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Arrival Of The Steamship Cambria

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FRANCE. Tlic ïicws Frotn Franco is highly important. Tlio greatcst alarm and excitemcnt existed. Princn Louis Napoleon luid rekindled tlio old Bonaparte cnthusiasin, andas soon as the symptoms wcrc oerceivcd by tlc Government onc nundrcd thousand troop wcre concentrated av Paris. Disturbantes occorred nightly, and on tlie lOth wo thousand riotgra wim-o hemmed in, and taken priü'iners. Araonji thiMu wcre many English, Americana nd disguised women. The Assoinbly at first displayed noble teeling and eloquently denounced tyrannized dictatorship, but popular feeling soon dividcd the members. Cries of Vivo la Republiquc u-ere answered, and someiimes drowtied by enes of Vive la Bonaparte. On MondaVi when it. was rumored that Prince Louis Napoleon had arrived more than one regiment of the National Guards sent up une unanimous shout of Vive l'Emperor. Lamartine inounted ihe Tribune as pale as as'iies, demanuinng the restoration of the de crcuof'32 against Louis Napoleon. Whilst speaking á shot was fired outside of the Chamber, whieh %vas followed by cries of Vive la Emperor. Lamartine sat down overwbelmed. It was ascertained that one of the National Guards was shot. Lamartine resumed his courage and took the aovantape of tliis occurrence declanng that it was the first blood stied in the cause of des potism. Thodecree was tlien sanctioned by acclamatioli, bot thé [leople despite the decroo declare that Louis Nupoleou ah all take lus seat. On the 13th the excíteme nt increased, but barricades attended by overwhelming military torces prevented the mob from carrying out their designs. In the eyening the Assembly by alarge majority re ver sed the decisión oí' the previous dav, and declared that Prince Louis Napoleon ühould be admitted to membersbip. Ledru liulliit opposed the rnotion, but the majority prevailt'd, and by their act opened ihe door to a civil war. Ledru Rollin immediately resigned, and it was rumored that Lamartine would i'ollow. At Aenna a proclamation wasissued calhng on the peojiie to place Lou3 Napoleon on the Throne. - On Wednesdny Paris was quiet. Louis Napoleon was hourly expected, Persiny, the leader oi' the Bonoparte party wn arrested. Nearly six t'iousand commercial bouses in Paris have suspended. BN0LAND' The C'hartist demonstration, on the 12th, was overawed by the military and pólice, who compelled thw n-jople to disperso befure organÍ7. ng, IRELAND. Has been more tranquil since Mitchell's conviclion. The fraternization of old and young Ireland was postponed for a fortnight. John O'Connell protests against abandoning his father's plaifoim, bul lie reciivt-s very little favor.