mation, this piece chronicles the life of a retired librarian,past and present. Woods' Marm was
included in the 38th AAFF.
MEMORY IN WATER Meg McKinney Palo Alto, CA 6 documentary
Ameditation on remembrance in honor of my dear friend Sheryl Thompson, who died in the
Alaska Airlines crash in January, 2000.

19.5 narrative Dunkler kann es nicht werden -It can't get any darker. Alone, far from
the city, Lisa waits;for her husband, for Love, for Light. Herzblut received Most Technically Innovative Film at the 38th AAFF. :Helwig 1'age, Seaside LiGrarian
MON BEAU SAPIN Marc Vogler San Francisco, CA 1 narrative
I've never put up my own Christmas tree after 25 years. In December 2000, I reached for the perfect tree, one that I could say Iwent out and picked all for myself. And this one I'll have for all the Christmases to come.
RIPPLES IN TIlE SNOW Jason Britski Regina, Saskatchewan CANADA 8 experimental
This film deals with issues of dislocation, presence, absence, and memory.
TEST FLIGHT Krispin Leydon Hanover, NH 3 animation
Astudent finds acreative wayto deal with test anxiety.
TEAM RED Ann Alter Arcata, CA 13 documentary
Can murder be moral? The film explores this difficult question. Three "players" are hired to infect specific high-powered businessmen with HIV Organized by an elusive character, these three, now deceased, were part of a team known as Red. The film exposes them and their story.

F:r1.du,T, ~u,:rch .0 DzHOpID..
ONCE Lyn Elliot Iowa City, IA 4 narrative
Afunny, bitter parable about getting mad and getting even. Cars Will Make You Free received the Prix deVarti Funniest Film Award at the 37thAAFF.
SILVER SCREEN Thorsten Fleisch Bonn, GERMANY 5 experimental
This film was made entirely with foil paper, exploring its possibilities in the realm of the audiovisual. For each frame a new foil paper land¥scape was created changing the parameters of light and perspective. In order to match the rapid flow of images, several foil paper sounds have been restructured and edited with the help of a computer.Blutrausch -Bloodlust received the Ann Arbor Film Coop Award at the 38th MFF

ROSETTE Philip Krohn Oakland, CA 3 experimental animation
Ashort animation piece of progressive abstract painting that puts the elements of painting into motion so that the end product is not a single frame object, but an experience of an entire visual passage.
PLEASURELAND Brian Poyser Austin, TX 17 narrative
Acustomer makes repeated trips to a video store. Every tape he brings home has a person in it. He tries to fuck them all.
THE WIND BETWEEN MY EARS Carol Beecher & Kevin Kurytnik Calgary, Alberta CANADA 2.5 animation
An animated inside look at viewing popular culture.
LOST TREASURES Jenny Perlin Brooklyn, NY 2.5 experimental
An elegy to three women, each of whom taught the filmmaker in different ways and each of whom recently passed away. The film uses hand-processed high contrast film,whose surface has been damaged by stains of unwashed chemistry, in its effort to express the disorientation produced by loss.
TABLEZE Sue Carman-Vian Royal Oak, MI 10.5 experimental
This film concerns any thoughts and words related to a table. The table is where we gather around all of our lives with endless activity and use. Cross Dressing received the Best Local Film Award at the 29th MFF
EXTREMELY BRIGHT LIGHTS AND THE SOUNDS OF EXPLOSIONS Simon Tarr University iIi~~,:g Park, PA 3.5 experimental
Whatever you do, do not look at the source of the light and the heat. This short film, filmed in super 8, dwells in the space between humor and fear. Burning Contour Matrix was included in the 38th AAFF Mr. Tarr is facilitating events in the screening room this week.
1000 FEET GerdaJohanna Cammaer Montreal, Quebec CANADA 30 expo documentary
Awalk through the city of Maputo, Mozambique becomes a poetic visual essay. Inspired by two Mozambican poems, its
central themes are shoes, time, space, history, humanity, reading the asphalt and the intrusive effect of a camera. Scenes
from everyday life and a series of portraits link with radio loops and local ambient sound.
WORM Jay Rosenblatt & Caveh Zahedi San Francisco, CA 2 experimental narrative
Atrue story about an inexplicable childhood event. Mr.Rosenblatt's films have been screened, awarded, and included on the festival tour since 1986.
IfF" Fr:i.d.n..y, ltIn..rch.. ..PIII.
SUPER KAMADA Masahiro Sugano & Choky Lim Chicago, IL 33 narrative
Unable to cope with the real world, James Kamarla enters the last stage of his sanity in asuper hero costume.
SOUNDINGS Sandra Gibson Berkeley, CA 5.5 experimental animation
Ashort experimental film obsessed with the stuff of film itself. Images flash by in pulsating directions, often
a frame at a time.An eclectic collage of colors and rhythms interwoven with images of film icons. Lure was
included in the 37th MFF;Edgeways was included in the 38th AAFF
WAIT Robert Todd Jamaica Plain, MA 7.5 experimental
The dream of a life apart from others and the accompanying obsession with them has led to this document of an artistic process that posits the nature and virtues of visual freedom in family/self portraiture. speak received the Old Peculiar Award at the 37th MFF
THE BOY AND THE NIGHT Stephanie Ingram San Francisco, CA 1.5 animation
Living in discovery, a child is like an artist examining pieces to understand the whole. The film depicts this search for discovery that begins in childhood and shapes who we are as adults.
BIKER DAVE Patrick Nguyen San Francisco, CA 4 animation
Alook into the mind of the world's greatest freestyle biker.
MIDGE Christian Bruno San Francisco, CA 3 experimental
Ahand-processed valentine to a fellow city dweller.
THE INTRUDER Andrea Bosshard Wellington, NEW ZEALAND 16 narrative
Afamilyin which the habit of loving has become all habit and no love. It is time for the intruder to enter their midst.
1000 :feet


F1JID Prog;ruLID

~ l!i!Ja;t"IIrdu,y, :M:u,reh.7' SpIn..
~ TIlE BASEMENT GIRL Midi Onodera Toronto, Ontario CANADA 12 experimental narrative Abandoned by her lover, a young woman finds comfort and safety in her basement apartment. Mundane routines, a diet of junk food and the warmth of the television insulate her from the pain and betrayal of her ill-fated relationship. The film uses an array of formats from 16mrn to toy cameras, including a modified Nintendo Game Boy digital camera and the Intel Mattei computer microscope. Ms. Onodera judged at the 33rd AAFE
IT WAS NICE... Lydia Modica Royal Oak, MI 7 documentary
Ydia Niccoli, an 86-year old Italian American, looks back on the triumphs and tragedies of her life as she goes about her daily routine of cooking, cleaning, sewing and enjoying the simple pleasures of life.
DEPART (DEPARTURE) Thomas Comerford Chicago, IL 5 experimental
Continuing a series of films produced with crude equipment (pinhole cameras and homemade/found sound recording devices), this film depicts the landscape of a railroad switchyard in a small Midwestern town and the relationship a French filmmaker has with the railroad. The crudeness of the image quality and sound connects to the decrepit state of the switchyard itself.As a homage to Louis Lumiere'sArrivee and early cinema, the film evokes a nostalgia for the mechanical, intertwined institutions of the railroad and the cinema.
HOUSE OF TIlE WORLD Esther Podemski Brooklyn, NY 54 documentary
An exploration of the relationship between objective history and personal memory, this documentary examines the Holocaust through the
eyes of survivors and their descendants. The film establishes links between photographs and tombstones, parents and children, ephemeral
and solid efforts to grasp at continuity in the face of devastation.
FOREST-VIEWS Bart Vegter Vienna, AUSTRIA 16.5 experimental animation silent
Processing noise with an algorithm produces moving structures: Automatons, used as a starting-point (material) for the creation of phrases of varied length. Variations in the structure and density of the phrases is accomplished by changes in materials selected from and by color¥modulation.
CAROLYN GOT KICKED Robbie Land Tampa, FL 4 experimental
Apersonal glance back at images in my small life. Looking back, these moments seem to have sifted and weathered somewhat.
GONE OVER Christopher Bravo Chicago,IL 9.5 experimental silent
This short experimental film explores improvisational structuring techniques and how they determine the perception of random occurrences.
KRASNA AMERIKA (BEAUTIFUL AMERICA) Peter Roloff Berlin, GERMANY 21 mock documentary
1899 AD. The traveling Russian cloth salesman Igor Gruzeveyich uses letters and film images to try and persuade his wife to emigrate to America. She refuses and Igor takes further measures. 5627 AD. Historians find the material and from this reconstruct the film of Igor's journey.

IfD=--1!i!Ju,"j;"IIrdu,y, :M:u,reh.7' 7'pIn..
JOE David Middleton Halifax, Nova Scotia CANADA 12.5 experimental narrative
An experimental film made up of three short but interconnected spoken word pieces, each written specifically for the project by poet Beverly R. Elkins and transplanted to film through a mix of on-screen narration and still photography. The film is a hard-written and harshly honest look into the lives of a group of people who inhabit, either by choice or by circumstance, a greasy spoon diner on the outside edge of society. Live action sequences are interplayed with over 300 b&w images provided by 14 different stills photographers.
SHOES &CANDY Allegra Pitera Ferndale, MI 2 experimental
Through awhimsical collage of everyday obsessions, emotions, images and sound, Ihope to make aconnection to the viewer
through possibly shared experiences.
JACK Mike Hoolboom Toronto, Ontario CANADA 15 experimental
Blood runs thicker than cinema in this familial bio-pic. This chronology of the imagination turns insistently upon its central character who is teacher, sage and exemplar: Jack Daniels Fuller. Mr. Hoolboom has entered 13 films in the festival over the years. Frank's Cock was awarded Best Narrative Film at the 32nd AAFF; Letters From Home received aJury Award for Editing at the 35th; Passing It On was awarded Best Experimental Film at the 36th AAFE
KEEPING CLEAN &NEAT David Shuff Port Chester, NY 3 experimental animation
Hand drawn on 16mrn film, the film is a stream of consciousness experimental animation. Delicious and kinetic, it com¥bines colorful images, written words, stock footage and music to create an experience that is intended to delight the senses.
'Kel!Ping dean &-''.Neat




LOVE UNDER MERCURY Steve Hawley Sheffield, ENGLAND 33 experimental documentary
Feel like you're walking on air? Lose your appetite, like you're in afilm. Hear music when there's no-one there? You're not in love, you're
just suffering from mercury poisoning. Afilm about science, transformation, and tragedy.
TURMOIL Paul Winkler Sydney, NSW AUSTRALIA 17.5 experimental
Sydney -a city turning itself upside-down to get ready for the year 2000, Olympic Games year. Mr.Winkler's films have been included in
the festival since 1977, including Time Out For Sport which received the Best Editing Award at the 36th MFE
THE MOSCHOPS Jim Trainor Chicago, IL 13 animation
The first motion picture set entirely in the Permian Era. The Moschops had a thick skull and short hind legs. Scientists believe the Moschops was capable of interior tenderness, which it expressed, ironically, through incessant fighting. It lived in South Africa one hundred and forty seven million years ago. There were no dinosaurs then, and the Moschops is definitely not a dinosaur. The Fetishist was awarded Best Animation at the 36th MFE
HAVE YOU SEEN ME? Wyatt McDill Minneapolis, MN 18.5 narrative
An everyday woman's everyday life in a consumer-driven society is sympathetically portrayed with ominous undertones. Jen, the face of the faceless yet oft-talked about American consumer isn't ennobled by any of the entertainment or material consumables targeted at her, obliquely suggesting parallels between persons missing outright and souls lost in the daily quest for American-style happiness.
TOURETfE'S TICS Janet Merewether Lewisham, NSW AUSTRALIA 5.5 experimental
An absurdist comedy/documentary which explodes the myth of the "hysterical woman," a myth perpetuated by Sigmund Freud,who has been described by some as "a reckless cocaine addict" guilty of mass plagiarism. The film questions the authority of the expert in the white coat and transforms hysteria into the hysterical. Cheap Blonde received an Honorable Mention at the 37th AAFF.

~H;t;....:rd.a,T, ~a,:rch.7 DaUGpIII.
REMOTE OUT OF CONTROL Todd Garfield Hanover, NH 8 animation
When two friends can't agree on a television show, they fight over the remote control which changes more than just
'Remote Out ifContro(

ISLAND TO ISLAND Soopum Sohn Glendale, CA 8 documentary
An 8-minute study about a passage. The film documents the dailyferry commute between Manhattan and Staten Island -the commuters rush off, new commuters rush on and the cycle begins again.
AFTER EDEN John Price Toronto, Ontario CANADA 30 experimental

Part diary film, part urban ethnography, part excavation for faith amidst homeless junkies and crack-adled whores, it is acompilation film
assembled from rolls of super-8 & 16mm -hand-processed, optically printed, and edited in many places.
~. MEMORIA MORTALIS Rose Bond Portland, OR 10 experimental animation
With humor and haunting simplicity, the filmmaker infuses her childhood memoir of impending loss with an intelligence
and grace that transforms the personal into a powerful cinematic experience. Interweaving animations of her 7th grade
drawings with vintage TV footage, lost & found sound and metaphoric
imagery, she shapes an emotional arc as affecting as it is universal.

Ms. Bond has been entering the festival since 1986.

ANAL Diane Cheklich Royal Oak, MI 5 narrative
An inhibited woman's experience in a public bathroom is portrayed. She cautiously enters
the women's room, and, finally settling in, begins to relax.
CHAIR Hiroshi Mori Honolulu, HI 3.5 animation
Alone figure in a void struggles to keep from slipping off into the unknown. Hand drawn.


THE WALNUT TREE Elida Schogt Toronto, Ontario CANADA 10.5 expo documentary
Afollow-up to the filmmaker's award-winning 1999 documentary Zyklon Portrait, the film offers a striking combination of documentary and experimental approaches to examine Holocaust memory, the family and the role of photography in history.
BIKE RIDE Tom Schroeder Minneapolis, MN 6.5 animation
James Peterson tells the story of riding his bike 50 miles to see his girlfriend, getting dumped, and riding home. Jazz drummer Dave King improvises to this story. Tom Schroeder in tum draws animation to an analysis of both audio tracks. The film is the record of their free¥associative collaboration. Harvest Town and Desert Dive Inn were included in the 29th and 34th MFF.
JOURNEY, SWImy PASSING Barbara Klutinis San Francisco, CA 22.5 experimental
Endless curves pull the wanderer along a road, bounded on either side
by epiphanies and memories, weighted by the gravity of mortality. A
hand-colored, hand-processed, optically printed variation on life's journey.
WlndiWaterlWings received the Best Sound Design at the 34th MFF.
NINE LIVES (mE ETERNAL MOMENT OF NOW) Jay Rosenblatt San Francisco, CA 1 experimental
Ahouse cat dreams of her past lives. The Smell OfBurning Ants
received Best of the Festival at the 32nd MFF; Human Remains
received an Honorable Mention at the 36th MFF;A Pregnant Moment received Best Editing at the 37th MFF; King ofthe Jews
received the Best Editing Award at the 38th MFF.

'Ifie 'Wa(nut 'Tree

L .



Los Angeles, CA 19 Samer AI-Ami CONSEQUENCE Irvine, CA 90 Deron Albright DISCLAIMER:
Huntington Station, NY 5 Anne Alvergue NIGHl1lGHT San Francisco, CA 14 Nick Aquilino DOCTOR ISLAND
Sausalito, CA 18.5 Cameron Baity NAROPA Sylmar, CA 7 Virtue Bajurny PERVERSION
Toronto, ON CANADA 18 Brett Baldridge THE ROAD AHEAD Morro Bay, CA 31 Victor Ballesteros LEAP Mill Valley, CA 235
S. Be lEITERS, NOTES Milwaukee, WI 4 Amy Baratt FLIRTING WITH MYSELF Atlanta, GA 28 Marta Bartholomew MNEMONIC DEVICES Los Angeles, CA 23 Jennifer Baum &Rachel Scott Landon
1HE BOYTEST Vancouver BC, CANADA 22 Ericka &rlman HIA1lJS New Yolk, NY 32 Suny Behar roLERANCE La; Angeles, CA 155 David Bezmozgis THE DIAMOND NOSE
Los Angeles, CA 15

Dodge Billingsley HELEN FOSTER SNOW:
WITNESS ro REVOumON Provo, ur 56
Dodge Billingsley IMMORTAL FORTRESS:

Milwaukee, WI 8 Dean Bivins CHICKS RULE NY, NY 87 Christopher Blasingame ROADRUNNER
Chicago, IL 30 Lindsay Van Blerk THE CHIMES NYC 23 Andrew Bloch SUNDAY RffIondo Beach, CA 9 9aIyRBla:m mM'MOllOO Oakland, CA 8 Paul Bojack THE TRUTH ABOUT MUTUAL
FUNDS Los Angeles, CA 19 Diane Bonder IF Brooklyn, NY 12.5 Jeffrey Boore OWLING Thcson, fill 7 Marlene Booth &Jameson C. Goldner
REMEMBERS San Francisco, CA 57.5 Louise Bourque FISSURES Malden, MA 25 Neil Bowman THE NEAREST THING TO
HEAVEN Woodside, NY 17 Jason Britski EXTERIORS Regina, SK
CANADA 4.5 Victor Buhler CHAPERONE SantaMIOCa, CA 17 Tate Bunker THE HERMIT CRAB
Milwaukee, WI 6 Francis Butikofer MYTH AND DREAM
Dorval, QC CANADA 5.5 Eric Lee Bybee BURLAP New York, NY 12 Phil Cacioppo I WILL DANCE (SO HIGH)
Topeka, KS 5 Kevin Cameron THE IMPORTANT PARTS OF ATRUE STORY G~ow SCOTIAND 13 Kurush Canteenwala ANOTE WITH A BANG UP IN THE SKY Carbondale, IL 10 Maia Cybelle Carpenter THE SHAPE OF THE GAZE Chicago, IL 7 Kevin Carr GOING CORPORATE
Columbus, OH 99 Ashleigh Carraway PUNISH! Austin, TX 16 Tony Chaplin NULLBINDER OdarIb,FL 10 Tony Chaplin R. A. V. E. Orlando, FL 3 Eric Cheevers THE JENNYJAMES STORY
Washington, DC 27 Dovar Chen HOT HICCUPS Syraru;e, NY 9
w. S. Cheng BLUE IN GREEN Lawrenre KS 65 GiovannaChesler BEAUTEOUS: STEPHANIE San Francisco, CA 14.5 Fonda Chin HARRY'S DEAL
Cambridge, MA 275 Ya-Nan Chou SPLIT Encino, CA 2 Dominic Cianciolo JANE SHmanOak;, CA 125 WendyJo Cohen TOM LUVS MAEVE 4-EVER
Brooklyn, NY 25 Leslie Ann Coles IN THE REFRIGERATOR Woodbridge, ON CANADA 40 Michael Connor FRANK'S MONDAY Chapel Hill, NC 1 Troy Cook &Mark Richards LIFE OF A
PLASTIC BAG Olympia, WA 3.5 Ria:ardo Costa CHANGE 1HE WORLD NY, NY Andrew Covell CLICHE Columbus,OH 10 Samuel Crow LITTLE BLACK BOXES NYC 18 Kim Cummings WEEKI WACHEE GIRLS
Jackson Heights, NY 22 Adele D'Man ONlY LIFE Forest Hills, NY 11 Eric Daniel DETAILS Venice, CA 30 Nina Davenport ALWAYS ABRIDESMAID
New York, NY 98 DeWitt Davis SOODA MANGA FI Virginia Beach, VA 19 Samraw FRENCH FILM TRlLOGY (A Sud, AlaCampagne, Une fois Habitee) SF, CA 18 Sandra Davis APREPONDERANCE OF EVIDENCE San Francisco, CA 53 Titus Dawson THROWING APEBBLE IN THE POND Pasadena, CA 13 Deco Dawson FILM (lode) Winnipeg, MB CANADA 13

Stephanie De Yo EXPOSURE SF, CA 6 Rafael Del Toro LITTLE FEETS OF STRENGTH New York, NY 9 Mike Dereniewski THE LONELIEST LIT11E BOY IN THE WORLD Southgate, MI 5 Monty Diamond HOMAGE TO AGREAT
POET New York, NY 13 Susana Donovan HAUNT #451 SF, CA 18 Trish Doolan THE BUG IN MY EAR
Venice, CA 13 Jeffrey Doornbos FEAR OF FIXING NYC 65 Thouly fuios GRAY FRUIT Hollywood, CA 16 Jason Doty ANDERSON Tallahassee, FL 20 Andy Dowden, John Hillis &David
Middleton RUNNING Halifax, NS CANADA 3 David Duhig FREDERICK AND STANYAN San Francisco, CA 3 Paul Echeverria ...SOL YLLUVIA (...SUN &RAIN) Miami Beach, FL 85 Kenneth Eisenstein CHESTS AND TRUNKS, THE CHARTER Chicago, IL 9 Kenneth Eisenstein THE ONE HUNDRED YARD DASH FILM (AND THE RECORD
BELONGS TO ...) Chicago, IL 10 Amy Ellison BREATHS Tallahassee, FL 22 Jennifer Elster NUMB New York, NY 3 Jennifer Elster DIRTI New York, NY 3.5 Jennifer Elster ILL WILL New York, NY 10 Mizuho Endo WATER EDGE NYC 28 Michael Endrizzi DRIVEN Rochester, MN 10 Redmond Entwistle SOCIAL VISIONS
London, ENGLAND 14 Amy Epstein I'VE GOT YOU IW3E NY, NY 15 Aydin Erdem WAlER CLOSET Wash., OC 78 Chad Etchison THE INITIATE LA, CA 113 Chandler Evans &Mike Dow
LIFE &ART OF ACH1ILES RIZZOLI Sl;CA 50 Jim Finn SHARAMBABA Chicago, IL 3 Ian Fischer FOET New York, NY 18 Michael T. Fitzgerald, Jr. THE THREE MAN
MARCH N. Hollywood, CA 23 Renate Fleischer LOTS OF MONEY Seattle, WA 10 Jason Flowers &Denver Rochon CHUCK'S FOUND EVOLUTION Royal Oak, MI 3.5 Liam Flynn WITH OR WITHOUT YOU Waterford, IRELAND 79 Thomas Fondano RIGHT NOW TAKES NO TIME AT ALL Brooklyn, NY 10

Kent Forbes ACROSS TIlE FIELD Portland, ME 7 Nick Fox-Gieg ONE NEW MESSAGE Pittsburgh, PA 6 Corrie Francis APRIL SHOWERS Hanover, NH 5
Miami, FL 30 Peter Freund CAPTION Oakland, CA 2.5 Peter Freund WINDOW Oakland, CA 2.5 Jacqueline Garry 1HE CURSE Hclx>ken, NJ 83 Daniel Glasser TIlINKING OUT LOUD
Waltham, MA 10 Steve Glines NATE SAWERCHUCK, HOCKEY PLAYER Boise, ID 23 Michael Glumicich ANTIGONE'S CHILDREN Richmond, vr 27 liz Goldberg &Warren Bass DRUMBA
Philadelphia, PA 2.5 Joshua Reed Gramse SYLVIA RochesteI; NY 5 lllke Grrenfield 1HE RIGHT HOOK IA, CA 10 Serge Gregol)' CHRISTMAS Seattle, WA 12 Andy Grieve &Justin Allen RED BREATIl
New York, NY 12 Mark Gutmann GOO)R)R.~IA, CA 00 April Ann Gymiski NOSTALGY S. ila;ton, MA 6 Kristiina Hackel RESf S1DP La; Angeles, CA 11 Paula Haifley CURSE OF TIlE ZOMBIES!
San Jose, CA 12 JuliaHaIj;Ûrin SUPERDOLL Austin, TIC 29.5 Dante WHarper &Kazuhiro Kiuchi
Seattle, WA 9 Anne-Marie Hess BEAUTIFUL DAY
Brooklyn, NY 5 Gretchen Hildebran RESTROOM SF, CA 7 Lee Ann Hileman POLE New York NY 7.5 John Hillis ETIIAN'S WALK Halifax, NS
CANADA 10.5 James Holland HUMPTY DUMPTY LAND Boston, MA 22 EJ Holowicki MY FATIlER TIlE LION
Tallahassee, FL 20 Anthony Howard OUI WE State College, PA 34 Janet Howard WHlSTIE S1DP La; Angeles, CA 12 Ed H~ 55 QUEENSBERRY Cambridge MA 8 Christina Hunt &Justine Cook
ALEXANDRIA Jamaica Plain, MA 6 Marilia Hunter PENNYDREADFUL Coral Gables, FL 17 Boris Ivanov SEVEN STOREYS Vancouver, BC CANADA 25
NovaJacobs &John Sinclair
SCHRODINGER'S CAT Culver City, CA 26 BrettJames PICA San Francisco, CA 5.5 PaulJay LOST IN LAS VEGAS
Toronto, ON CANADA 95 Matthew Jones BLUE MOON ORCHARD Oakland, NJ 15 Nancy Ellen Jones JUST ANOTHER SATURDAY NIGHT San Francisco, CA 2 Buzz Jones &Michael Oshinsky THE DELIVERY BOY Warren, MI 5 Farhad Kalantal)' NORTIl 99 Trondheim, NORWAY 4.5 Michelle Kantor TIlE REDEMPTION San Francisco, CA 11 Cathy Karol SHAPES AND TUBES
Santa Monica, CA 4 Cathy Karol PERDIDO Santa Monica, CA 3.5 John-Christopher Khoul)' TIlE MICHAEL
LAUREN ADAMS Brooklyn, NY 10 Ted Knighton SIX INSECTS Philly, PA 22.5 KatieKoskenmaki TIlE WINDIGO NY, NY 16 AlIa Kovgan ACHING Somerville, MA 10 Sasha Krane &Lucas Jarach ASTYANAX
Los Angeles, CA 23 Candy Kugel &Vincent Cafarelli
San Francisco, CA 8.5 Kefi)' Laitala CONQUERED SF, CA 14 Leif Larson LIGHT IN TIlE FRIDGE
Sebastopol, CA 14 Sang-hun JANE AND I Brandon, FL 17 Joe Leih DEAD BATTERY NY, NY 10 Jesse Lerner RUINS Claremont, CA 78 Vivi Letsou SKELETON WOMAN SF, CA 80 Thomas &Timothy Leupp VIRGIN LARRY
Brooklyn, NY 26 Andrea Leuteneker TIlE BEAR GARDEN
Milwaukee, WI 16.5 Mitch Levine SHADOWS La; Angeles, CA 24 Bill lichtenstein &June Peoples WEST
47th STREET New York, NY 160 Jarret liotta CONSIDERATION Fairfield, CT 7 Scott Lochmus BEING SCOTT LOCHMUS
New York, NY 24 Deb Lucke TIlE CREATION NY, NY 12 Robert Lundahl UNCONQUERING TIlE
LAST FRONTIER San Francisco, CA 100 Jane-Sarah Macfarlane NO FEET ila;ton, MA 10

Wendy Snyder MacNeil &Alice Wingwall MISS BLINDSIGHT / TIlE WINGWALL AUDITIONS lincoln, MA 25
Laurence Maher ALMOST Denton, TX 95 Aparna Malladi NUPUR (ANKLE
BRACELETS) Richmond, CA 9.5 Jeff Marcello HAPPY FISH N. Bergen, NJ 19 Greg Marcks LECTOR Tallahassee, FL 19 Tina Mascara ASPHALT STARS LA, CA 80 ThMiMaOOli SLINGSHOT Portland, OR 18 Peter Matsoukas THE ROUNDABOUT NYC 14 Mamie McCall GEORGIA PEACH BOY
Tallahassee, FL 23 Matl:he.v McManus FEEL Santa Monica, CA 12 lianne McNally ARTISTS &ORPHANS:
ATRUE DRAMA New York, NY 44 Alex Mendez-Giner ENSAYO (Rehearsal) Syracuse, NY 14 Benjamin Meyer GEORGIE PORGIE
Chicago, IL 23 Hans Michalid TANK Brooklyn, NY 22 . liz Milwe TIlE WEDDING New York, NY 5 Emiliano Monaco SAX PIAYER Rome, IThIY 7 Terl)' Montlick MINUTE MOVIE
Cambridge, MA 2 Eduardo Moral HEROES La; Angeles, CA 23 Christina Morales SOMBRAS SILENCIOSAS
(SILENf SHADOWS) Mill Valley, CA 7.5 Michael Mullan &Jessica Lakis DEAR SIR: (LETTERS TO AUNION SOLDIER) Philadelphia, PA 20 Keveh Nabatian MALEK'S POSTER Montreal, QC CANADA 22 Kirthi Nath TIlE TO DO LIST
CONFESSIONS La Jolla, CA 14 Patrick Nguyen DOWN TIME SF, CA 11.5 Karen Nourse &Zachal)' Bennett TIlE
Mountain View, CA 13 Kristen Nutile SYNCHRO Mountain View; CA 6.5 Michael O'Keefe RAISING 1HE ASHES IA, CA 69 Jono Oliver TIlE WINDOW Rye, NY 17 Charles Olivier BRIDGET'S DAUGHTER
Brooklyn, NY 30 Dianne Ouellette SRASSHA Regina, CANADA 8.5 Anne Paas MIGHIY MUITS Brooklyn, NY 18 VIas Parlapanides EVERYTIIING FOR A
REASON New York, NY 88 Jonathan WParra DOGS MAKE GREAT PETS San Francisco, CA 22
M. Hollingsworth Perl)' HEARTBEAT Sacramento, CA 28

San Francisro,CA 56 Marc Posner CRAZY LOVE NYC 11 Petra Prelle &Nicole Reinsch
Milwaukee, WI 58 Helen Quinn SWERVE Bloomfield Hills, MI 4 Mohamed Ragheb ROCK &ROLL
BREAKDOWN Toronto, ON CANADA 21 Ryan ROOford MURMUR Aurora, CANADA 8.5 Mary Beth Reed MOON STREAMS
Boulder, CO 6 Tanya Reihill BETTING THE GAME BeverlyHills, CA 11.5 Kathrin Resetarits STRANGERS Vienna, AUSTRIA 28 Joel Rice ABROTHER'S SILENCE
LewiSville, TX 15 William Z. Richard PURElY 4SPORT SF, CA 3.5 William Z. Richard BULIMIA SF, CA 2.5 Pamela Richardson MAYBE IT MEANS...
Portland, OR 6.5 Robert Richter SOA: GUNS AND GREED New York, NY 21.5 David Roberts ACLOWN'S BREAD AND
BUTTER Orlando, FL 22 Troy Romeo PAY BACK Placentia, CA 15.5 Joanne Rubino EIGHT BALL LA, CA 17.5 Ben Rll&'iell THE DFA1H OF ABRAHAM
LINCOIN (IN THREE PARTS) Chicago, IL 13 Gemma Ryan YELLA Chicago, IL 4 Gemma Ryan FYOOZE Chicago, IL 8 Gemma Ryan FRAME 2293 Chicago, IL Albert Sackl ADAY FULL OF VARIETY
Vienna, AUSTRIA 12 Eva Saks CUSTODY New York, NY 6 Rosie Sanders ANNIHILATION MADAME
Chicago, IL 6.5 Ra;ie Sanders &ReIm:a Moran ImITQ\RE IF ITS 4-5-6-7-8 IN THE MORNING 0Ji:agJ,IL 17 Richard Mathis Sandoval THE RESIDUAL
ARTIFACfS OF COMMUNI0010N IA, CA 6.5 Andres Sanz LIFE ON MARS Brooklyn, NY 12 Kristin Amy Schaefer MOUTHERBATION
MELODY Seattle, WA 5 Edie Schaffer TIIllE San Francisro,CA 13 Corey Schmidt LOVE, LUST, &JOY
Glendale, CA 94 Vanda Schmockel COLLISION Toronto, ON CANADA 13 Matthias Schubert DELIVERED Athens,OH 19
Tim Schwab &Christina Craton GATEWAY Windsor, ON CANADA 9 Jonathan Schwartz THE SOUND OF ICE
THINNING Brighton, MA 13 Gregory Serpa HERO Oakland, CA 18 Dror Shaul OPERATION GRANDMA
US OUT OF CLEAR SKIES Seattle, WA 27 Cate Shortland JOY Sydney, AUSTRALIA 10 Jack Shynk TIiANKSGIVING Goleta, CA 10.5 Jeff Silva EBBING Somerville, MA 16 Kia Simon NEVER LAND Berkeley, CA 14 Christopher Slevin &John Johnston
F -STOP Los Angeles, CA 6 Kate Sobol QUARRY Athens, OH 14 Magdalena Sole AZEN TI\LE New York, NY 11 Victor Spatafora BANANAFISH Chicago,IL 18 Michael Spohr &M. G. Miller ALL THE
BEST, BIllY SEARS La; Angeles, CA 112 Nick Stone EVOLUTION Brooklyn, NY 15.5 Patrick Sullivan 1HEDillVERY Brrrl\lyn, NY 10 Bill Surrattt &\DISllCGRIN Wanamingo,MN 12 John Tagamolila TIM &ANDY FIGHT AND
THEN GO BOWLING Arlington Heights,IL 7 John Tagamolila AVIDEO BY JOHN
TAGAMOLILA Arlington Heights, IL 30 Noriko Takabishi THE BRIDGE MAN NYC 6 Sara Kealani Takahashi CUT CUT RECUT
San Diego, CA 32 Simon Tarr CRESCENf TIME Uniy. Pk, PA 3 Matt Tassone THE KING HIPPO
West Chester, OH 22 Tell the Truth Pictures APLACE AT THE
TABLE Ojai, CA 37 Anna Terean DELUSION La; Angeles, CA 26 Jaw-chyang Terng APr 2A, APr 2B IA, CA 15 Alan Thurgood HAWK Vancouver, BC
CANADA 12 Brian To AUDIT Los Angeles, CA 28 Ian Toews &Andrea Spakowski DRIVE:
Portland, OR 13.5 Geri Ulrey PINK N022 Los Angeles, CA 13 Renato G. Umali AFRICAN VIOLET #1
Milwaukee, WI 3.5 Brett Vail RECIPE FOR DISASTER Portland, OR 12 Hein van Liempod &Sanny Overbeeke 2FLIES Vienna, AUSTRIA 4.5

Christophe Van Rompaey EX. #No. 1870-4
Lubbeek, BELGIUM 15 Radha Vatsal ASTEP REMOVED NY, NY 10 Natalija Vekic &Christian Bruno
DIGGINS San Francisco, CA 4 Todd Verow ASUDDEN LOSS OF GRAVITY Boston, MA 90 David von Ancken BULLET IN THE BRAiN
New York, NY 13 Felix von Groeningen 5fu; Gent, BELGIUM 42 Drage Vukcevich MEGA RAT
Annapolis Junction, MD 20 Tina Cesa Ward RESPONSIBLE NOOSES Astoria, NY 14 ClayWestervelt THURSDAY AFTERNOON West Hollywood, CA 17 Lynn Alan Wickerham SOME KIND OF SUMMER Defiance, OH 75 Chris Wieland &Hans Noel THE REST OF
YOUR LIFE Chicago, IL 96 ].X. Williams SATAN CLAUS SF, CA 3 Nicklas Wilson MISS DECEMBER
Tallahassee, FL 27 Windsong Pictures NATIVE AMERICAN SACRED PLACES Fort Wayne, IN 60 Windsong Pictures IN SILENCE Fort Wayne, IN 74
K. M. Winikur THE PIOUS INNKEEPER Philadelphia, PA 15 Dustin Woehrmann &Tom Whitman
SPECIAL Clarendon Hills, IL 90 Chun-Hui Wu CEMETERY Taipei,TAIWAN 8 Mi-Sen Wu FLUFFY RHAPSODY
Taipei, TAIWAN 60 Jaewook Yi EVERYTHING THAT LIVES, EATS Athens, OH 8 Ana Zins-Ruben JUST LIKE THAT Beverly Hills, CA 21 Benjamin Zobel TO PLAY THE GAME Bedford Hills, NY 12.5


Prjnt; MO-'lIreelS
1000 FEET
Gerda Johanna Cammaer do Cinema Libre 460 Ste-Catherine Oeust #500 Montreal, QC CANADA H3B 1A7
ANEON LIFE Joanne Shen 520 Castro Street San Francisco, CA 94114
Mike Shapiro 392 8th Street #3L Brooklyn, NY 11215
ASfORYABOUT 1HE BODY Paul Durica 2025 S. Huron Parkway #105 Ann Arbor, MI 48104
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Monica Thllia Nolan
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Tom Schroeder 3309 Park Avenue S. Minneapolis, MN 55407
BIKER DAVE Patrick Nguyen 938 Irving Street San Francisco, CA 94122
Abigail Severance 1237 N. Detroit #7 Los Angeles, CA 90046
Robbie Land 33619 N. 50th Street #C Tampa, FL 33617
Devon Damonte 516 E. 2nd Street, Box 3
S. Boston, MA 02127
Hiroshi Mori One Keahole Place #3407 Honolulu, HI 96825
Hollie Lavenstein 3713 Fels Lane #1
Catherine Webster 3835 Locust Ridge Road North Liberty, IA 52317
Kate Haug 1476 26th Avenue San Francisco, CA 94122
Thomas Comerford SAlC-Filmmaking 112 South Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL 60603
Philippe Mach 46 Rue de I'Industrie Bussigny Vaud SWITZERIAND1030
Zachary Scheuren 1616 Madison Street Denver, CO 80206
Tricia Creason Valencia 775A Santa Ray Avenue Oakland, CA 94610
Sadia Shepard 266 Aiuslie Street Brooklyn, NY 11211
Jennifer Hardacker c/o Crew Cuts 28 W. 44th Street, 22nd Floor New York, NY 10036
Simon Tarr Pennsyvania State University 114 Carnegie Building University Park, PA 16802

Dawn Trueman 734-5A Street NW Calgary, AB CANADA T2N 1R4
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FUR & FEATIlERS Maria Vasilkovsky 3411 Altura Los Angeles, CA 90031
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Christopher Bravo 565 W. 18th Street #B Chicago, IL 60616 christq>herbravo@worldnetattnet
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Esther Podemski 128 St. Marks Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217
Rebecca Meyers 1232 112 E. Burlington Street Iowa City, 1A 52240
Monteith McCollum 677 Halsey Valley Road Barton, NY 13734
Ariana Gerstein 677 Halsey Valley Road Barton, NY 13734
Soopum Sohn 410 Riverdale Drive #H Glendale, CA 91204
IT WAS NICE... Lydia Modica 502 DeVilien Royal Oak, MI 48073

Mike Hoolboom 710-680 Queen's Quayw. Toronto, ON CANADA M5U 2Y9

Dean Kapsalis 629 Lorimer Street #3 Brooklyn, NY 11211

David Middleton 2533 Oxford Street Halifax, NS CANADA B3L 2T5
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Stefan Gruber 6614 Dayton N. Seattle, WA 98103
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ME AND MY OLD MAN Georgie Roland 1219 W. 27th Street #315 Los Angeles, CA 90007
Rose Bond 4380 SW 86th Avenue Portland, OR 97225
Meg McKinney 1215 Emerson Street Palo Alto, CA 94301
Tony Youngblood 1304 High Content Court Mayfield, KY 42066
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Brian Poyser 1904112 University Avenue #C Austin, TX 78705
AS AJUNGIAN MIND Joshua Harrell 738 W. 27th Street #22 Los Angeles, CA 90007
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Eastman Kodak Company
is pleased to be
a sponsor of the
Ann Arbor Film Festival.

Kodak. The Filmmaker's Film Maker.
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Stl})})Orts the
AlUl Arl}or
IfilID }"estival.

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The Florida State University
School of Motion Picture,
Television and Recording Arts

f'" ",~

Hollywood Film Production Tour
Emerging film producers and motion picture students are invited to participate in an extraordinary opportunity to meet and leam from industry professionals through the Lansing Community College course, "Hollywood Film Production Visns:
Participants will travel to Los Angeles by college van departing from campus May 21 and returning June 10. Included are visits to movie production studios, animation companies, computer special effects businesses and filmmaking education programs. Alab fee of $1,800 covers all travel, 18 nights of motel lodging, and admission fees for scheduled events. Stops along the way are planned to view and film scenic regions of the Western United States. Upon return, participants will edit avideo of the trip's highlights.
For more information about this or other courses in the college's Motion Picture Production Program, contact LCC Professor Bill Blanchard at (517) 483-1704 or via e-mail at
Register Today!

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Covering the independent film scene, in print and on the Net, for close to a decade.

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Long before the term Ilindependent film" was a part of everyday conversa¥tion, the Ann Arbor Film Festival was celebrating cinematic independence in its purest and most exciting form. It still is. All of us who love movies owe you our gratitude.
The Detroit Film Theatre of the Detroit Institute of Arts is proud to host the 39th Ann Arbor Film Festival Tour on Monday, May 7th 2001.

(313) 833-3237'
university musical society
I University of Michigan. Ann Arbor
EDDA: Viking Tales of Revenge,
Lust and Family Values

Conceived and directed by Benjamin Bagby and Ping Chong
Performed by Sequentia in association with Ping Chong and Company

Wednesday, April 25, 8 pm
Thursday, April 26, 8 pm

Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre
The legends found in the ancient Icelandic Edda form Presented with the generous support of Robert and Peanan Macek,
the basis for a unique theatrical collaboration
with additional funding from the between the famed music ensemble Sequentia and Wallace-Readet's Digest Funds and the National Endowment for the Arts.
the dramatic visual direction of Ping Chong. The Edda,
This production is co-commissioned
one of the earliest medieval manuscripts, reflects the
and produced by the University pagan beliefs of pre-Christian Iceland. Many of its Musical Society and the 2001 Lincoln Center Festival.
legends and heroic characters have appeared in other
The Ann Arbor residency is a incarnations, including Wagner's Ring Cycle and collaboration between UMS and the U-M Institute for the Humanities.
Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Sung in Icelandic (with
English supertitiles) with spoken text in English, MEDIA SPONSORS Michigun Radio t Metrotimes
the music of this world premiere is stunningly
realized from Benjamin Bagby's research on
Icelandic folk traditions.

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The State Street Area Association

Welcomes you to the Ann Arbor Film Festival and invites you to visit our members and to shop and dine in the State Street area.

The people at the Ann Arbor News believe in supporting the community we serve. It's our job to encourage education, social endeavors and the arts through sponsorships, contributions, volunteer work and news coverage. We depend on our community and we want you to depend on us.

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