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Free Soil Movement--duty Of The Liberty Party

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AH eyes are now turned upon the Free Soil or Wihnnt Proviso organizations which are springing u simciltaneously among tlie people a!l over tho F ree States, and tlie question is everj day assuminga more and moro practical importancc.What is llie proper course lor the Liberty Party to pursue in relation to this matter] Can w'e so harmonizo vvith this movemer.t as to meet on common ground and unite all our energies in the cornin" e!ection against the candidatos oftlie Slavery propagandiïts í We assume, in tilia matter, to speak for no one but oursekes ; so far, however, as our information exterids, ve express tho sentiments of' the mass of the Liberty í'riertds of the State. h ia whli u a matter of beartfelt rejoicing and devoot gratitude that northern freemen are awaking to tho fact, t!iat American Slavery is oppressive and encroaching beyond enihirancc, and that it has lain fast hold of the two great politica] pariies as the nstruments of extendingsnd perpetuating n dominion; bui wliilo we would most cneerfnlly sacrificó any and every minor consideration unJer heaveo lo unitc with theenemies of Slavery extensión, God forbid th;u ire sliuuld consent to a unión that slioulil compromiso any of those eseentii] and eheriglied principies tha; have ever been glory and Btrength, and whicli liavo proved lilto the leaven bid in thr'ee measuresofmeal, until it seems as f the vvbole wei-e about tó be leavened ! Man-worship neirér belonged atour door; and akhoijgh we liod John P. Halk in greater admiratión tban ooy otlier ma.i befo re au American people ; uithough bv hïa intellectua] and moral power, by lus juJiciiius and self-eacrificing labora, he has Bucceeded in the ü. S. Senate in placing the organization of which he is the scknowledeJ Btandard-boarer.upon i moral eminenct, towering as far above the scheming and heart!el machinations of the Slave power, as Cliiml)oiso overtops ihe impassable gulfj although wo ardentïy hope for the privilege of sigi mg it t!ie ballot-box air approbation of oi"e ivho has ao nobly nnd triumphantly planted liimself in the breaeh ; stil!, couW it be made to appear that any other toan would i rute more Btrwmgth ii]in the well-defined platform oí nfaltiful unco, erfor the rcítrictian and Jeslruclioñ uf American Slaoery - ve would unheitatiiig]y surrondor our preference fur men lo a '-t.-onn-er aitachment Cor principio. And we doubt not tlin sime BJiírit which irduced John P. Üh'o, f.elure a frowning world, tn plant, himselfupon the despisej principio of the Liberty Pai-ly, wonld lead him to proferthesi ofttrat prWíciple to any prrson! considei in volved in a nomination fur tliu Presidency. ín our judment Liberty men cannot unite in the free soil movement upon tho simple batía of oppoíition to Slavery extensión. Justice to ourselye. to our SJavery-ridden land, una va thi' millions oí" cruahod slaveg, forbids ir. It" Slavery be tho aecursed thing whoso síygoan waters ahould never he illowed to overwhelm and bbckcn our free territorv, lhea cnrely, eoQsistency and tlie hihest Hens of moral principia, raqui re us to slop noihing short of the utmost verge of constkutional power Eor its ubolition. And ilie question whether Liberty men can fiaternize with the frée soil movenient, turna entirely upon the ticket nominated, or rntlier tho platform luid down, by the Buffalo Coixvenrion. We have believed, and still hope, tliat John P. Hale will he the nomince of the Cónvemion, for we confidently believe that he now possessrs a degree of popularity among tre maseofl in the free ótales that ia nut enjoyed by anv otlier man. And to this end v lat the Libfr!y party will be largely representi-d in tliat Convention and urge, i upon ts consideration he high cons;itu!oiial ground orenpied by the Liborty Party. The people are fully preparad for ihis, and nathfilg short of this will meet fhs exigencia of the case. However, should Mr. Van Buren be the nömiueo of tliat Convention, aml a platform erected corregponding to the position taken in his Utica letter, in which (if we read it rightly) iiir reajjirms the worst yroslavcry acts of kis administration - then ihe Liberty Party is bound by every corteideraúo'i of rnornl principie, cons'islency and truo xpedieney, to retain its present organizabas and candidates, and and hoppfully for success - thereby preserving a neucleous around which all true and constant fnends of human liberty may unite and ukiinately prevail- if not this year, as soori as Trutli can trinmph over Error in a freo and o pen encouriter.