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Summer Game Spectacular

Attend the 2022 Summer Game Spectacular at Veterans Memorial Park in Ann Arbor from 1-4pm on Saturday, July 30 to earn this BIG badge!

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Hi @K.O - to earn this badge you'll have to attend the Summer Game Spectacular this Saturday, July 30 at Vets Park from 1-4pm! The 3 people who have earned this badge already were just staff play testing it to make sure it worked before the event. THANKS for playing!

We had a few staff test things out to make sure the codes were codes were working right. And today there are staff on-site early prepping the event. Thanks for your concern - all is well and we hope to see you there!!

I came w/friends, who came w/friends, who came w/friends, who came w/a co-worker. We ALL had FUN and now EVERYONE is 'addicted' to playing the SG! THANK YOU TO the entire library staff for another FUN event!

it is unfair to get the code if you ar eout of town or something else so there should be another way to get this

We're sorry, but not all badges can be earned by all players, that's never been a design goal for the Summer Game. Some badges can only be earned by attending events. There's plenty of other ways to get points if you couldn't attend an event! We're sorry for the disappointment, but thanks for playing!

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