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The Graveyard Key

This key unlocks a treasure-filled Quest hidden on the Badge page! But first you'll have to find the Key—and the Gate it unlocks!—hidden inside different items in the AADL Catalog.  

To begin playing, use the riddle (and the web!) to figure out which item in the AADL Catalog hides The Graveyard Key!

Two boys go walking through the forest on a hallowed day.
A froggy sings.
A lantern swings
To light the wooded way.

A Beast lurks out in the Unknown just waiting for his turn,
So don't despair.
Be wise. Beware!
Or you'll be fuel to burn.

When you've figured out which item this riddle is about, search for it in the catalog to find The Graveyard Key and a clue to crack your first game code!

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This summarizes everything above. For the last code, put the two codes you have found together since it says it says "Then, combine the Key Code and the Gate Code ". "Count along to The numbers you Observe in the record" refers to the last 8 digits in the URL of the Gate item. Count along using the digits, each new letter you write down is your new starting place. Counting 0 spaces means to repeat the letter. I hope this helps everyone!

OK, I've followed your advice but can't seem to get the right code. I think there are two double letters and one triple letter, at least there is if I follow your instructions. Need more help.

I am lost trying to find the "short name that is all it takes". I see the character on the key; am I supposed to figure out the character's name?

Found the first item but I can't figure out the riddle. I think it has something to do with the first item, though...

I'm having trouble figuring out what book/movie/etc the first riddle is about. Can anyone give me a hint?

Got it

The random capitalizations in the final riddle is really throwing me off. Is that relevant to the nonsense word at all? I'm having so much trouble with the counting!

Okay I massively don't understand the last clue at all. Is it supposed to be the first two clues, L****E******* (or else E*******L****)?? And if so, what on earth do you do from there???

I am still confused. I have tried starting with both E...L.... and L...E.... and counting using the numbers of the item that contains The Graveyard Gate record number and am still not getting it. Can you help?

I was thinking that too but I figured out that you don't need to actually have the key-gate code; you just need to know the first letter which is the first letter of the key code or the first letter of the gate code and then you start from there. I still didn't figure it out yet.

I've solved all the others but this key is the hardest. I need some better clues than just " google the phrases" because that didn't help at all

I have the key word, the gate word, and the record number. I've tried every suggestion people have listed and NO LUCK!! There has got to be a simpler way to find this code. This is getting truly ridiculous.

It looks like "Each letter you land on will be your new start place" only works for the first number, and for zeros. For the other numbers, start with the next letter. Hope that helps.

i figured out the answer to this riddle (Part 1) and found the book, read the riddle (Part 2) and i need help solving it
Plz help!!


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