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Our Position And Appeal

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líelieving tliat the advancement of tlie great cause of Freedom dependa upon unity of action.we havo tilín diiy boldly lioisted tho flag for"FREK Son., Frkk Speech, Fbek Labor, and Free Mi:x," nnd undev tliis flag, which is a chango of name and not position, we will " figlit on, and fight ever,,' till Liberty prevailá aud our country is ft-ee. We place at tho h'ead of our columns the naines nf Van Buren and Adams, tho Dominees of the gi-eat Free Soil Conventioo nt Búllalo, and if northern men do their duty they will bo triumpharftry elected. We witnessed the proceedings of the BulValo convention wiih undivided ndmii-ation, and think that ampie justice wns dono to all partios. - Tho rosult will probably produce more harmony than any other event could. We have the assurance from Van Buren's intímate friends thnt he will endorse nll the proceedings of the convention, as Adams has already done by heartily participa tiDg in its deliberations. Thus we foei authorized to takothis step; and cali upon Liberty Monto como to therascue, and, as has been their accustomed manner, to unite in one solid phalanx, and with us help to urgfl on thisenterprise. John P . H ale toas onr choice, and had our voto. Undoubtedly he would have had the vote of every Liberty man in Michigan under tho sarrn circumstances. But as the decisión ot' the convention declared !or Martin Van Buren, let us acquiesce, and move on with alacrity and energy to tho accomplishmont of the reform. We ought to bo Sülisfii'.d with the services of John P. Hule in thepositionwhichhe now accupias with so much credit to himself and so much honor to his country. We suspend his name froin the head of our columns for the present, but fi-cl assured that if he continúes to nim at the highest lionor of a citizen and statesman, by advocating nnd defending tho rihts oi'man,with his accuslomed unswerving iotegrity fur the next fuur years, by the permission of the people.weshall again prondly elévate his name to tlie same position wilh redoubled assurance of his success.