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June 10, 2005 Minutes of the Special Meeting

MONDAY, JUNE 10, 2005

1. Call to Order

President Surovell called the meeting to order at 10:11 a.m.

2. Discussion on Selection of Architect for Property at Traverwood Drive and Huron Parkway

President Surovell reported that following the information gathering trip to Evansville, Indiana, it is clear to him and others on the Board, based on what they've seen so far, that the Board is not ready to make a final decision.

Trustee Head requested hearing opinions from everyone who went on the trip.

Treasurer Leary first noted that she had photographs of each of the buildings should anyone want to review them. She went on to report that she didn't particularly care for any of the three buildings feeling they were all fairly pedestrian with wasted space and high ceilings for no particular reason.

At least in two of the buildings, the architect used under the floor HVAC systems, which have some advantages and some disadvantages; there are other ways for a building to be energy efficient.

An example of some of the appalling aesthetics was on one of the buildings they used a very energy efficient autoclaved aerated concrete that comes in blocks or sheets that they then finished to look like drivet.

While the V-Team is proposing using Michael Guthrie from Van Tine | Guthrie as the lead designer, the Board did not see any of Mr. Guthrie's work, though he was present during the visit and available to answer questions.

Director Parker clarified that two of the three buildings they visited were designed by Engberg Anderson with the interiors designed by Veazey.

Trustee Kincaid reported that there was something he liked about each building, but nothing he liked in any particular one to the exclusion of anything else. He liked the raised flooring which allowed for reconfiguration. He liked the bright lighting in one of the buildings. The AAC construction had some appeal as far as the fire resistance and insulation benefits. He found the interiors to be characterless.

Vice President Murphy was disappointed in the quality of the interior finishes. She liked some of the custom shelving. She agreed with Trustee Kincaid's description of characterless interiors.

Secretary Cahill stated he shared President Surovell's concerns. He also reported that he was paying close attention to Director Parker's reactions to the buildings. He expressed concern with regard to the V-Team partnership as to which firm would be contracted to do what work. He had asked Mr. Guthrie what projects they had partnered with Veazey on in the past, to which he replied none. As it stands, Veazey would be the architect of record, with Guthrie as the designer.

Secretary Cahill stated he realizes there is a very legitimate argument for saying we need a new architect, but there are contrary arguments that Luckenbach has done well so far. If there were a vote today, he would vote for Luckenbach, though he's willing to be convinced that the V-Team would be an acceptable choice. He has serious concerns about how the members of the V-Team would coordinate with each other.

Though very impressed with Michael Guthrie on a personal level, Director Parker stated she is not comfortable making a decision on the V-Team before visiting a Van Tine | Guthrie building.

Vice President Murphy spoke of the many award winning accomplishments of Van Tine | Guthrie and how impressed she is with the firm in general.

A discussion followed as to what the options for proceeding are with the following motion resulting:

Secretary Cahill, supported by Treasurer Leary, moved to approve the following:

-To delay the selection decisions on both architect and construction manager
-To meet as a committee of the whole between the regularly scheduled June and July meetings
-To allow time for each trustee to consult with Director Parker and each other

AYES: Cahill, Greene, Head, Kincaid, Leary, Murphy, Surovell
NAYS: None

Motion passed: 7-0.

3. Adjournment

President Surovell adjourned the meeting at 11:13 a.m.