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1996 Ann Arbor Summer Festival Program

Ann Arbor Summer Festival
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Ann Arbor Summer Festival
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estivaz96 ANN ARBOR, MI

400 FOURTH STREET. ,,1 SO ANN AA80R.MI i8103...a16
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Sirxe its first season in 1984. the Ann Arbor Summer Festival has estab•hshed itself as a major cultural InstItu•tion In the State of Michigan. For
three weeks each summe~ promi•nent perforITllng artists from around the 'WOrld JOIn 001 musiCians. actor.; and dancers to compose a Festival of diverse, entertaining attractions.
Approxlmatety 20 performances take place in the J.3BO-seatPovverCenter for the Performing Arts. The main•stage programming mIx Includes Jazz. pop. blues. folk and country music, as well as dance, comedy, theater and a
Also featured is at least ooe unKjue program that bring5 together extraor•
dinilf)' combinations of artists or cul•
turaltraditions.Woritruggl,. growth "d
wrvival of the human spirit with the Urban Bush Women. Enriched by the folklore and religious traditions of Africa. this troupe of African•American women celebrates the suc· cesses and probes the anguishes of life. Through dance. movemertt. live music and a capello vocalizations. the Urban Bush Women create a sense of community which connects us all
At the h"rt of Am,ri"" mo., be", the sound of gospel. Singing fi"om the soul,The Sisters of Glory. featuring 70's R&B divaThelma Houston, hot dancel pop singer CeCe Peniston, the leg•endary Phoebe Snow. multi-talented Lois Walden and the one and only Albertina Walker. present a celebra•tion of gospel. You'll experience a unique combinatioo of musical genres from blues and soul to dance and country_ Having performed at Wood•stock '94 and the Vatican, The Sisters of Glory are breaking down barriers and replacing them with smiles. JOY and harmony.

Enter a world inspired by anCient TRINITY
Cdt, myth, "d "on5. The ~,,;og IRISH DANa COMPANY
foot'lJOl'"X of the Trinity Irish Dance TUESDAY. JUNE 15_ • 'H Company has made them winners of S20.$17.$14.11I three international dance competi•tions in Dublln.The Trinity Irish Dance Company WIll dazzle you with their fAHlly e lHOW
breathtaking aerial grace.
Wrth an Elvis swagger. an Orbison THE MAVERICKS vulnerability and a Cuban American (ffli,NGACT singer. the Mavericks create a unique JUNIOR BROWN
sound that 'NONS audiences from WEDNHDAY. )UN~ 20. I ,'"
rock clubs to country bars. Winners SJU)(l.SlU1J of two Academy of Country Music Awards and a 1996 Grammy Award,
this contemporary country band has one of the most unique sounds to
come out of Nashville In a long time Junior Brown, whose m.;sic combines the soul of country and the spirit of rock 'n' roll. opens for the Mavencks.
Featuring some of the state's finest DANCE GALLERY/ dancers, this local dance company PETER SPARLING &CO.
continues to delight the home audi-THU~mAY, JUN~ 27.' ~H ence with a tradition of world pre_ $l1.S I4.5I1.$I mieres.The evening includes Sparlmg's New Bach, a suite of lively dances choreographed to the cello music of
J. S. Bach and Popular MUSIC. a romp through contemporary tur\CS by Dick Siegel. K. D. Lang and James Brown. WIth a finale ons extra local dancers. The company also showcases rts recent gift from the Martha Graham Dance Comp.1ny. EJ Pen,tente, Graham's 1940 masterpiece

16 17 18 19 20 21 22
KID'S DAY ATTHE TOP tt'sa fun·f,lIed aftemoonat theTopof theP"",, for kids and theirfamihes. EnJoy live entertaln•mentArt Ventures creative """",,"p, """'-00 actMtiesand muor 01'1 the University of Michigan campus at the comer of E. Huron and Fletcher Streets. 1=i.:~=;'r~~!F;;i

THE BILLY TAYLOR From the famed nightclub Birdlar.d to
TRIO the stage of the Kennedy Center; the
f~ IOAT, JUNE a. , ''"' multifaceted career of jazz V1rtuoso
Dr. Billy Taylor has taken him allover the world. The Billy Taylor Trio includes Dr. Taylor at the piano, Chip Jackson on bass and Steve Johns on drums. Currently featured ina senes on National Pubk Radio, "~11yTa)'lOl""'s Jazz at the Kennedy Center;" the Billy TaylorTno delivers an evening of hot jazz and intriguing COl"l\lef"SatJons )QU won't want to miss.

is about
Mixing song. humor. sign language and encouraging audience participation, David Parker creates a fun-~IIed~•ience which break; dovm barriers between people, regardless of age, race 01"" physical handicap. Sign and sing along to favorite "Top 40" hits and learn some of life's most important signs like "hamburger" and "popcorn" \IIIhethef")QU're akid or a kid at heart, David Parker -known as the '"Pled Piper of Sign' -will have )QU signing and singing the whole way home' Blues. blues and more blues! The JOHN HAMMOND, evening begins with the boogie woo-THE DUKE ROBILLARD gie piano of Ann Arbor's own M~ B. BAND "-~o MR. B

Next. it's the steel guitars and har-,",ONOAY, JULY I. ' PM mO!lles ofJohn Hammond as he per_ SlIl,SI7.SH.S I I
forms solo and urlplugged. Foilawing ,s guitar master Duke Robillard and his S'Mnging bar.d, When these blues masters all Join together at the end of the night it's a grand finale full of rousing good rockln' tunes!
What do .""'" """' ""00 MIIDN V.o.LUV CHotnU Of Cll.EDIT IJI'oIIONS
....ast.lll.IMG a co. (.nI.IPH) _
coupons for great discounts from
--Xl!ll19 l ~

Ann Arbor's best restaurants. _ _ XlllO"'"l

4"",,,WA"'O ORD£' 1 -BY MAIL 4-IN PERSON N IOHN _ ...NONo, Hit.. Complete your order form and mail From Wednesday, May I,
aOUIIEROI,LLAAO (711.11'11)

H ...... noN ST1IINGQU... IITET (In.! PH)
to the Ann Arbor Summer Festival. through Thursday, June 13,
_YNARDfUGUSON (715.1PH) __ XlCllli ll
400 Fourth St. # ISO, Ann Arbo~ MI ONLY, stop by the Box Office
AOCII'N'ROUMIITY"" (1!6.IPH) --Xllll19l~
48103-4816. at Burton Memorial Tower,
Universrty of MIC11igan campus.

2 -BY PHONE ®'M _
(Hours:Mon.-Fri. IOam-6pm, _ __~~_
BeforeWednesday, May I, callthe
Sat. lOam -I pm, Closed Sun.)
Festival Office at (JI3) 747-2278

A.fTfRGLOWIlECfI'TION (~I!.IO PH) .. "",,,,,,,, --, •
From Fr-iday, June 14 S P'ONCHOSANCHEZ (~I6.IPH) .. -.....
(Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9 am -5 pm)
through Saturday, July 6,


BeginningWednesday, May I, call
tickets will be available at the
the Box Office at (313) 764-2538

Power Center Box Office

(Hours: Mon.-Fri. 10 am -6 pm & T
(Hours: Mon.-Fri. lOam -9 pm, KHIGHTIrID£DANCf""IITY (7~IOI'Hl"'_""' __ '" Sat IOam-lpm)
Sat. 12pm-9pm,Sun. I pm 3pm. Sunday, June 16. 6 pm

9 pm.When there are no even•

Complete your order form with nArbor
JI1g performances in the Power

credit card information and fax to ummer T"'X-ofOUCTIIUCONllUIUTIO"· _ _ _
N ~nf
Center. the Box Office hour;

(313) 9]6-3393. tizJal.7U _=f!::}::::~\:~
will be IOam-6pm)

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