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Little !m3 been (Jone in tlm body since Hadjoiimed overfrom Monday, 21st, to Thursday, 2óth,to accommodate tho Bahimore Covention. Tliursday Üio Sonate met, but, after attending to some unimportant business, adjourned over ui] Monday. Tliursday in the House, Mr. Wiek, ofFndiar.a.previous notice having been given.obtained leave to introduce a bilí to proliibit the introductiou of llaves into tlie District of Columbin, wiih oort&in exceptinns, &c. was carried. Friday, after an inquiry oy Mr. Wentworlh in relation to the bill introdneed by Mr. Wiek, tin: House resolved itself ioto comrnittee of the whole on the piivate calendar. Tliirty-four private and Senate bilis were acted Upön, and reported to tlie House, whicli, after disposing of t.liom, .idjounied. Satnrday the House was employed in the consideraiion of private bilis of no general importance Senate. - May 29. A message, , Indian hostilities in Oregnn and the importancc of' granting inmediato aid to the sattèert, was receivwl from the President. Ordered to be pnnted. i Mr. Hale iresentcd memorials from Maino, j in relation to the slave tradc in the District of" Cobunbia. Disposed of as usual. iloirsE. - Mi-, Turk askod tho unanirnous i consent of tho Houso to offer a preamble and j resolution. "The preamble stated that great numbers f citiaens of tho United Stated had memorial. ized Congress on the subject, of abolishingr slavery, icc, in the District of Columhia ; that all petiuons on this subject ever presented have been laid on the table, o.r referred to commitrees who have never acted upon them ; thatit is the right of citizen3 not only to present their I petiiions, but lo'have them considered; i ibre. "Resolved, That the severa! commitfees of tbs House, lo wliorn lifive beun referred petitiims or memorials on the subjecl. of' the abolitiori of slavery and llie slave trade in the District of Columbio, be directed to tako tlm same luto cohsideration, and rejiort tliereon at ihe earliúst practicable pe.riod..'.1 The reeeption of tliis resolutíon being objected to, Mr. T. moved ai suspension of ihe rules to enable liim to offer it, liut the niotion to snspend thc rules was negátived. Mr. Smith, of indiana, asked the g-enoral consent ofthe House to offer a. resolntion, triaking the bilí to eshiblish a Territorial Government in Oregon the special order mrni'.l.iic'v nfter the (hsposal of the gone -al appropí i ilion bilis. The message oí' i he President, conucrnng Oregon, was als read. Mr. Cobl, oí Georgia, was nnxioiis to have the subject taken ijp at once, anti disposed of' without discnssion. Messrs. Collarncr and Vinton opposed Uiis lt was unnecessary. as mmeiliate provisión, if ceqihired, iir.jht bo made for sending troops to uccor the Ürcu-on settlers ; Imt the Territorial bilí ivi.s a different matter, lt was well undorstood that theru wero important queitions, iDcluding that of slavery, connected wi;h the 1)U, on there would be discussion. '1 hey were opposed to any gigging, Messr, Haralson, Ililiard, VenalWe, and o'ther southerr ineinbers, aiso denolinced any attomnt to ling disnnssion on this subject The rosult was, tliat Mr. Smith's molion was afreed to, and the message was referred to the Cotnmittee on Foreirn AfTaira. Skxate.- Mi.) 30. The Senate was occupied_in tlie considertion of the Indian Appropriation bil]. House. - The House went into eommittee of tlie VVhole on the {.11 making appropriaiions for the Wesi Point Academy returoed fronp the Wniito witli an amendment. The Military Academy Bill, with the amendment, was then reported to the House, and passed. Adjourned. Senate.- May 31. The Oregon bill was considerad. Mr. Benton moved an amendment, authoriziiHj ff? President to accept the services of a Regiment of volunteers fur the pr.itection of the citizens of Oregon. Mr. Hala moved to extend the ordinarice of '87 prohibiting the introduction of slavery or involuhtary service over Ore-on. The whole subject was then postponed. Senate.- June 1- P. M. Mi-. Achinson, n the ubsonce of Mr. Dallas, took the chair. Mr. Allen presented the resolutions of the Legislatura oí' Ohio, relativo to elavery, inte:-national improvements, and spproving of the courso of Mr. Corwin. &n. The bill to refund monev advanced to volunteers, was linally passed. The Oregon subject was rcsumed, and on Hdlp's amendmcnt, thero was animuted slavery debate, whicli was not cuncludud wliun the iieiiüte adjourned. House. - The whole day wag occupied witli tlm naval appropriation bill. The subject of slvverv was introduced by Messrs. Rhett and Venable, who spoke at grent lenglh. Without action the House adjourned.