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Prospectus Of The Michigan Liberty Press

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The underaigued, having been uppoiuted ly the MicUijfaii Auti-Slavery Society, ut their Animal Meeting, liolJ iu Aun Arbor in rVbnmry last, ns a Comraittco lo ■ procura au Editor mul Priuter foraa Anii-.siaw.-ry paper in tliis State, to siipply the pluce of tl Sijriial of . Lihsrtv," which, for reasous bevond the control oi the Jnihlislier, hai been ditcontinned, would liereby an(ftouuce tliat they bave completad a arrangement by which a new Anti-Shivory papar will be publiahed ü Crsek, Michigan, tu üe cajlstlthe Michigan Lilj'erty i' We talca ploorere 'm saying that Erastvi IIl-ssit, of Kjttle Creek, Ua oouseotod t" assnme the superintrad■iice of tlie Liberty l'r -■■, is Editor, and will devote liis ■vii. ilc timo tu tbe dutie of thftt ttatinn. Alie, that Dr. N. M. TiKivAf, of Scliootcraft, and Dr. S. B. Thatkr, ' ofBattte Creek, will act as auociate Editora; Chkstkr OriisKï, Esq., and S. J. Hammond, ol' Contreville, H. U A M.DCK. nt' Detroit, TVBOOORI FOATKR, OÍ Scit), Hilll (ir tier stiiiuicli friends of llie in varions parts nf tlie J State, will be reguUr i-onlrilmtoiH. wliose t;ilents and iiiHnenee, we tliink, will place the paper on ;i standing tiiat will saljsly the brightest anticipa tion of lts a'.rons - shuwiiu' the thinking, rationa! and intelligent commuuity, that the sniis ol' the Peniinula State are olive to the great canse of Liberty - evioctuK to tlie world, by taeit . aiiilnity. energy and deteraiined perseverance, their j turmt in the ouly tuik principies of Democrucy which wan elévate and perniaiienlly 9Uaiu the'rigbU and pro. p.-rity of our great and glonom nalion. Tlie Liberty I'ress will ba pabliahed weokly by the Michigan Anii-Sliivery. The Coimnittee having secured tha wrvicea of experieaced men iu the Printing Depaitin;nt, win) are aow fally preparad, iili materiula ot the best quality, for oarryiua on their butiuegs. Bubscribers need be onder no appreheoatou of a faiUire, or delay of the paper; ai we are cöufident it will be issueil with regularity, naatiieHand dispatch. It wil! be in sizeequal t the late "Signal of Liberty," containing tlnee paaai ofreadwg matter, beiug.inore tlian wan uublisbed by ; paper. Tlio Bulucription price will be $1 50, or$i00per vea:', it' iiot paid sTiucTr.T ïv invi k ; tilia beingeheapur tlwin any other paper in the State that containa cí iiuicli ronding. Ouionlv reliance, tu muke itsnsuiiii itu-lf. is in procuringa laiice circulation and puo.mpt CVÏM KST. Liberty Press will itedevoted to ilio cause of Antï-Sluvery, as tlie orgau uf tUe Liberty party in tlii.s State. It vi!l nis ■ give th roiicriil New of the day, promiueut loHticalMoveniiM,CungreMÍOfiftl ProoeeUinga, MiacellnOTom Artk-les. and will be opeu for the iusertion of Baa.iyi oa Bcieiitific, Literare wul Moral aubjects; and, i:i sliort, anytliinu' th:it will elévate tlie intellect and pronte the liuppiuen of m inkiiid. With these advantasea vo tliiuk it will bé the beat Family Newapapar in the State. Wc now a;)' al to the friemli of Humanity in Michif.i-.t t arite 'and baule valmutiy lor their privilegesas freemen, to ndvüuce the grett trathof equality aa set lorth l'v the gloriouê Decbtnition of American Iiidepen.dL'llce.' Lt-t our walduvord be " Onward and Opwnrd" - our motto - ' l.iliertv" - ' Tlie greatest rood to tlie vilole." Sllouldcr tu shmilder, let us ataud and brave cvery oppotitiou to right, and come Forth with nlncrity and enei gy to the oonHict, ai a lagton determived to rlrrtxte oppremd and (iown-trodlen linmanily. Tlien we ■Irnll teil U the ballot box. tliat we are witli tlioae Ín our Uepnblic wlin look to the happinen and watcli over the bot interests of our country. We trust tlie IVieniU nT the canse will come furward and aid in obtuimiig i hirïe cirenlstimi, coUeotrag the ïulvatic; paymeiltft, witii the n;uaes ut tko siiijscriber.s, mul furwanl Ule same to the Editor (pust ;iiil) it once. Lt very Libel tymiu) cnivaider hiniself as agent, nul n_MLr uunediutely in oljtniuiiig all the uibsertben tau in liis owu neigUbtirhtod, roinomberinx tliut actioa alona gÍTe eviileiice of lil'c, amd tle'.ennhuitiun uuil perveranee ensnre wiccew. GEORGE MII.LAKÜ, "i THEODORK i'OSTEI!. A. A. COrKL.VND, .Cuimnittce. NATI1AN l'OWBB, HENltV .1. CU3HMAN, J Baile Oreeki Mareli 10, l!!43.