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Cutest in the Galaxy

Like many of our MOST MEMEORABLE MEMES, the BABY YODA phenomenon includes MANY MEMES focused on the MOST IMPORTANT hero of the Star Wars Universe! I SAID WHAT I SAID!

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I searched for the five-letter word from Oliver Twist for the last clue. I have gone through the first 20 entries to no avail. Not sure where I've gone wrong...

Got it!

I also need help with Monster name, as I have looked at lists (and a trailer) of creatures on line and nothing sounds/matches like manticore.. I know it's a code name, not a search name for library catalog. Please a bigger hint than above!

I hate to be that person, but for the last clue, what Baby Yoda is drinking is specifically named in the episode, and it's not the same as the clue. If others are struggling with that clue, think broader category of food.

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ReMEMEber Me 2021


⭐️⭐️ Tricky 2 of out 4 difficulty

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