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Prospectus Of The Michigan Liberty Press

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Prospectus of the MICHIGAN LIBERTY PRESS. TO THE FRIENDS OF THE CAUSE OF ANTI-SLAVERY IN THE STATE OF MICHIGAN: -- The undersigned, having been appointed by the Michigan Anti-Slavery Society, at their Annual Meeting, held in Ann Arbor in February last, as a Committee to procure an Editor and Printer for an Anti-Slavery paper in this State, to supply the place of the "Signal of Liberty," which, for reasons beyond the control of the publisher, has been discontinued, would hereby announce that they have completed an arrangement by which a new Anti-Slavery paper will be published at Battle Creek, Michigan, to be called the Michigan Liberty Press. We take pleasure in saying that ERASTUS HUSSEY, of Battle Creek, has consented to assume the superintendence of the Liberty Press, as Editor, and will devote his whole time to the duties of that station. Also, that Dr. N. M. THOMAS, of Schoolcraft, and Dr. S. B. THAYER, of Battle Creek, will act as associate Editors; CHESTER GURNEY, Esq. and S. J. HAMMOND, of Centerville, H. HALLOCK, of Detroit, THEODORE FOSTER, of Scio, and other staunch friends of the cause in various parts of the State, will be regular contributors, whose talents and influence, we think, will place the paper on a standing that will satisfy the brightest anticipations of its patrons -- showing the thinking, rational and intelligent community, that the sons of the Peninsula State are alive to the great cause of Liberty -- evincing to the world, by their assiduity, energy and determined perseverance, their interest in the only TRUE principles of Democracy which can elevate and permanently sustain the raights and prosperity of our great and glorious nation. The Liberty Press will be published weekly by the Michigan Anti-Slavery. The Committee having secured the services of experienced men in the Printing Department, who are now fully prepared, with materials of the best quality, for carrying on their business, subscribers need be under no apprehension of a failure, or delay of the paper; as we are confident it will be issued with regularity, neatness and dispatch. It will be in size equal to the late "Signal of Liberty," containing three pages of reading matter, being more than was published by that paper. The subscription price will be $1 50, or $2 00 per year, if not paid STRICTLY IN ADVANCE; this being cheaper than any other paper in the State that contains as much reading. Our only reliance, to make it sustain itself, is in procuring a LARGE CIRCULATION and PROMPT PAYMENT. The Liberty Press will be devoted to the cause of Anti-Slavery, as the organ of the Liberty party in this State. It will also give the general News of the day, prominent Political Movements, Congressional Proceedings, Miscelaneous Articles, and will be open for the insertion of Essays on Scientific, Literary, and Moral subjects; and, in short, anything that will elevate the intellect and promote the happiness of mankind. With these advantages we think it will be the best Family Newspaper in the State. We now appeal to the friends of Humanity in Michigan to arise and battle valiantly for their priviledges as freemen, to advance the great truths of equality as set forth by the glorious Declaration of American Independence. Let our watchword be "Onward and Upward" -- our motto -- "Liberty" -- "The greatest good to the whole." Shoulder to shoulder, let us stand and brave every opposition to right, and come forth with alacrity and energy to the conflict, as a legion determined to elevated oppressed and down-trodden humanity. Then we shall tell at the ballot box, that we are with those in our Republic who look to the happiness and watch over the best interests of our country. We trust the friends of the cause will come forward and aid in obtaining a large circulation, collecting the advance payments, with the names of the subscribers, and forward the same to the Editor (post paid) at once. Let every Liberty man consider himself an agent, and engage immediately in obtaining all the subscribers he can in his own neighborhood, remembering that action alone gives evidence of life, and determination and perseverance ensure success. Committee GEORGE MILLARD, THEODORE FOSTER, A. A. COPELAND, NATHAN POWER, HENRY J. CUSHMAN, Battle Creek, March 10, 1848.