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Sonic Of Slavery's Doings

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Rev. Mr. Forsyth, a Presbyterian minister ofKentucky, held as his slave the vvife ol Mr. Penny of Ohio. Mr. P. went for liis vvife, obtained her, and started for home on Saturday evening, liaving vvith hiin also another wornan and two men. On Sabbatli morning, the minister, Forsyth, discovered the loss of two of his slaves, rode two miles and started a man in pursuit, and went home to his pulpit labors. The pursuers overtook Penny and his company at a ferry, where a fight ensued, vvith pistols and clubs ; but the fugitives defended themselves and gol clear. Mr, Forsyth, having preached and made his last prayer, started off in hot baste, Sabbath afternoon, but found on getting to the ferry, that his property had gone to Ohio. Mr Foresyth condoled the man whom he sent in pursuit, and who got wounded in the scuflle, by saying that " we are not long for this world, and that there world be no negro