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ICPJ: Letter on Religious Action For Affordable Housing, October 5, 1999

Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice
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Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice
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Dear Friend of Affordable Housing: October 5, 1999
You are invited and urged to come to Breakfast to launch:
Thursday, October 21, 1999 at 8:00-9:30 a.m.
At First Presbyterian Church, 1432 Washtenaw Avenue, in the Curtis Room
The purpose of the breakfast event is to gather clergy and congregation members who
are interested in supporting a significant increase in affordable housing. There will be a
presentation of the urgent need for a much greater supply of housing at low cost, a brief review
of what has been done, and a preview of what could be done.
There will be a visual presentation, interactive small groups, and more information about
possible solutions. Your ideas on what would be useful to congregations will be formally
solicited. There will be opportunity for participation in working groups, including but not
necessarily limited to:
Visioning for affordable housing
Design for congregational education
Collaboration with existing non-profit groups
Research and data gathering on new possibilities
Creating a new video on the need for affordable housing
Preliminary thinking about a possible housing fund campaign.
The goal is to launch a movement to enable the local religious community to become a
much more substantial partner with others in responding to the urgent need for a significant
increase in affordable housing.
We ask you to come, to bring several members from your congregation, and to share
your ideas and perspective on how to engage the religious community more fully. The religious
community has already supported a number of efforts over the past decade and a half to work
for affordable housing. It is our hope that we can pool our experience and step up to an even
more significant level of productivity.
Breakfast will be served family style and the menu will include juice, fresh fruit, fresh
bread and muffins, yogurt, coffee, tea, milk. There is no charge for the breakfast. A voluntary
offering will be received. Music and singing will be led by Laz Slomovits of Gemini.
There is easy parking at First Presbyterian Church. The side entrance to the church is a
convenient way to enter. Go up to the second level to find the Curtis Room.
To help us plan for the breakfast, please call the Interfaith Council office, at 663-1870 by
Tuesday, October 19. Thank you!
Michael Lindvall Nile Harper Susan McGary
Michael Appel Tobi Hanna Davies Richard Gartand

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